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  1. Picked up an old Pflueger Rocket 1375 and am looking to put it into service. Looking for a casting rod in the 7’-8’ range that will pair nicely with it, probably will be fishing small cut baits and live baits on 1-2 oz bait rigs. Any suggestions? Thinking of going the Ugly Stik route but not quite sure. Really will be fishing for whatever bites but I expect black drum, freshwater and saltwater cats, smaller redfish, stuff like that. I’ll be in lower salinity brackish water mainly. Ideally don’t want to breach 75 dollars or so. Thanks in advance!
  2. Picked this new toy up off of Ebay. Got a few small things that need to be fixed but after that I’ll be using it in the estuary for bait rigs in the 2 oz range or so.
  3. I have multiple Daiwa Crossfire LTs - a 1000, a 2000, and a 3000. It’s hard to overstate how good of a value the reels are. Flawless line lay (especially on the small models), super smooth but only one bearing for maximum reliability. Love love love the reel so much, highly recommend. In my opinion, it kills every other reel in the price point. Laguna is another fabulous option.
  4. Indeed. Demonization of opposing views is the enemy of progress and morality.
  5. Sorry to hear that. Glad you are feeling much better. I know someone who just passed away yesterday from COVID. Very sad.
  6. Hey y’all, got a question for my kayak anglers out there. I’ve been looking at both cheap and expensive kayak setups for a week or two, and I was wondering if you prefer more beater gear for kayak or the expensive stuff. Ive considered something like an SSV for maximum sealing and performance in the elements, but knowing my clumsiness I’m afraid it’ll go over at some point. In which case, I would go with something like a Sienna or Nexave, but who knows how long those would hold up in conditions where they are getting splashed. Any thoughts? Thanks. CF
  7. New year, new fishing opportunities! Show off your first catch of the year.
  8. Looking to buy a new wallet-friendly but quality inshore setup. I’m hoping to snatch a Medium Light and either a 2000 or 2500 size spinning reel; I’ll be using it to free line live baits (shrimp, mud minnows) on a bare hook or a small jighead/Carolina rig (no more than 1/4 oz probably). Any suggestions? My budget is probably around 200 dollars or so. I’ll be in my kayak so durability is something very important to me, but I also want something nice and lightweight. Here’s my ideas so far: - SSV 2500 - Conflict 2000-2500 - Daiwa BG 2000-2500 - Fuego 1000-2500 For rods, maybe: - Daiwa Aird Coastal (Had one in the past, phenomenal budget rod). - Daiwa Procyon - Fenwick HMG - Penn Batallion Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
  9. For that price range I would certainly go with a solid sealed reel. Slammer IV, Saragosa, among others. They’ll provide you great performance in the surf.
  10. I’ve heard that, I’d love to grab one on cut bait. Can fish for drum and bull reds at the same time!
  11. Some shots I’ve taken off my cell phone from the Mississippi River near my apartment complex in Baton Rouge.
  12. Elmer’s Island, Louisiana. Caught on a Penn Wrath 3000 with a 6’6” Medium Daiwa D-Shock Rod and 12 Ib Big Game Mono. Was using a little chunk of dead shrimp, bite was pretty subtle and then I reeled in to a big surprise. What are y’all’s favorite drum baits? I imagine there’s some great options for my Northeastern friends. I’ve heard of folks using clams in the Chesapeake for drum over 50 Ibs which sounds like a blast.
  13. I have a Henry Frontier .22 that I love. Fantastic rifle to plink with, but I want something different to add to my collection. I’m a big nerd of vintage single shots and their history, like the Rolling Block, Sharps, Martini, Trapdoor, and more. That being said, I’ve never owned a single shot and want a small one to mess around with on the range or in the woods for putting meat on the table. I’m thinking a .22 is the way to go just because of ease of use and price. Ideally I would want something like a Uberti replica of a Rolling Block in a .22, but it’s a little out of my price range. Are there any old school single shot .22s to take a look at? Just maybe old, less expensive firearms from the 40s-60s in that range. Ithaca, J.C. Higgins, Remington, Winchester, stuff like that. Any info is greatly apppreciated!
  14. I think sharks are like Alligators. Most of the time they won’t really bother you, but you will get an odd attack here and there, probably from a Bull. But I think most of the time they are either thinking they are hitting a marine mammal like a seal or just don’t know what you are and bite on to see what’s going on.
  15. Little Outdoor Edge LeDuck I picked up around May/June. Needed a good knife to carry for river duty while working this summer and this ended up working well.