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  1. Had a great day fishing today with the Christmas Family Auction winning bidder of my spoon kit and day on the river. Despite the cold, cloudy, rising water we were able to land close to a triple digit total for a half day on the water!! The Patriotic red/white/blue spoons out produced all of the other colors combined It was great to meet you Dan!
  2. Best conditions so far this Spring!! I'll be fishing in the Holyoke area if anyone needs some spoons
  3. Had a great day at the CT river today. No big females but endless action thanks to the acrobatic bucks! Hooked a fish every cast for almost an hour!!!
  4. Yep.... It's ON! Respect the fish See ya Tuesday Dan You too Phil... if ya show
  5. Not sure if a spot burn but.... Shad are THICK up to hoyyyoke
  6. If only it wouldn't rain for a week or two.......
  7. Found another one.
  8. PASTA!!!
  9. SWEEEEEEP 'EM!!!!!!!
  10. So... the derby leader is 4.9lbs I landed 2 fat hens very close to that weight today, along with a ton of crazy jumping bucks! This weekend should be great!!
  11. I'm going there in the AM for a few hours tomorrow. Water is still crazy high and cold but I have the day off so why not. I plan on visiting the indoor fishway viewing area and I believe they have a leaderboard along with current counts for all species lifted over the dam. I'll report back with any info I can gather. The last days of the derby ,this Sat and Sun, will be warm and bright so that will turn the bite on.
  12. ^^^ the good 'ol days
  13. That's a great quote!! You sound like a coach