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  1. ^^^^^ I agree... Eddie's book is entertaining but inaccurate. "CAPESIDE CARL and the DITCHTROLLS" is the book that I'm waiting for!!
  2. May your faith bring you peace. Your angel will be with you always.
  3. Got er done 2 weeks ago. Maybe ask a different Insurance company?
  4. Landed 8 tonight. I was the only guy out of 6 that hooked up!
  5. I did that this year on a biggun... hooked her in the tail and she took off like a rocket!! What a fight
  6. Stay safe bud
  7. Go to Mass.Gov Look up boating registration. Follow the directions. I bought a boat from NY and still got mine back in under 3 weeks. My Insurance provider did all of the trailer registration and I had my plate in 4 days.
  8. Is this you Cal? Pic from OTW.
  9. A safe, happy, and prosperous Summer to all my fellow trolls! Those selfless souls who live their lives to keep us all safe and continue the freedoms and securities we are all blessed with as Americans... Thank you all for your service. You know who you are
  10. What are you using for equipment? Great depth of field... 50mm f/1.4 prime?
  11. Just got my new boat in the water and was hoping to explore trolling for trout. Any tips and tricks to help me hook up? 4 rod holders, one down rigger, one planer board. Central MA trophy brown trout lake with 70ft max depth and huge population of landlocked Alewife.
  12. CT river in Holyoke is down to 12500cfs..... wicked feckin low!! Boat guys who anchor above a hole or channel will slay them but shore guys will struggle.
  13. It's a screama!!!
  14. Chest waders and a walking stick get me down beyond the impassable overgrown shoreline to the best seams on the river. Experience has taught me where and at what level it is safe to do so.
  15. The wife and I had a great day on the CT river yesterday. Steady pick of big shad for 3 hours. If you have the means and desire.... now is the time to target them. It's on!!