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  1. Love that chocolate lab. I had to put mine down a few months ago. Going to get another. The most loving happy dogs God ever made! Thanks and thanks for the picture of the lab. Gil
  2. I saw these 3 rods for sale used in a local sporting goods. They are in excellent condition. Are these rods any good and are these prices reasonable? Were these rods made when Lamiglass changed ownership and had blank problems? Lamiglass ss101ls super surf 10' $199 Lamiglass ss101ms super surf 10' $199 Lamiglass Ron Arra surf pro xsra108-4 9' $175 Thanks Gil
  3. I am surprised nobody bought these. I was going to, but we couldn't connect for a while for a pickup and it was far for me. I have a rack in the bed of my truck with fly rod holders on it. I nicked one of my Sage rods from them hitting each other or a rock from the road. The rod broke casting and Sage made up for it with a brand new rod. I don't put my fly rods on the rack anymore. I know that wouldn't happen with this set up. Good luck Islander. Gil
  4. Thanks for all the advice guys. Before I posted I looked at other threads. One stated, "watch Antti's video 10 times and take notes". I wanted to thank that person, but couldn't find the original thread it was in. I had been watching Antti's Norway and Iceland Atlantic Salmon videos for a while now. They are great. After my failed attempts at spey casting I watched his casting video and took notes. I have a long way to go, but it really helped. Yesterday I started slow with just the roll cast. Today I started with the roll cast and practiced, then practiced the snap T spey cast. I still have problems with my form, but I was shooting line today. I am doing it in a glass flat lake. I am going to try to find a wide river to practice (fish) in once my form is straightened out. I think current will help and be more realistic practice. I think my main form problems are not aiming and finishing high and instead of pulling I am pushing too much in the forward cast. I am also starting the forward cast too fast and with too much power. Tomorrow I am going to work on the double spey, after I roll cast and snap T. I am also practicing his line management. For the last 35 years I was fishing saltwater with the fly rod and used a stripping basket. I was surprised how the line shot out today using his line management technique. When you double spey or snap T, depending on where the wind is, do you change upper rod hands? Or do you always keep the same rod upper rod hand? I am not ambidextrous, but I thought if switching hands is the way to go, I would practice the casts with both hands, since this form of casting is new to me with my right hand. Thanks Crunch. I will be looking up CM/CL and V loop. I also never thought about long leaders like that. Thanks Slip N Slide. I will be looking up chuck n duck and flossing/lining/lifting. I am not too excited about fishing for kings, since they are mainly caught snagging them and the river is loaded with fisherman. I won't snag one. I am hoping there will be steelhead and browns in the river. I think to get fresh fish I would have to fish the DSR. I have watched some videos of them actually taking, that would be fun. I also saw videos where one fly fisherman hooked a king and was letting go way down river with a beer in his hand clowning on a video, while all the other downstream fisherman couldn't fish. Not my kind of fishing, I don't have the temperament for it. If I do fish for Kings it will probably be a tributary other than the salmon river. I am booked for Tightlines Spey Acadeny in August. Once I hammer down as much of my form problems as possible, it would be nice to have someone that knows what they are doing watch me, and give some advice. Plus it should be fun. Thanks again everyone. Gil
  5. I have a bunch of skagit lines I can do overhead with on the 15. Right now my skagit heads are either too light or too heavy for spey with the 15'. Once I get all my form straightened out for spey, I will move on to overhead with 15. I wanted that for stripers. At first I had watched a video of a skagit instructor on Youtube (tear, turn and go). His method was a lot different than Antti Guttorm. I watched Antti fish for Atlantic Salmon in Norway and he made it seem so effortless. Watching Antti's video, taking notes and doing it his way is effortless. Before his video I had a rooster tail of water coming off my line. I know what I was doing wrong after Antti's video - everything! Gil
  6. These weights are for Skagit lines in their chart specifically for my rod. I am not doing overhead casts with it yet, just spey. Thanks Gil
  7. Light years better today. I watched Antti Guttorm's casting video several times and took notes. Today I concentrated on just roll casting. I got the roll cast out further than my casting attempts, with little effort. I looked at the wrong Rio chart. I looked at the 2019 chart, which didn't have my rod listed, but I needed to look at the Older Rod Chart. For my rod Rio recommends 525 to 575 Skagit. I have 525, 540 and 575. Once I get down the 525 and my form is straightened out, I will try all 3. For my 15' 10wt Loop they recommend 650 to 700. Once I get better with the 13' I am going to move to the 15'. I have been looking for thin fluoro leaders. What thin fluor leaders are you using for Kings, Atlantic and Steelhead. What do you think of Seaguar Steehead and Salmon fluro leaders and what pound for each? I don't believe in fighting fish to exhaustion, so I will beef up with Kings, but I think the 8wt will do for Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon. I would imagine that the long two handed should help fighting big fish if you let them fight the rod. Thanks again and let me know your thoughts on leader material and poundage for these 3 species. I saw 20 and 25 recommended for Kings. I know what flies I will use for Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead but what are good choices for Kings at the Lake Ontario tributaries. Gil
  8. Nice grab. Good luck with the outfit. Gil
  9. I am going to avoid the Salmon River hopefully. My friends that go stay at a camp along the Little Salmon. If they have some water there they do well. If they don't I will be at the Fly Fishing Only part of the river. I can't stand fishing like I have seen on the Salmon River. If it is crowded like I have seen, I will fish some other tributaries for what ever is there. I tried to get out for winter steelhead this year, but every time I tried to get out there was slush ice and terrible conditions. Plus I now I have bad circulation so my hands freeze! My main trip will be the Margaree in Nova Scotia. I plan on making that a yearly trip for Atlantic Salmon. Atlantic Salmon has been in my bucket list for 50 years. Thanks Gil
  10. Man O man you are giving these outfits away. If I didn't have so many reels and rods I would jump all over this deal. Good luck with the sale. Gil
  11. Mike I met some guys at the fly fishing show in Pa that throw big beast fleyes on the surf. They had a booth there and were selling beast fleyes. They told me the same thing. They fish 10wt 15' but cast overhead. They told me they get 100' casts that way with beast fleyes. I have fished with guys at Banegat Inlet that were spey casting off the jetty. I can't imagine spey casting in surf. Thanks for the advise. In the fall I will try my 15' overhead with between 500 and 600 grain. Gil
  12. I am doing spey casting with Skagit lines. I also put a question into Loop on their line recommendation for their rods. Haven't heard back yet. I also put my name on the list for Tightlines Spey Academy. Andrew the instructor is in Norway right now fishing for Atlantic salmon - that seems like a good sign to me. The guys that I am going with say they use 5x tippit for kings! I intend to use 10# Rio Steelhead Salmon tippet. With a 5x tippet I can't see how an 8 weight couldn't handle that. To me 5x seems awful light for Kings and I would think that the line would give out. I have been watching Atlantic Salmon videos and it seems they mainly use 7wt. It looks like West Coast Steelhead fisherman also use 7wt. I am going with friends for the kings, but I am hoping steelhead and big browns will be around too. We are going there in late September. I am going for Atlantic Salmon the second week of September in Nova Scotia. I have a 10wt Loop 15' rod I will bring also. Slip N Slide what outfit are you using for Kings? Also what flies do you use for Kings. I don't want to kill the fish, just catch them. Thanks Gil
  13. Thanks Mike. I looked at Rio. They do not have my model in XACT, but found one close to it. The line ranges I have found in the Rio chart and others are all 500 to 600 grains for the 8wt. I think I am just going to bite the bullet and go to Tightlines Spey Academy in August, if they have openings. I looked through many of the threads before posting. In regard to form I am going to do what one thread suggested. I am going to review the Antti Guttorm video 10 times and take notes. Love his videos. I am going to do that today and try again tomorrow with my 525 grain Skagit. I would like to blame the wrong line, but I know my problem is form mostly. Thanks for the advice. Gil