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  1. Thank you for the honest answer. I didnt know about the extension. Still it's just weird to see so many (not that its hundreds) develop cracks and leaks, when I never see it on pescadors, tarpons, and other none pedal yaks.
  2. See this is the thing. I want an outback, or PA so bad. But why am I going to pay that kind of money for something that will more than likely start leaking on me?
  3. "F that" is the first thing that would come to my mind.
  4. Powder coat works wonders. And its cheap, lasts longer than spray paint and dries way faster. Ive done over 100 3/4 to 4oz jigs with one small jar of powder coat and an $8 toaster oven from a thrift store. Worthy investment.
  5. Teramar or Saltist NE. Currently own/owned both. Excellent rods.
  6. Yep, fed them half a pack of brand new Keitech tails on sunday, and about 10 gulp minnows. Hate them.
  7. I dunno, maybe consider them cocktails? They've been around for a month or so.
  8. Catching a lot in the back, 10 or so inches. Fun on light tackle.
  9. Shame to see good rods go to waste in a can rather than given to a kid or someone less fortunate for the sake of "doing anything for the website". 707, you truly are an enigma to behold.
  10. 7 foot Daiwa Saltist Back Bay Northeast, 15lb Powerpro V2 on a Stradic FK 4000. Or cheaper end of the rods would be a Tsunami 5 Star. I've got 3, and I cant kill them.
  11. Aren't steelhead rods generally pretty soft?
  12. My back bay and general use fluke rod is a Daiwa Saltist NorthEast 7 ft, extra fast action. Super light and kicks butt on fluke and schoolies.
  13. Both used. Fierce II Rod, up to 3 oz. Nice little clam rod for porgies. Scratched up from use and storage, but no cracks breaks or other damage. $50, or trade for a used Abu 4000 reel or similar. Airwave Elite is 9'6, medium power moderate action. EXCELLENT back bay Rod. Plenty of backbone, great moderate action. Awesome for soft plastics and swimmers. Rated to 3 oz, comfortable around 2 oz. Has a epoxy crack at the reel seat (they all get this). Only reason I'm selling it is because I got a Suzuki to replace it. $120 or would trade for a Jigging World Nexus Casting rod (heavy version, could add cash if necessary). Prices are for meet up only Suffolk county LI. If you want it shipped buyer pays full shipping. PayPal or cash in hand only. Thanks!
  14. This guy is just on a roll.