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  1. I guess with the new FL coming out the FKs are getting liquidated. I've owned a 2500 for LM bass and such for some time and have loved that reel. I just got a 4000 for 150ish. Good deal. Did I miss out with the FL? I've got almost too many reels in this size.... Clash 4K.... VR50... Stradic FK 4000.... but I guess there's worse problems to have than buying too many fishing reels
  2. Like em both. Miracle wHip is great on BLTs. But there's no substitute for regular mayo sometimes. The tang with the wHip is good
  3. What would applying any type of adhesive do to strengthen a knot other than to prevent the line from "moving" and clenching down further? I dunno man, it just doesn't seem to make sense to me, although weirder #$% works. I'm no engineer, far from it. I guess it could penetrate braided line but I don't know about making it stronger. Then again braid manufacturers coat their lines a la PP super slick. If I had to guess I would say it probably does next to nothing, or more harm than good. Like a previous poster said it could even react with the line causing it to weaken. I'd suggest a strong knot and then you don't have to worry. HTH.
  4. Chunking bunker up north. Was very quiet and most people have left this spot already and now I have picked up two nice blues. Don’t have a scale handy. Definitely nice fish around if you’re into blues like I am. Edit, update --- ended up with four nice blues in the racer class I guess... not quite the gators I was hammering on Tuesday evening but not cocktails either. Enough to make hoisting them on the jetty with a MH rod a sketchy task. All fish released and swam away unharmed.
  5. Same spot as last night out back up north 7:30-now. Well no such luck tonight... but I expected that. Water clarity has deteriorated significantly from all the rainfall and runoff. A few tides should clean it up.... if it this wet weather cycle ever moves on. No bait and no fish observed.
  6. Late report: last night 7-8:30 pm up north out back. Wasn’t even going to go fishing but decided to take a walk before sunset along the bay shore. Brought a seven foot Cadence medium heavy rod paired with my vr50 and 20lb power pro SS and my plug bag. Bugs weren’t that bad so walked for a while and saw so many horseshoe crabs doing their thing. Then I spotted fins breaking the water and knew what was about to go down. Pulled in gator after gator blue until my arm got tired. Caught five on a 6” talkin popper and a few more on an SP with single hooks on it. Probably could have caught as many as I wanted but I got tired of unhooking them. Had enough for one day. Not sure what they were feeding on. If the rain stops later I may try the same spot again.
  7. Casted around out back around the big high tide and caught one small bluefish up north. Called an audible and went fishing for cats ..... not much luck there either, only one big flat head.
  8. RB low to high to outgoing. Mang it got snotty out there fast. Sustained winds had to be 10-20mph. I have bait in the fridge for the morning.
  9. Late report last night 11-2am up north out back. Big blues showed up around midnight but before that it was skunk city, which worked out because a lot of the bucket brigade left by the time the bite heated up. Back at it tonight
  10. That’s a strange looking weakfish
  11. Out back up north noon- now.... cocktail blues keeping the skunk off. Caught them on bunker chunks with a 2oz weight. Water is definitely cleaner than yesterday. There are a million boats out. I am happy I’m here on the shore
  12. Beast
  13. This is gonna sound nuts but anyway... years ago in LBI down in the Holgate area we were getting murdered by green heads. The ONLY thing that worked was Avon Skin So Soft. OFF and deet was useless. Now you can only get that product straight from Avon. I typically use OFF with the DEET for most applications and it works well for mosquitos and ticks. Just remember to periodically reapply if you’re going in the water with exposed skin or like me, sweating a lot.
  14. American eel? or another eel? Just guessing... novice here
  15. This blow sucks... seems to have shut down the bite on the western RB.