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  1. River level looks like it shot way up today! Wish I wasn’t out in Wisconsin On the upside… lotta pike and smallies in the Fox river out here.
  2. Anyone get a look at the leader board weights today?
  3. That was a joke
  4. Anyone hit the CT river today? Water looks wicked low
  5. Close to 50 fish today from 3 spots. LOW water!! Shared the shore with “Steve with the Leaves”. Good dude…. Makes the best spoons around and absolutely slays the shad with them!!
  6. I catch more freshly stocked trout on jointed Rapalas than all other lures combined…. A spinner is a close second.
  7. In response to the previous inquiry… The rigging I posted, is what I throw alone or when sharing the shoreline with experienced shad fisherman that obey the drift. Downstream guys casts first, then upstream guys follow in unison…. Someone gets tight and everyone burns in their line until it’s safe to start the rotation again. When in a crowd, I will throw mono with a spoon or dart behind a split shot so I don’t lose all my tungsten and to ease the pain of untangling the guy’s line that crossed me. Either way, Nano-fil or mono, I like an 8lb mainline to a barrel swivel and 2ft of 6lb floro leader. Spoons need some sort of clip if they don’t have a splitring… darts are always tied direct. A 7ft ML set-up is my everyday shad rod and I think it’s perfect for crowd fishing. I’ll use my 9’6”M occasionally but only break out the 4’ ultralight when no one else is around. Look at what the guy near you is catching them on and how he is doing it. Respect the drift of those around you, have patience with those that don’t, and just have fun with it. There’s a reason one or two guys seem to be catching them every cast…. Experience
  8. Freshly canned this morning
  9. The river came up a little bit this morning. Fishing was good
  10. Payment for me doing a brake job on my brothers’s POS car
  11. We need some rain man!!!!! The entire dam was dry when I left at 3pm. The West shoreline filled in with the whitebucket crowd and my line got casted over and crossed every other cast. Lost more spoons today than the last 8 times on the river… combat fishing is not my style
  12. 50+ landed today so far. some nice big fat hens in the mix
  13. I’ve tried using a dart with a spoon trailing 2ft behind. Not sure if it increased my strikes but when I hooked two fish at once, one or both broke off every time. American shad are much bigger and stronger than hickories…. then you add in the river current. I think it best kept to a one at a time game.
  14. Grateful Shad