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  1. Late report from earlier today, got the skunk with no perch willing to take my baited rods with worms I harvested recently in the yard area. The schools I've been picking at must've moved up river.... or down idk. Caught two nice pieces of driftwood and a plastic bag. Still a good amount of ice drifting down the river making the bait and wait rods being tend to. Man I miss the surf.
  2. I vote 9'0 St. Croix Triumph with a Clash 4k or 5k. Should get the job done for pencils, plugs etc. Also check out the Tsunami Airwave Elites.... I have the 8'8" one and love it. They are great for the money. Mine is about the width of a sharpie marker and it's so sensitive, big fan. I own a VS reel and if you're not planning on dunking it or having heavy spray conditions then the price isn't really worth it, unless you're a hobbyist like me and just flat out want one. Thinking about the 10'6" Airwave model too. You had mentioned this wasn't really for chunking but if it's a one and done then you may have to look at heavier rods for that.
  3. Quoting the January 2019 thread "The bays, rivers, and inlets are closed. You know perch aren’t going to hit a mag darter so don’t start. Get your saltwater registry. Post only the county you caught fish from and share any info and photos that will help others and not give that away. " 2/2/2019 Slow day out back today. Managed two little white perch before the school moved by. Caught both on shrimp. Temperature was supposed to rise today but it did not seem like it . The wind picked up as I had my fill of standing around freezing my walnuts off. HUGE ice chunks floating by. Tackle came in the mail today so that's rad. Otter tails, bucktails, teaser flies
  4. Update, skunked overall today. No takers on bait or lures. Went to one river which was moving 100 mph, so went to another spot which looked good with some current but not so intense and skunk city. Brutal
  5. I tend to also utilize my pockets to keep my hands warm. Again your mileage may vary. Not saying it works for everyone.... certainly does not work for me on days like today (5/-5) but overall no fingers lost yet. Maybe that’s just me though.
  6. Tonorrow looks super frigid but I have the day off. Would love to get out there and try again. Might snag ice floating by
  7. Would love to help cut the population down but I am relegated to nearby waters in Jersey.
  8. Finding bait is a challenge. Overall I was stoked just to pull a few little guys out. River fishing isn’t my forte but I must say the spots I found look good for later on in the year as sort of a back bay affair. I think my technique needs improvement. The high lo rig seemed to drop a lot of fish because was so late in setting the hook. It’s tough to distinguish between river garbage floating by and real bites. I think the spots I was at had way too much current except for like a 45 minute window when it was slack tide
  9. Update.. caught four or five small WP on the shrimp pieces and had a few solid tugs on a jointed Rapala in the fire tiger green/yellow/red color pattern,. At one point my one rod fell over from being tugged on.. I was so excited.... catfish? Holdover bass? Nope driftwood floating down the river and hung up. It was cold. Crazy amount of bird activity going on where I was but I think they were just socializing and hangin' out.
  10. I then use a lighter (outdoors of course) to singe the ends so the fraying of the insulation isn’t a problem.
  11. I take a a pair of insulated work gloves and cut the index and thumb fingers off from the main knuckle to the end on my reeling hand. Those fingers get cold and it does not help with water penetration but I try not to dip that hand. Have used that system since I was a kid. Works for me. HTH
  12. I lied, last one That's what I've been saying to them perch..... hello....I've waited here for you... Ok time to go fishing
  13. Last one then I'm going fishing