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  1. This yak is crazy stable!! Heavy and slow.... but made for fishing. Similar to a Stand up paddle board but with an adjustable seat, fish finder/transducer pod, and huge aft tank well for gear. I’d take it anywhere... If I were 15 yrs younger.
  2. Are there any reported seal "attacks" on humans? Given their size and the hardware they have in that pitbull muzzle, one would think they are capable of the occasional aggression bite...
  3. I'm 6'4" tall and my most versatile rod for fishing from shore, targeting larger species of fish, is 10 1/2 footer. Best advice I can give is to try a few casts on all of your buddies set-ups before you drop the $ on a new one.
  4. I agree with DAQ ^^^ When ever I buy Hogy (hard) Epoxies, I will certainly spend the extra time to pick through the lot. Obviously mass produced inconsistencies. Hope to try the softie version soon along with a few J Baggs. No doubt that epoxy covered metals will always have a spot in my rotation of offerings
  5. FYI there are plenty of cans of JM available this week!
  6. It's good to be free....and sippin' a Tree! Celebrate your Independence
  7. I like mine crispy!!!! Happy Independence Day Trolls!
  8. You know me... I throw anything for an hour!! BTW... fallfish are a good herring imitation
  9. I use PP on my vertical drop gear but have had much better results using 832 on my spinning set-ups. As for the Troll forum.... maybe the current situation at the Ditch has all the Trolls in hiding, afraid they'll be associated with all of the deplorable behavior...
  10. Bump...... Any offers before I lock this up and post elsewhere? It is honestly 100% flawless!
  11. Good riddins blabber!! My fellow Trolls, A gathering is overdue.... Evan and I look forward to attending whatever date and time is mutually agreed upon. Judging by the comments made recently by above mentioned “ex-member” I was curious if Y’all think that a PM arranged Assembly of Trolls is in order? I am willing and able to provide and operate the grill and/or deep fryer as well as supply some homemade brats and fries.
  12. Took a ride up to Telluride today. Took a few hundred pictures and hours of windshield gopro video while traversing the skinny cliffside roads... breathtaking.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions so far guys! Keep 'em coming. I may use up my Marriott points and stay in Wareham if a private place doesn't pan out.
  14. Thanks Swine!! Please PM me the details
  15. Happy Friday fellow Trolls, Posted this in the MA forum as well..... Looking to spend a long weekend with the wife and two boys within 20 mins of the Ditch. Hoping for an air conditioned 2BR for under $200 a night. Cape or mainland. Online searching only yields those properties posted by the huge listing services at astronomical prices. I'd love to hear about your friend's/family's rental properties or advice on where to find local, unlisted info. I'll treat the family of whomever gets us a place to beers and a backyard fish fry at the property during our stay. Thanks in advance Todd