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  1. Black talons stored away for a rainy day....
  2. Walking to a spot one evening, my girlfriend and I were followed by a group of "anglers" with buckets and clams basically demanding we give them all the "boofish' we catch because we dont keep them. It happens all the time on docks too. Caught a nice 22 inch fluke last summer and got hounded for it by some dude because I said I wasn't keeping it. The fish expired unfortunately (really choked a hook bad) and I ended up just taking it home, while still being hounded for it. I dont understand what goes through people's heads when they see someone who woke up before dawn to pack up a yak, drag it to the water, put in the paddling effort all morning, caught and harvested the fish (I keep porgies and fluke here and there) only to approach you as you're beaching and saying "hey buddy you keeping all those? We didnt catch any, mind sharing?" Scavengers.
  3. If you're willing to drive a little farther, check out The Hampton Lady out of shinnecock. EXCELLENT boat. Not fast, but he puts you on the fish. Lots of quality fish come over the rails on that boat.
  4. Money sent. Thanks.
  5. Admittedly I'd love one, but I dont wanna deal with the weight and honestly paddling keeps me out of trouble. I know if I could just pedal away I'd be way farther out than I'd realize instead of thinking "man I'm pretty far out and dont wanna paddle anymore." Lol
  6. I guess so. Also means if you cant find salmon red gulp you cant jig giant fluke. I dont have one either, and I could afford one. I shouldn't have said it that way. Just gets under my skin when its "skinner does this, skinner does that". "Who cares" is what I shouldve said
  7. Yeah he did. If everyone could afford them, they'd all have them. No reason not to.
  8. I'll take this, PM me your PayPal info please.
  9. I was under the impression all lowrance cables had locking collars, I know mine do. Bending the pins a tiny bit should give you enough friction to hold though.
  10. Issues with the drive train and mounting brackets is one thing, but if they didnt change the hull itll still be like pedaling a aircraft carrier. Not a bad thing though, it's a very stable and capable boat. Liked my pro 120, just wanted something faster.
  11. Will these be available with anything other than EVA grips?
  12. I hear they cruise along pretty well, but if they're anything like the pro 120 (I owned one) it's a tugboat. Not a very efficient hull for speed imho, great stability but....
  13. That's no good...
  14. Usually I like using a no slip loop knot or rapala knot for shads especially because they tend to swim better imho. When I use a TA clip they seem to swim erratically but not in a good way.
  15. I catch and release