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  1. The ice.... is nice!!
  2. All is well with our buddy Phil. He took a social hiatus and will be back soon.
  3. Our youngest Troll went through 3 dozen shiners today! Mostly big yellows with a few small bass and pickeral in the mix. The kid hates creepers... made me take them off so he could slide to the tip-ups better!
  4. Meateater is the show I've been setting the DVR for lately. That guy is the real deal. If I were able to host a hunting show.... it would be this one
  5. Heal up quick bud! Let me know if you need a Treehouse deliveryman!
  6. Ice fishing this year.....
  7. Have we reached the end of the 2018 CFA?
  8. Yep... homemade bacon with Snow
  9. ^^^^^ Now that's good stuff right there!