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  1. Went kayak fishing yesterday in Mississippi (I live in Louisiana) and got home late and tired. Left my rods and kayak in the back of my truck and they were still there this morning. Went to pick up my girlfriend and we spent a few hours watching a movie and watching March madness on TV. She’s cooking dinner and realizes she forgot a few things, so I run to the grocery store down the street only to realize when I get there my rods were stolen clean out of my truck bed. I live in a gated apartment community so I think someone here had to do it. The rods/reels weren’t terribly expensive but really damn angry nonetheless. Angry that people would have the nerve to steal my stuff right outside my door when I’m just trying to hang out and have a relaxing night. Thought I would share to remind everyone to ALWAYS unload your truck, or at least, have a bed cover over your gear. Can’t trust people these days. To say I’m angry is a totally fair.
  2. Hey folks. Looking to purchase a quality inshore travel rod. As a college student, space is often limited and I frequently fly back and forth between my parent’s house. I’ve been thinking a 4 piece spinning rod would be a good option for my usual inshore marsh and mangrove fishing in Louisiana but also for bass fishing when I go home to Georgia and inshore fishing when I visit family in Florida. I’m thinking a Medium Light or Medium would work best. I’m willing to spend upwards to 150-200 or so as this is a rod I plan to own for a good minute. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! CF
  3. Hey folks. Have a 9’ GX2 Medium I’ve been using in the surf recently as a light tackle setup for smaller surf critters. Admittedly I haven’t taken great care of it and I’ve noticed the stainless guides on it have started to turn green with corrosion from salt. Any methods y’all would recommend to remove the grime without scratching the guides up? Im thinking of just trying some baking soda as a mild abrasive with a sweet rag or sponge.
  4. So my buddy and I are going to be fishing the Mississippi soon for big catfish, and the particular stretch of river we are fishing is full of snags. He went fishing the other day with braid and was just getting sliced off consistently. Trilene Big Game has always been my go-to for river catfishing and any saltwater applications that demand abrasion resistance. What do y’all like to use?
  5. Hey folks, My Battle 2 is finally dying on me after years of service. Looking to replace it with something more sealed. I’ve been very impressed with Spinfishers I’ve seen in stores, and I’ve heard great reviews coming in from the Spheros SW. Which one of these reels would you prefer for chunking 2-4 oz? I’ll be fishing dropper rigs and Carolina rigs for a variety of species, with dead and live bait. Probably will fish a 9 or 10 foot rod. Thanks in advance. CF
  6. Dragging around a 1/4 oz Texas Rigged Zoom U-Tale in Junebug.
  7. I haven’t explored any of the more premium options, but for the price and ease of purchase at Wally World I really like using the Danco stuff for bait. Works well. I’m sure there’s some other killer stuff out there though, especially higher end stuff that kinda puts it to shame.
  8. Haha, it’s just that when you fish with something like shrimp, anything besides a clean cut is bound to get stolen by things like pinfish and other little critters out there. For cut bait it’s not as much of a problem but still helps.
  9. As much as I fish bait, gotta be a pair of bait shears, if not at least a bait knife. Really makes a difference vs just trying to tear shrimp or dead mullet/croaker up, not only in efficiency but also in bait presentation.
  10. Howdy y’all, Recently took a vacation in Florida and went nearshore fishing for the first time on the reefs. Totally loved it and it’s something I want to do more of whenever I get an opportunity to head down there, or even if I get the opportunity to head offshore here in Louisiana. Therefore, I’m looking for a rod and reel combo that I can use for shallow(er) water bottom fishing, say to 100 feet max (for snapper, grouper, whatever else will hit bait on bottom), but something I can still use in and on bays, piers, and bridges for inshore species like drum, sharks, or stingrays. Casting isn’t as important as a surf reel would be for me but I would still like to grab something that can cast decently. Would you guys go with a heavy spinning reel or a conventional? Any specific options in mind? I would go up to 200 on a reel, and maybe up to 100 dollars on a rod, although that may change for the better or worse. Thanks in advance. CF
  11. Picked up an old Pflueger Rocket 1375 and am looking to put it into service. Looking for a casting rod in the 7’-8’ range that will pair nicely with it, probably will be fishing small cut baits and live baits on 1-2 oz bait rigs. Any suggestions? Thinking of going the Ugly Stik route but not quite sure. Really will be fishing for whatever bites but I expect black drum, freshwater and saltwater cats, smaller redfish, stuff like that. I’ll be in lower salinity brackish water mainly. Ideally don’t want to breach 75 dollars or so. Thanks in advance!
  12. Picked this new toy up off of Ebay. Got a few small things that need to be fixed but after that I’ll be using it in the estuary for bait rigs in the 2 oz range or so.
  13. I have multiple Daiwa Crossfire LTs - a 1000, a 2000, and a 3000. It’s hard to overstate how good of a value the reels are. Flawless line lay (especially on the small models), super smooth but only one bearing for maximum reliability. Love love love the reel so much, highly recommend. In my opinion, it kills every other reel in the price point. Laguna is another fabulous option.
  14. Indeed. Demonization of opposing views is the enemy of progress and morality.
  15. Sorry to hear that. Glad you are feeling much better. I know someone who just passed away yesterday from COVID. Very sad.
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