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  1. Snappers were everywhere in the Raritan Bayshore area last year. Adult bluefish were a little harder to come by. Personally I like catching them as they are hard fighters. I agree with another poster above that they are underrated.
  2. I'd tear it down and see what's what. There are some good disassembly vids on the YouTube. I'm a fan of the Battle 2 and Penn in general. That being said I had the AR fail on my 3000 after three years of pretty hard use. I fought a decent striper on a 4000 last night and it took it like a champ. They are not dunkable reels and require regular maintenance and lubrication for longevity with saltwater use. Rinsing them down after use is a good move but saltwater will inevitably get inside over time, so sooner or later you're gonna have to open 'er up and do some maintenance. Sooner is better than later because if you just wait and allow the innards to corrode you will be shoppin for a new reel sooner than later. Hope this helps~
  3. That's what she said
  4. Why don't they come in anymore.... used to be everywhere.
  5. For plugging I used 8-9' rods with 4000 size reels. My fav is a 9' St. Croix with a 4000 Penn Clash. I use the smaller rods in the bays. I'm vehicle limited so I shy away from the long rods (that's what she said). For bat+wait I use 9' ugly stiks with 5000 size reels. I'm currently torture testing a Kastking Sharky 3 with the baitfeeder/live liner option and it has held up ok so far. You can tell it's cheap.
  6. Went out and did some bait and wait today up north. Was feelin lazy as hell, didn't feel like throwing plugs. Just wanted to park my ass in the sand for a while. Met some cool dudes where we parked our cars. No luck for me but saw fish being caught. Tonight looks cool with the storms rolling in and the (9:00 high tide)
  7. Gonna do a salt/fresh double header this afternoon. High tide in my area shortly after 3... then night time cats in a nearby river wish me luck.
  8. New rule, zero levity allowed in the fishing reports thread. Only business.
  9. I was just kidding around dawg.
  10. Ended up skunked out. Damn rough weekend so far. The clam bite was good last weekend . Now not so much. Guess I gotta break out of my lazy ways and get back to throwing plugs. As an aside... I really hope the blues come inshore this year. Love a good wrestling match with a gator blue from the bank. The rays were crazy last year. Like hooking into a tire.
  11. Can you come to my spot and show me how it’s done? Cuz I am sucking lately. Also can you bring beer?
  12. Live update.... the skunk is on for me. Prayin it turns around
  13. Skunkaroo for me today out back. Saw a couple little ones being caught. None for this guy. Had clam out and plugged a little bit. Tomorrow is another day
  14. Nothing is going to change, really.