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  1. First off, thanks everyone for the responses thus far. Mainly redfish, trout, flounder, etc.
  2. Hey folks, looking to start transitioning from live bait in the marsh to artificials and I would love to start jigging small bucktails in the 1/8-1/4 oz range. I’m a bit nervous to start fishing then immediately on their own, so I was thinking about tipping them with a small piece of shrimp or fishbites for a bit of lagniappe. Wondering if this will screw up the action, and if so, what alternatives would be best. Thanks, Kevin.
  3. I have a 7’0” ML Daiwa Aird Coastal Spinning Rod I would love to throw a new spinning reel on. It’s rated 6-12 Ib mono and bass lure rating of 1/8-3/4 oz. I will use this setup to free line baits in the marsh as well as throw small lures and little live baits on rigs up to 3/8 oz max for a variety of species including brackish largemouth bass, redfish, small puppy drum, speckled trout, sheepshead, and flounder. I’m new to fishing a ML so I’m wondering what size reel would fit well on this rod and from what manufacturer. I was initially thinking a 2000 initially but the rod is a little thicker than other medium lights I’ve seen in stores from other companies. I’m thinking a 2000/2500 Penn or a 3000 Daiwa/Shimano. I had a Nasci 3000 in the past that I loved but I’m against the hex key handle now, I would go with the Spheros. Will be using a 10-15 Ib braid. Any thoughts? Thanks, Kevin Quinet
  4. Comforting my buddy during a storm today while I’m back home for a bit.
  5. That’s been my biggest concern with the LT Series, even for my inshore fishing in the 2500-3000 size range. I was going to get the Fuego but I think I’d rather get the BG now.
  6. Highly recommend taking photos while you disassemble the reel. While these reels are very simple, sometimes you do need a little bit of guidance putting them back together.
  7. I recently posted this on Facebook and have been getting backlash along with some support: Thoughts? “It’s time for a good rant about conservation to hit my feed. Yesterday I was at Grand Isle fishing from the Caminada Pass Pier. The water was pretty muddy and all folks were really catching were hardheads and Gafftops. I proceeded to watch a couple fishing from the pier kill every Hardhead and Gafftop they caught by either slamming them on the pier (the most ethical way to do it) or letting them suffocate in the sun. Then, they proceeded to either throw the carcasses in the water, in the trash can, or just leave them on the pier for everyone else to see and smell. I have zero problem keeping fish or shooting animals for meat. Absolutely none, as long as you are practicing ethical killing and regulations I do not care. I am aware that catching endless amounts of saltwater catfish is annoying. But from both a moral and conservation-based perspective, it is completely wrong to kill them because they are annoying and you can’t catch anything but them. This brings up the topic of invasive species. But the two species of saltwater catfish here on the Gulf Coast are completely native to the region and have been here for a LONG time. They belong here. There is no valid excuse for killing saltwater catfish and wasting them out of frustration and irritation. I was horrified by what I saw and I hope others will be too.”
  8. I am not sure but just wanted to say welcome to the forum! This is a great resource.
  9. Interesting, thanks for your feedback. I wondered why the Saltist wasn’t super popular and I reckon that’s why. How does the cranking power of the Spheros compare to the SSV?
  10. Looking to purchase a new reel in the 4000-5000 range for jetty fishing redfish, trout, sheepshead, drum, flounder, all that jazz. I was looking at the reels listed above and were curious to see which one you would choose to put on a 7’6” or 8’ rod, either a heavy inshore rod like a Teremar or a light surf rod like a Tsunami. I was going to go BG but I feel like some sealing would be very nice. I would also probably use this reel for bait fishing from the kayak. While smoothness is always nice, durability is something very important to me for then type of fishing I do. Any thoughts?
  11. So today I fished my first true rock structure while fishing - the New Orleans Seawall. Fundamentally, the Seawall is a staircase that goes right down into the brackish waters of Lake Pontchartrain. I found myself standing on slippery concrete, getting soaked by swells breaking on the wall, and my setups were taking a beating. Everything from taking splashes to getting dropped on the rocks and slid across the concrete. Fortunately I had my Ambassadeur and a nice, strong catfish rod for my light bait duties and they held up fine. While the Seawall definitely isn’t a jetty, I can certainly see why structures like these show amazing fish habitat and fishing potential. I was wondering what you look for in a Jetty Setup in the NE. While I certainly don’t plan on buying a designated “rocks” setup now, if I fish jetties and Seawall more it may become a possibility I had a lot of fun! I imagine durability is paramount, but what reels, rod lengths, sizes do you use when fishing the rocks? I’m curious. Thanks, CF
  12. Yikes! That’s pretty scary. Good job alerting them.
  13. Not necessarily specific, but probably a medium power spinning rod with a 3000 size spinning reel. I can catch everything from panfish and bass to small catfish.
  14. I’m a college science student, and while I took the vaccine and probably am more liberal with my pharmaceutical beliefs than others, I do believe it was rushed out too hastily. Tragic. I got the Johnson, I’m all recovered from the initial couple days but I’m hoping it’ll stay that way.
  15. For the type of fishing I do, I would have to go with a good ole Zoom Fluke or a Curlytail Grub. Both are absolutely deadly in a ridiculous amount of fishing scenarios.