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  1. Watching Sammy Hagar's 70th birthday bash!! 70? wait a minute.... how old am I????? Long live the Red Rocker
  2. Has anyone been fishing the SS Sluggos? The long whip tail looks like an attention getter.
  3. October's New moon is scheduled for Monday the 8th. I vote for a brunch on Sunday Oct. 7th from 10am-1pm. The Sag high slack is @ 2:20am... turns East and slacks at low @ 8:40am. "syzygy" is at 2:35pm (Approximately twice a month, around new moon and full moon when the Sun, Moon, and Earth form a line (a condition known as syzygy), the tidal force due to the sun reinforces that due to the Moon.)
  4. Git-er-done!!
  5. I absolutely love my 6500! Heavy = rugged
  6. Release! Let 'em grow up and become drag screaming adults that are actually edible
  7. During this last spring tide, I found a good sized hole about 11 o'clock on my drift. With the rod butt between my legs, left hand on the reel/bail, and with my casting finger and thumb hockey taped, I was able to open the bail and feed the line out while still feeling the jig tapping the bottom and down into the hole. When I got a hit, I flipped the bail, gave two cranks of the handle, and set the hook. This was my first time using this specific method and it worked flawlessly! Lost zero gear and hooked into some good fish
  8. Is it safe to assume that an over pressure event could have weakened components inside of unaffected buildings that may leak under normal pressures when the gas is turned back on? If so.....the same thing could happen again!
  9. You 'da man Cal Do they usually hit at the same time or do you get one on, then the other? I've seen other bass, sometimes a half dozen, chase the one I have on as I bring it in. If I had a teaser on.... I'm sure they would smash it!!
  10. ^^^^ Those hybrids are gnasty little buggers! I'd like to see that procreation process!
  11. Don't normally post fish pics.... but had to give props to Phil's DT sticker!
  12. Not sure if posting links is allowed but I'll give it a shot https://www.mass.gov/service-details/accessible-fishing-piers-and-platforms
  13. ^^^Great ramble buddy We are very fortunate to be included in a great group of anglers. My son Evan and I appreciate all of the generosity that we've received from the SOL members we've met along the way. Thank you! Like Phil, I'm one of those people who get's great joy from watching someone be successful with info or tackle that I was able to share with them. As for 30 or 30...... EVERY fish should be cherished and respected whether it'sa baby or a beast!! For a million different reasons, you could end up unable to fish at any moment. Treat your last fish like it's your LAST fish!
  14. Loaded CC pencil, 50# mono leader incase there are Stripes around, love the CC for distance and that explosive surface hit!! I have a few that had the tailhook ripped off by YEDs. Anyone ever "through wire" a Cordell?
  15. Tuesdays gone with the wind