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  1. More info on the Armr reel.
  2. J&H Tackle Google their website.
  3. JH tackle. Do google search
  4. Have no idea what I was thinking when I typed the above. I was asking about the Tsunami Armr reel. I found and purchased a 4000 online. Seems to be ok. Will fish it on a Tsunami airwave 8ft and post rests in the spring.
  5. Thamks for the feedback guys. I ordered the 8ft Penn Battalion.
  6. Thanks. I ordered a 8ft Penn Battalion
  7. Thanks going to order tonite
  8. I have a ssv3500 on a Battalion 9ft and a ssv4500 on a Battalion 10ft. Just got a really good deal on a ssv5500, what size Battalion would pair with this rod. I have a ssv6500 on a tsunami 11'4. A friend suggest buying a 8ft Battalion and put the ssv3500 on it, the 4500 on the 9ft and the 5500 on t be 10ft
  9. Looking for some advice or a starting point. I have a ssv3500 on a Penn Battalion 9ft and a ssv4500 on a 10ft Penn Battalion. What size battalion would pair with a ssv5500.
  10. Any word on the other new Tsunami spinning rod that was mentioned in this forum? I think it started with a M.
  11. Yes I got it last Wednesday and it's a great looking, feeling and sturdy reel. I haven't fished it yet, waiting on Star paraflex rod from Tackle Direct. The 4000 might take 3and change of 15#. I have 20# on mine and I think it took almost 300.
  12. Great idea. I just purchased a new Star S7000 reel and it came with the bailess kit included, I thought that was incredible.
  13. Braided line from J&H on sale .05 cents a yard
  14. Braided line that j&h had on sale .05 a yard.