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  1. ^^^^^^^ Great advice Tim!! My charter Capt. taught me to: 1) drop to the bottom 2) engage the reel and lift 3) let down to touch bottom 4) set the hook when the "weighted hook" gets lifted by a fish. This was on a glass calm day and may be hard to feel with an angry swell rolling through. After 20 big fish that morning.... The technique became second nature.
  2. Met the guy pickin Asian crabs one day while I was playing with schoolies out on Jamestown Island. Said he could put me on a pile of tog for cheap money per person on his CC, so I gave him a try and was not disappointed!! He will be available anytime in the next few weeks.... if anyone is interested, send me a PM.
  3. Had a great morning with my buddy Jim on our first ever Tog charter. Easy limit on the windless glass calm water. What a fight!! If you've never had the chance to battle one of these bruisers I highly recommend it! We had a blast
  4. Easy limit of nice tog today with a local Newport guide. All fish were 45-50ft... zero hits anything more or less.
  5. Nice fish Cal!! Ice in the guides very soon! Cast 'em while ya can
  6. Definitely a well deserved pat on the back to this angler!! C.P.R. the breeders
  7. It looks just like it smells....
  8. Took a roundtrip over the new one today... wind was howling!!
  9. First time targeting Tog from shore.... six hours.... five spots in RI... SKUNK! Any shore guides/mentors have a free day next week?
  10. Will there be a dedicated SOL family auction thread like last year?
  11. Enforcement of existing regulations is the best option.
  12. Perfect wind to cause a magic ripline on a few slippery rock spots. Trial and error experience comes with time spent soaking wet and windburnt!
  13. el Clamos grande!
  14. Barbacoa Flatulas