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  1. I’ve always thought that wind in your face was best because it pushes bait towards the beach. I’ve seen some reports of good fishing with other wind directions. What are your thoughts on the best wind? Does it change with the seasons?
  2. Thanks I’ll try a second bait rod
  3. For me, finding live or fresh bait has always been a problem. I just got home from Buxton and people were catching bait with a cast net. Is that something you can do around Assateague? In the surf, out back or in canals around OC? p.s. I always have a bait rod out but sometimes catching bait is tough
  4. Thanks
  5. Do fresh caught bluefish make good drum bait?
  6. Went out yesterday and caught 4 sharks, a pompano and a kingfish. pretty slow and tough to hold bottom with 8oz
  7. Those plugs look awesome! I may have to try that one day
  8. Kings and spot as far as I could cast on FBBW. 12 inch blues around too but I didn’t really want to target them. Kids had a blast.
  9. Anybody catching kingfish? I took my son for couple hours around sunset yesterday and got skunked on FBBW. Do kingfish bite at night ?
  10. Anybody still fishing ? Haven't seen a report in a while. Still catching any rock or blacks? Kingfish there yet ? Trying to decide if it is worth a trip down to AIMD one day next week.
  11. I agree the nets were close to the beach !
  12. No fish and lots of skates for me yesterday also