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  1. Payment sent. Thanks Gil
  2. Sorry I forgot you didn't take Paypal. Check OK? I was on the job too and so is my son. PM me your info and I will mail a check. Hold the plugs until it clears. Thanks Gil
  3. I will go seconds if Nomad92 passes at $22. Thanks Gil
  4. Would you do $30 shipped to NJ 08759 Paypal. Thanks Gil
  5. Thanks
  6. Are GRS lures I see mentioned built by Gary Soldati through Big Water Pikies? Thanks Gil
  7. I love fly fishing gator blues. Wading early spring in the bay, when they are after spearing is like small tarpon fishing.
  8. Thanks, I wanted the duplicator and lathe. Good luck with the rest of the sale. Gil
  9. I see the lathe being sold separately, is this equipment still for sale as a set? Thanks Gil
  10. This is what I will use as an example for some bunker flies but with some variations to it.
  11. The stuff I am using is tackey and I wipe it with alcohol which eliminates it on the hard UV, but the flex stays tackey. I also coat my hard UV with Hard As Nails. We used to also use it for head cement and coated our epoxy flies with it.
  12. I went to his Facebook page and he has two good pictures of the fly. I can see how he made the tails. I am going with that for now. Thanks again, as always you were a great help. Gil
  13. I have a ton of kinky fiber and was thinking about using that. I will give them a try. Is the rest of the fly tied like a hollow fly? I am going to try this silicone. It looks like the clearest I have found. Thanks Gil
  14. TGS in my other thread about tails I couldn't post a picture. I had to do a screen print and it wouldn't load in SOL. I am trying to make an articulated Beast fly with a tail like your bunker fly with the black tail. What did you use for the tail in that fly? I haven't seen really big bunker in my area in a long time. Our bunker are between 6" and 10" and that is how big I am going to build mine. Thanks Gil PS - I sent back the Plano and I don't think it work that well with these flies. I picked up the Walmart file crate that was in the Lordship video. I am going to make a crate like that. The Walmart crate was $6. The Staples crate I saw like the one he used was $48. I am going to Key West next week. When I get back I will build that crate, some Beast flies and post pictures here.
  15. Wrong thread. Ooops