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  1. I'm not bragging... it might suck don't know yet. Simply conversating. It's on backorder. Send me your brand name guitars. I had a Baja tele years back that I traded away. Good guitar
  2. Once caught a big cat livelining a snapper blue in brackish water... strange world
  3. Bought a tele copy today. Can’t afford the real deal. Looking forward to it.
  4. NP.... figured I’d save people the trip...hope I didn’t break any rules as I am just talking about the state of the water. I’m not sure why it’s still so dirty. I feel like we haven’t had a bad blow since last week although I could be wrong. There are days I leave my house and there are no winds then get down to the water and it is ripping. Hope it clears up soon. Me too. Won’t say where but today around high tide one spot had a rod every eight feet for about 200 yards. Went to a less popular spot and caught a nice tan, that’s about it. Took the leftover bait home and threw it in the fridge. Going to head out of the area tomorrow to find some cleaner water.
  5. RB water clarity report.... chocolate milk w/ salad all along the shore in the UB, Cliffwood, LH, and Amboy area.
  6. "Woe to you, oh Earth and sea, for the Devil sends the Beast with wrath Because he knows the time is short Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the Beast For it is a human number, its number is six inch SP minnow with stock hooks and tackle"
  7. I have many reels... have sold, traded and gifted many... yet I still have five or six reels in the same size. I like variety I guess! I really like the Penn Clash II by the way.... but I think heads up I would still recommend the Stradic FK in that price range except if rate of retrieve is a sticking point. Love both had to have both. The OP could not go wrong with any of the above suggestions. If 100 or below I think either the BG or the Battle II are fine. Would lean toward the BG.
  8. BG. They are great. The Battle II is fine as well (I own two) but I think the latest BG is really hard to beat. Keep in mind that their sizes run big compared to other manufacturers. Check out Scoob's battle of the 100 dollar reel video on YT. He's on the money. Full disclosure I had the AR fail on my 3000 Battle II. The 4000 has been a tank for three years now fishing fairly moderately. Good luck! Buying gear is I stare at my collection
  9. When in a porta potty, if you pee directly in the drain hole in the urinal w/o touching the wall your pee will be super quiet. Almost stealth-like.
  10. To answer the original poster... I hope so, otherwise I've been getting drunk on communion wine for all the wrong reasons
  11. Hoo rah! I am happy with my schoolie fish dammit! And the occasional keeper! And by Occasional I mean twice a year! Hoo rah!
  12. I used to be envious of stuff like that but then I realized it's a totally different form of fishing. Hunting fish from the bank and the surf is a dying art. I'm not taking anything away from those guys because it does take skill and luck to know where to find them but catching a 42 lber from the surf or bank is different than being in a boat with a Lowerance and chasing them down. My .02
  13. If that's an SP and those were the stock hooks you could've just applied a little pressure and it would've straightened out . JK Damn man... hate when that happens. Had a zinger in the web of my hand a while back. Those headshakes when dehooking always get me. I always have the pliers handy but in a rush I try to grab em and release em. Oof well at least you didn't have to go the hospital.... good job taking care of it like a boss
  14. Out back up north. Walked the bay shore from 10-1 looking for cocktails and fluke but no dice for me. The water up here is still dingy and full of salad, at least from the bank. Nice day though.