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  1. I know, I was pretty surprised and disappointed. Could of thrown in a cheaper US made Buck.
  2. So sorry man. We are with you through this.
  3. First off, no, I don’t watch the googans. I was pretty skeptical of their baits, but they are getting some great reviews. All personal bias aside, are these baits good? Or are they just good marketing to the younger fishermen out there? For some reason the Krackin Craw has caught my eye big time.
  4. Petroleum
  5. Super cool! I love those old, rare cartridges. I'm a sucker for them, especially revolver cartridges.
  6. Crap on your shoe
  7. I’ve always loved those knives. Such a cool blade shape.
  8. Yeah, I gotta agree there. I swear everytime I look at baitcasters in the store the Lews feel the best to me.
  9. Skyline
  10. @scoobydoo will know for sure. Ive heard about some people not liking the new Curados. The Tatula looks slick.
  11. Exactly. Race has no purpose in this at all. They're just bad people giving peaceful protestors a bad reputation.
  12. Clay
  13. Painful
  14. No reason AT ALL to call them that. Turns out racism is more prevalent on here than I thought.
  15. Saragossa or a Spinfisher would fit your bill for a reel.