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  1. Took me a while to find the Arsenal table. Small table in the corner, no sign that was visible, no real display, just a line. All for nothing though, the one plug I wanted was sold out 2-3 at a time before I was even 4 guys behind. It was a great show, but there's gotta be a better way...
  2. I'm actually kind of in the same boat, mainly because my small apartment does not constitute a place to store anything longer than 9 foot and after playing with the 1201m blank, if it would be the same or close in a 2 piece I think I'd be all over it.
  3. Wish I could've gotten my hands on an ET, they were gone by 9am...
  4. I'll take it for $15. Send me your paypal info.
  5. I'm in, PM me with your details.
  6. What size mag darter do yall prefer? I have the biggest and mid sized. I hear now though the bigger ones dont swim as well? To add to the post though, bone, blurple, gold and black, ghost black. All good colors.
  7. That would be great!
  8. Yeah, its a longshot but I missed out on getting one today by two people ahead of me today. Let me know if you have any...
  9. Right? I saw them for the first time at the Fisherman show this past fall, had to have one. Now I want the whole set....
  10. Couple nice grabs, girlfriend was dying for the BF shark, so we got it. BF squid, couple tattoo darters, and a good deal on a new gibbs needle and gold over white darter I haven't been able to track down. These were my first "designer" plugs, so I'm stoked. I think I found a new addiction... Goodie bags were nice, TA clips and Spro clips were a nice touch. What I'm gonna do with a 3 oz hogy shad...who knows haha.
  11. Show was good, less vendors than last year. Parking was cake. Line wasn't too bad at 8:00, however people were there as eary as 5am....surprise. Got pretty bummed about waiting on line for an Arsenal Banana we wanted for the collection, only to be told they were sold out after waiting for a half hour, watching people walk away with 2 or 3-in-hand at a time. The Bigwater line was astronomical. Superstrike ET's were non existant. My girl and I walked out with some really nice BigFischer and Tattoo plugs, caught some good deals on SS darters and Gibbs pencils. Goodie bags were good. Tried not to blow every bit of money I had on a new rod and succeeded although those ODM DNA are realllllly nice. Bill's talk was great as always. Loved the Q&A style. All in all great show, but would've been nice to see more vendors like last year in a bigger setting. Looking forward to the flea market show.
  12. Great! You got it. SPF to DanTinman
  13. Gonna have to pass, I dont really fish Danny's. Thanks though.