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  1. I use Lefty's leader knot. It is strong and simple to tie. Check it out on Youtube. The leader formula I mentioned above is a %, so if I want a 10' leader, it would have a 6' butt, 2' midsection and 2' final section of what ever poundage you like. In all honesty for my saltwater fishing straight mono is fine. I will use a tapered fluoro leader steelhead and salmon fishing.
  2. The photo of the binder above is from Reaction Tackle. I put a question to them about the size and it is 4.5" x 8". They told me they are designing a larger bag, which will be out in the summer. I am going to try the current model. At $9.99 free shipping I have nothing to loose.
  3. To build leaders and tippets I use Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon line. Cheap and works fine for me. Pick it up in any Walmart. Sometimes the best, is just the best advertising, in my opinion. 250 yrds of 20# Fluoro for 15 bucks. I use Lefty Kreh's formula of 60 20 20 leaders or just straight mono.
  4. Great idea for saving space. I was getting a little uptight watching him cut towards his fingers. A few times I thought he was going to get nailed.
  5. Great article Steve. I found it on your website. Thanks
  6. That's why the PDF. Have you got any recommendations? Do you fish the jetty at all? If you do do you wear a PDF? You may be younger than I am, but what if you slip and hit your head. I am giving up on this thread. I will just use what I think is good for me, that I know of. Thanks everyone.
  7. That's why this year a inflatable PDF. I heard it was like falling asleep. Still better than in a hospital bed, in pain with a morphine drip.
  8. I relate to that. My mind is continually overriding my body. I know I have to be more careful these days, hence this thread. My friends won't venture out on the jetties anymore, since they are all my age. I shouldn't either, but I am going to, on the right days/nights and slow and careful. If I go I will be going it alone. I can't stand the idea of giving it up. I know guys that are famous fisherman, have fished all over the world and they would run up and down the jetty too (North Jetty, Barnegat Inlet). They also gave it up. I retired so I can enjoy the things I used to do. Instead of scaling back, I will be much more careful and go slow for now. Sucks growing old.
  9. It was a bull shark in the Mullica River that was the inspiration for Jaws. Last year Porgy fishing off Long Branch the captain said look of the stern of the boat. There was a hammer head. I thought they were warm water sharks too. I was shocked to see one. Sorry to take this off topic. I hope to see more about Night Flyfishing.
  10. DZ, that is what I did too. I worked for 52 years straight, never without a job. I had a high stress job. I put 3 kids through catholic grammar school, high school and college. I gave them all starts in life now, when they need it, instead of them waiting for any help after I die. I didn't want to see Medicaid getting everything I worked for my whole life, if I got in that position. When I turned 62 I went out on SSI. If you wait until full SSI the break even point is about 80. I figure those 5 years, were years I would still have good health and can enjoy them. These days I am being more careful, since I want to make sure it is I that takes care of my wife. We have been together for over 45 years and nobody is going to put their hands on my wife. After that I probably won't be as careful. She is the reason I posted this thread. I am going to do what I want to do, but I am finally being more careful so I make sure I come back. I got this thread off track, sorry. I am still looking for ideas for safety aides/techniques, if anybody is using them.
  11. DZ since you are around my age you may relate to this. I intend to do what I enjoy until the end. I would rather go out like rocket than a candle waiting for a light wind to blow out the flame. If we are lucky we may get another 10 good years. My wife and I took care of two mothers, 2 fathers and her aunt. We watched them linger and suffer in old age - cancer, dementia, bed ridden, morphine drips ect.. My first heart attack was in my fifties. It happened dragging out a nice 8 pointer. I wound up in the hospital over night. While there, there was a old timer in pain, tubes coming out of his nose and stomach, suffering. I decided not me! I was released the next day and went right up in my tree stand and shot a nice fat doe. Six months later, my best friend wound up in the same room in the old timers bed that was next to mine. He had lyme disease so bad, they thought he had brain cancer. They finally figured out it was lyme disease by doing a spinal tap. In my bed was another old timer, strapped to the bed, completely out of it. I told my friend not us and we planned a DIY elk hunt in Colorado. That September, we back packed in 11 miles to 11,200' and stayed for two weeks. We had a blast and did the same thing several years later. We figure we have one more in us. If we went out doing what we enjoy, well the coyotes and bears have to eat too - same as the sharks. Was that Common Sense - nah, but I am not going to sit around waiting for death, I am going to challenge it! You young bucks may not realize this yet, but when you do get older and watch death's slow oncoming to those you love - you will say common sense my a$$ too, at least I hope you do!
  12. I am guessing by some of the responses, that you don't take any safety precautions other than common sense and luck if something unexpected happens. That is what I used to do. I guess The Graveyard Shift is the only person taking precautions and hopefully me. Taking precautions is also common sense.
  13. The jetty I mainly fish I could run up down many years ago. I fished it every night after work, since I worked close to it. I used to use a small mag light and let it dangle down around my neck. Many nights I could do it without a light. That jetty changed a lot from the hurricane and it isn't as easy as it used to be. Until I am more comfortable on that jetty again during the day, I won't be going at night until I get my jetty legs back. I will be back on it though.
  14. POR 15 works great but it is expensive. Once it is on the rusting process is stopped and you probably won't get anymore rust if you coat the whole frame. I was turned onto it by a autobody friend that used it on his personal Big Foot Ford pickup he restored (what a beast that truck is). Rust inhibitor works and I think it is less expensive and since you used it in the past and know first hand that it worked and what it takes to apply, I think you answered your own questions. Good luck Gil
  15. The Graveyard Shift started a great thread in the Fly Fishing Forum. In it he mentioned some safety gear he uses. When I was younger I thought I was Superman and nothing could hurt me. I was knocked off a jetty twice when I was younger by some rogue waves. Fell in the water wading and it never was a problem getting out. Two years ago I fell on the jetty tore my rotator cuff and couldn't move my left arm (saved my rod and reel though). I wound up in a hole in the rocks. It must have looked bad, since everybody ran over to me, even though I said I was OK (hard getting out of the hole with one arm and making sure I saved my gear). Now I am 65. My wife and friends keep telling me I am nuts, since I fly fish and fish many times by myself. Two Falls ago there was a bass blitz on IBSP. An old timer was wading and stepped off the lip at the wash edge and went down with waders. He was toast. He couldn't get up and was heading out to sea. My friend jumped in and saved his life, literally. If no one was there he would have been a statistic. He saw us again on the beach with his son and both thanked him for saving his life. At 65 I still intend to do what I always did. I have the attitude but probably not the aptitude to come out OK if things go south. What do you guys use for safety in the surf, wading and jetty fishing? I use a surf belt around my waders and creepers on the jetty. After I fell on the jetty I decided I would use an inflatable PDF that automatically inflates at 4', in case I wind up in the drink (haven't used it yet). I have never been accused of being the sharpest knife in the draw, but at least now I am finally thinking about it. Let me know what you what you use. Thanks Gil