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  1. For that kind of money, why not go full custom to your exact specs?
  2. Meh too much of a hassle. I'll just use it as a bluefish git'r with a single tail hook.
  3. On 4lb mono and braid equivalent? Not really at all.
  4. Ah that's a bummer. I'd hate to lose a nice fish because of a bent up swivel...
  5. Hey all, I purchased an older non rattling bottle lug at the flea market and need to change the belly swivel on it. It's a bit corroded and bent out of shape. It looks almost molded into the body. Any easy way to change it?
  6. Damn well better be, just bought my parking pass.
  7. They're also pretty expensive for a soft plastic.
  8. Not hard at all. I crushed it on a fluke last season, and the season prior in a 10' pescador paddle type. I just find an interesting spot on the FF, mark it, and bucktail the **** out of it. Once the bite dies, just paddle back. I dont do crazy long drifts. I have a few spots marked out that always have fish in them, start and end. Only issues I came into were wind related. Even the nissy was no issue drifting for fluke, or catching blues and snapper. Yeah your hands aren't free, but they are during the drift.
  9. If it's one of those China made NiCd batteries, it's probably dead. NiCd has a memory, where as NiMh doesnt. NiCd also should not be completely drained, as it loses potency. That's why I stick with NiMh. You could do LiPo too, but if you go past their threshold they tend to puff up or blow up.
  10. Might need some cream for that hook rash brotha.
  11. I'm in for the Scabelly
  12. I believe they're shooting for summer 2019
  13. Received the blue needle and darter, thank you!
  14. 4lb trilene xl. Never needed anything else.