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  1. Great vid. Been watching the cams all day. Lots of $$$ being washed away. We are pissing in the wind. But I won’t reignite that debate here.
  2. It’s not right I agree but did you want to fish that stretch anyway? I did but just so somebody might see me mooning them. I do it all the time. Shot in the dark but one of these days you’re gonna see the long arm of the law. That’s what I call it anyway.
  3. I ended up not going because my shoulder is enflamed so bad. I can barely raise my hand up to level . **** happens. Riding it out at home. Sorry for the crummy report .
  4. Shoulder is acting up real bad so I’m looking to soak bait in the back tonight. Any idea what would be the best bet this time of year for bait? I know I’ll probably hook a lot of doggies etc.
  5. Damn seagulls are ****n terrorists. Always peckin at stuff.
  6. Palomar knot to an appropriately rated swivel. Seems like common sense to me. Even in the dead of night with no moon my instincts tell me when I’m close to the top guide. Maybe I’m crazy
  7. Been a long time user of the Stradic series of reels and I recommend them often. I’d like to see Shimano do-it-yourself vids posted by the manufacturer.
  8. I’m testing this out as a weekend EDC. It’s a Nextool from Amazon. I usually rock a Juice or a Victorinox Compact on a suspension clip on the weekend but I’m giving this a whirl. It was 25 bucks. The main blade and scissors are pretty good but the inner tools are hard to access with short nails. It’s pretty good. Blade was sharp and the scissors are great although I wouldn’t call them one handed. Both those tools lock. The other tools have a strong back spring.
  9. Nice, at work I have been using a QSP Penguin and I gotta say it has been solid as hell. It’s ironic too because I actually hate the knife but it keeps working well. It was ugly blue jean micarta but has since turned brown with the dirt and tar. Great knife. But I hate it hahahaah.
  10. Knives, scissors, pliers, I wanna see what you are carrying everyday. I carry a late model Leatherman Juice S2 with a suspension clip. I also rock an O-light little light. I think it’s an i3T.
  11. My guy struggles with this as well. He still thinks he’s a young pup.
  12. Mack Dog still alive and kicking! Recently celebrated his tenth birthday. Still the big troublemaker. Still the fierce defender against the Amazon people.
  13. Check out this awesome web our spider spun !
  14. Yes directly yes. Nobody wants it in their backyard. Everybody wants more electricity but nobody wants the high voltage lines running next to their property. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Basically sums it up. But they will do what they have to eventually. And it’ll be forgotten in ten years. They can go underground near city centers but the systems needed are more in depth, including having oil/fluid continuously pumped through the transmission ducts to cool them down. it is somewhat frightening to think there is a wire with 500 thousand volts running in the street in front of your house.
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