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  1. There is a new 11 wt Airflo 7000 TS Series - High Sense clear for $28 + $3 shipping. I want to get heads. Good luck Gil
  2. Are you interested in a trade. I have a bunch of reels on the auction site. If you are interested lookup Sage Spectrum Max. Mine has a spare spool, then look at other items for sale under my ID. Thanks Gil
  3. Gilbey the 7000 on eBay is a running line without a head. It is clear just like the TS7000 full belly line. You then have to buy a shooting head. I bought two running lines and now deciding which heads to buy. The 7000TS Saltwater is a full belly line (there was also a TS7000). I used this line in the salt for a long time. There may be better clear lines out now but I am happy with these if I can find them. The 7000 is the running line I mentioned. This is a running line which requires adding a head. With the heads you can change lines easily. The heads are usually between 30 and 35 feet. The running line is long but it isn't marked so I would guess it is 80'. The running line is $20 and the heads are $20. I also picked up the Airflo Clear Delta line I want to try for Atlantic Salmon this spring and fall.
  4. I will be there Friday. Wish I could go Saturday too, there are some presenters I would like to listen to. I look forward to this every year. Looking forward to going to the Tight Lines booths. Great fly shop. I only wish I lived closer to them.
  5. They were the Airflo TS7000. You can find them on eBay now and then. Right now on eBay they have clear TS7000 running line and Airflo Clear Multi Heads cheap. I am going to grab a few of them and give them a try. Gil
  6. Thanks I appreciate that. Gil
  7. Thanks Kype did you ever swing streamers for them in winter or spring? Gil
  8. Has anybody been to the Salmon River NY so far this year? If so how did you do and what flies were successful. I missed the recent good whether but the next spout of good weather and decent flow I am going. Thanks Gil
  9. Glenn did you ever get rid of the reel and spool? If not are you interested in selling it? Thanks Gil
  10. Brand new Sage 6012 Spare Spool, Color Storm. Never on the reel or spooled with any line. $100 tyd continental US. Mailed USPS Priority Insured. Thanks Gil
  11. Thanks Rob I will send you the tracking number tomorrow. Gil