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  1. Bought in September 2021, used less than 10 times. Loaded with 15lb invizx fluro. Don't have the box unfortunately. Practically brand new. Just not for me, I prefer magnetic brakes. $150 shipped. No trades. Paypal only. Thanks!
  2. I had one, it was okay. My major issue with it was braid kept slipping behind the spool and jamming up the gears inside. Required you to disassemble the whole thing. I fish snotty weather and that sucked.
  3. Excellent. Pm inbound
  4. Bump. Willing to trade the stradic for a 3000 size. Sell price is $140
  5. Nope. Bail will trip when reeled. No sir. $150 is the lowest ill go
  6. Bump Beauller? Beauller?
  7. Sunday bump. $150 shipped for the stradic.
  8. Still interested? Its still available @xahoidenbbb
  9. I actually gotta change that. I moved to NC
  10. Dude It can be yours now lol I'll be shipping the feugo out Friday so if I can save a trip that'd be great.
  11. I've done it, caught bass and fluke on them with 3/8 jig head. Really if it looks like a bait fish, moves like a baitfish, hell even smells like one, it should work.
  12. I'll take some when I get home
  13. Fuego SPF to Aquaholic
  14. Sounds good pm inbound