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  1. If so good for him, run baby run. If not, I hope it was semi-peaceful.
  2. I've been following this thread. Out of respect to the family I won't play detective. RIP
  3. I give you mad credit because you really tried. **** happens
  4. ShopRite boards as we call them in my family were the chit. Now they are their Bowl and Basket brand and they are way smaller. Used to be awesome. I hate the Ellios because no matter what they are welded to the pan upon completion.
  5. like that place as well, just make sure they heat up your pie. Unfortunately had some cold pies from them. I grew up going to them in Perth Amboy and the quality was outstanding. Now over there sometimes they can be hit and miss. I like hot pizza when I get it to go
  6. Try a vodka pie with sausage from Amano in South Amboy and thank me later
  7. You’re on fire! I’ll see myself out
  8. It’s not all of them, but as somebody that logs 20k a year behind the wheel I see trends.. luxury suvs for sure…. And cherokees/durangos. Weaving etc
  9. They are great for us and the local head boats and they play an important role just like all the things we meddle with. Rich people whining about chopped plastics. As if everything on the earth was put here just for us . Whatever
  10. Checked out a river up north prior to the t-storms but it was chocolate milk. I’m sure the storms didn’t help the cause. I will check some other waters tomorrow.
  11. Or a Jeep Cherokee… not sure what attracts hyper aggressive people to that vehicle but my lord…..
  12. I work up north …. the driving is much more aggressive than down south. Doesn’t matter how fast you go somebody in an Audi suv will be up your butt. That’s one thing that irks me
  13. My wife thinks I’m crazy when I said I think they have some agenda now but it seems so lately. Maybe it’s just coincidence. A trivia show should be totally neutral, secular, not biased at all. Best man or woman win.
  14. Or racer class, either way I’ll take it