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  1. Caution! May cause spontaneous dancing
  2. Just announced… Pottapaug has invasive species see the thread I just started
  3. The story says No private boats allowed to be launched into it…..
  4. It flows directly into gate 43
  5. I have old manual Cannon uni-trolls. Cranking up an 8lb ball from 50ft is not a problem, but if I had the coin to spend, I’d get electrics
  6. My Uncle has a tagged Quabbin boat that I can use anytime…. Not sure why I haven’t adapted my downriggers to it yet. He only uses it for Smallie fishin up at gate 43. Deer are beautiful creatures… wish they weren’t so darn tasty.
  7. Biz jet cockpits have crew O2 masks that the pilots are thoroughly trained to don within seconds of a rapid depressurization. The hose cage that goes over their heads squeezes the mask tight onto their faces. They are un-diluted pressure on demand style masks. Not sure how the crew would not have put them on in an emergency… A slow depressurization of the cabin would have caused multiple warnings. I test ours every 12mos.
  8. A steady mix of Browns and Bows trolling spoons this morning. Surface temp is up to 68 degrees. Most fish were in 20-50ft. Got some on top at daybreak.
  9. Hey JimP Thanks for your service to our country! If ya read back through this thread it sums up what I’ve been doing locally. I’m all ears for any suggestions you may have.
  10. Almost time for some subsurface exploration Anyone certified out there??
  11. Western Mass Pinball Club in Threerivers,MA has over 70 working pinball machines
  12. Doors open at 6pm tonight. Tournament entry not required to play
  13. Toby was fixated on the Oriole feeder this morning
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