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  1. Buy yourself a Paramilitary 2. Best folding knife of all time for good reason.
  2. You are so right about that. I know I’m going to waste my time but I’m going none the less.
  3. My buddy.... who is mixed breed. Def American Bulldog, and pit bull and boxer. 8 yrs... still behaves like a puppy.
  4. When I met my wife she had a senior Rottie and she was the best, most lazy, dog ever. The other dog well that’s another story. Cherish that Rottie, they are amazing animals.
  5. Any luck on chunks in the RB? I threw out my back and am looking for a wait and bait game tonight. Back and shoulder are on fire
  6. Alright I’ll go first..... here’s me
  7. Yep.... can’t wait to fry some up in a few weeks. My personal fav to eat.
  8. Cocktails? Then you know the fluke season is here
  9. Quick hitter tonight out back. Nothing going on. Good chop on the bay, wind out of the NE, significantly more weeds around. Water clarity was still pretty good, for now. Still a lot of crowds looking for the blues. No luck for me. Saw no fish caught for the bait guys or the plug guys but the night is young.
  10. Caught the first two hours of the outgoing out back up north. Dead sea for me, no bait observed but the water in the bay was crystal clear. Oh well
  11. There is a single on the back!
  12. Down south they sell fried chicken in all the Royal Farms gas stations and it’s great. I for one would welcome the fried chicken selling chain gas stations as our new overlords.
  13. This is some blow we have going on up here in RB country. Next stop brown town for a few tides
  14. Talkin popper takes a blue beat down and keeps humming. Single hook on the end is a pro move
  15. I wonder if he gave it the Jeep wave goodbye. Ouch