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  1. I use the same rod with a VR200. Pack it with 20 or 30lb braid and call it a day.
  2. I used a Wouxon VHF/UHF for years with zero issues. Fabulous piece of equipment for the money.
  3. Darters. Just can't get them to work right. And honestly, I hate Atom poppers specifically. I feel like I can NOT fish them properly.
  4. I just get changed when I get there, easier when you gotta take a leak.
  5. More than likely will be done like the Long Island Deer Cull; at night, by 'professionals' with suppressed rifles, with night vision. Sad thing is im not even joking.
  6. 2 hard-fished years so far on my aquaskinz, zero complaints.
  7. Whoaaaa that's huge... can't wait to see what the bleeding hearts pull.
  8. $2 for yum dingers and $4 zoom flukes. Can't go wrong. This is very interesting. I'd love to see the pouring process.
  9. I used to have probably 15 different SP colors. Now I use 3; Bone, Blurple and Chicken scratch. They definitely catch though. I'm shook.
  10. Hah! I tried to tell myself the same thing. Always ended up just using the one bucktail I had at the bottom of the bag haha.
  11. PM inbound. Roger that, will keep you in the loop.
  12. Don't use it much anymore, don't need it. Used, not abused. No tears rips or holes. $22 shipped. PayPal preferred. Would trade a plug. Not too picky, mag darters, redfins etc. Thanks!
  13. Metal Lips and darters. I've got more than a few but just can't seem to get it right. Needlefish were on that list until a few weeks ago. I figured it out, now I never leave home without one in big surf.
  14. Try the AA's Bad Bubba shads. Super cheap and DEADLY. The white is my go to but I'm gonna try the blue/white/silver
  15. White paddle tail, 5"bone SP minnow. I like to go against the grain and use stuff that's going to stand out and catch attention rather than just toss something that looks exactly like the other thousands of baitfish schooling up.