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  1. what is the website?
  2. Has anyone else seen a lot less mackerel this year compared to last?
  3. Saw a huge school of pogies this morning and wanted to know how to figure out if stripers are feeding on them or not. For most of the time i was following the school around about 5-7 were surfacing, but i wasn't sure if that's because stripers were feeding underneath them or if that's just normal behavior. I snagged some and was live lining with a small weight but didn't catch anything (that worked for me last year). What's the best approach if i see them again?
  4. thank God, I thought the runoff might cool the water and slow things down, I can't wait any longer
  5. is this going to slow down when the stripers will show up?
  6. Thank You Tim S and SOL
  7. do you recommend braid or mono main line?
  8. Any of you guys have any general tips for fishing live eels... what size hook, rigging, where to fish them, handling, etc...
  9. what colors do you use for early spring?
  10. I can do 32
  11. Not sure about NH but I saw this one almost every day for a week in southern ME
  12. Nice
  13. I'm adding a 18# thrust watersnake trolling motor to my hobie pro angler 14 this year and will need to get a new battery. I also run a livewell and a fishfinder. Last year I used a 2, 9AH batteries, one for the ff and the other for the livewell and it worked fine. Since I'm adding the trolling motor I wanted to get a bigger battery that I can use to power the trolling motor and the fishfinder, and eliminate one or both of the smaller 9ah batteries. Ideally I'd like to store the battery under the seat area to keep the center of gravity low and have the weight in the middle of the boat but I wasn't sure what size battery would fit and what i'll need for power. I usually fish 4-6 hours, but don't plan on using the motor for the full time I'm out, just to get from one location to the next. I'd like to avoid the lithium batteries because of the cost, any recommendations for where to put the battery and what size I should be considering?
  14. How are these batteries charged? do you need a special charger or will a battery tender jr work?