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  1. Peterf, A bait runner type of reel is designed with two seperate drags. A normal "fighting" drag that is set so the fish can pull line before it breaks. And a second drag, normally on the back of the reel, that you would set very loose so that the fish can swim away after eating the bait and alert you that a fish is on! With a flip of the lever or a turn of the handle it will engage the fighting drag so you can reel the fish in. This type of reel is not a good choice for the Canal because of the strong currents. A better choice would be a reel designed with a a lot of line capacity and a powerful fighting drag. Please remember to treat the the Canal fish "and fisherman" with respect. Only keep what the law allows and only what you can eat fresh.
  2. Evan and I should be able to make it
  3. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em!
  4. ^^^^ I wonder if us Trolls could come up with something to show our appreciation to him for the many years of kind service, and vast amounts of knowledge he and his wife have shared with us?
  5. Anyone have any intel on if Mike will be "cleaning house" this spring?? Obviously use PM for any top secret info
  6. I think it would be a good idea if we wait for the field to dry out a bit first. just lost a sneaker out back in the muck A 4oz sinker flung out 100yds and 50ft above the ground would penetrate a foot into the topsoil right now!! lol Can't wait for this event to take shape and dust off the heavy equipment!!
  7. I realize it’s short and fat....Speed is not something I’m worried about in a fishing yak. Thanks
  8. Hey guys, I'm going to get the Bigfish 105 soon and was hoping to hear from some owners on your "pros and cons". Thanks!
  9. Ice Trolls
  10. Started a batch of 100 shad spoons today
  11. Those perogies that Hillary made were out of this world! Seriously can't wait for Spring!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I usually just yell out " I GOT YOU... GIVE ME SOME LINE" Not gonna get all wound up over who's at fault... just don't wanna lose any gear! If there is a language barrier, I'll just crank the drag down, smoke 'er in, and rip the rod out of his hands!
  13. I fished RRBF's Savage clone heads during the end of last season. painted a few black for sluggos, rigged a couple bare lead with silver cut back 10" Hogy originals, and other various soft swimbait bodies. All landed fish! I have a few dive belts worth of lead for you're new molds ; )
  14. .... Two minutes after Evan and I left : ( It was a great day!!
  15. Sometimes my thumb gets sore.... maybe I should put some memory foam on my Zebco 202!!