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  1. Not in MA right now but figured I’d post this here anyways. I’m more of a bass and striper fisherman, not a trout guy, but I’ve been home in greater NYC area for my college winter break, have had a lot of free time and decided I wanted to learn how to trout fish. Went out and bought myself some trout lures, 6 lb line and an ultralite combo and was off and running. Have been fishing in various NY area streams almost every day, slowly figuring it out, catching a 9 incher here and a 10 incher there. Thursday I was fishing with a buddy at a relatively small stream, we got pretty much skunked but I had a tank (at least for a small river like that) take a swing at my roostertail at this specific hard to reach bend in the stream. Today went back to that river with my dad, and almosttttt decided against bushwhacking back to that river bend, but sure enough first cast landed this beauty after a nice fight. Confident it was the same fish. Prob 16 inches or so and healthy/beautiful. Definitely a rewarding moment and an inspiration to keep trout fishing.
  2. Hiya, Im going to be in Truro this weekend (memorial day weekend) and don't want to spend money on a guide. Is surf fishing viable on the outer cape this time of year? Any tips for that specific area? Thanks!
  3. Cabela's makes salt striker travel rods that are really good, its the one ride I bring with me between home, college, girlfriends college, on buses and trains and planes and etc. really easily and have never had a problem with it
  4. Pretty sure that's a bridle shiner... if it is, its a Massachusetts state "species of special concern"... I linked a factsheet
  5. Yea, there was mad rainbait and something else (herring I guess?) all over this morning, schoolies busting on em here and there and on my plugs occasionally, no bigger than 20". Once the sun came up tho, they must've sank down in the water column. Good luck!
  6. Tried in vain to find it in rare book stores online... maybe my school databases could have a copy. Exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for tho Tufts
  7. Thanks everyone for all the advice, I'll definitely be trying most of these places. Tried the AE dam this morning, loads of bait and a schoolie here and there. Again, I appreciate the help.
  8. Hey guys - I am a college freshman new to the Boston area. I've been salt fishing in the Northeast my whole life and having been sitting on a campus for an entire fall striper migration and a'm starting to get antsy. I know its way late in the game right now, but where is there public access fishing in Boston (preferably with easy T access or a short uber ride?) The only place I know of is the Amelia Earhart dam, I'm gonna check that tmrw morning and do some pluggin or jiggin... thanks for any advice, I really appreciate it. P.S. I know for a lot of the pros on this site this kind of post is probably mad annoying so sorry about that haha. - LHB