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  1. Over 75 shad this morning between 4 of us. Water level and clarity were damn near perfect! #0 brass/green willowleafs were the secret weapon
  2. The weather has turned suboptimal for shad fishing. High/muddy rivers lock them down. If the precipitation subsides, the next 2 weeks should see a significant increase in catch rates as the water clears. Keep casting... ya never know
  3. CT river is almost unfishable right now!! 48000cfs.... 20000cfs is ideal.
  4. Only 2 fish in 4hrs yesterday... Water level keeps dropping and the shad are holding in deep down river holes waiting for more flow. Bring on the rain!!!!!
  5. Landed some big hens in the CT river this morning.
  6. Not sure of their proper name but, the one I like have a stem that resembles celery. They taste like fresh green beans
  7. Picked some fiddleheads today
  8. How's the CT river lookin after that precip? Mudded up I bet.....
  9. Thanks Sniper! The tail has a "T" that fits into a matching slot on the back of the body. I'll post a pic tomorrow.
  10. "Tubby eel" Factory modded Wiggle Wart
  11. So I found this vintage lure in my late Grandpa's old pile of tackle and was hoping to find someone who can replicate and pour me some replacement tails.
  12. Sweet and mild never bitter. Slow even burn at 18 degrees outside air temperature