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  1. Got it in a trade, too heavy for what I use. 7" long, white with black overspray. Basically brand new, no marks. Nice squid imitation. 4 ounces. Hooks are perfect, I don't believe it was ever fished. $25 shipped to your door, or will trade for a Gibbs pencil popper (around 2 3/8 oz) in white, white blue, or SS Polaris in White/Blue or black Darter.
  2. Those squids looks awesome, exactly like the old Hogy Squidberts. I picked a few of those up this past fall for $1/piece to try out... maybe this squid migration.
  3. To anyone who fishes whip-it fish, what colors do you tend to go for? I'm digging the white/sparkle or the black/white sparkle but haven't fished them yet.
  4. Sufix 832, 20-30lb is all I've ever needed. I've tried regular sufix, power pro, powerpro SS, 832 has been the best.
  5. Bumpppppp.... I'm gonna keep tryin!
  6. I use a 4000 on my two 7' rods, couldn't be happier. Their reels are very light.
  7. I feel if you can see seals within casting distance, pack it in.
  8. Love my Saragosa, best reel purchase I've made in a while.
  9. I have the 1102H, and the 1062MH. They have Fuji K guides that do face forward a bit. Love the rods. The 10'6 is quickly becoming my absolute favorite rod (I've gotta have about 20 rods now) that I've ever owned. I think the 11' would be better if it were MH instead of heavy, but I like the slightly beefier stick for big surf/montauk. I digress, you'll love it!
  10. This was a wealth of info itself. Additionally his animated performance and sound effects had us cracking up.
  11. My girlfriend and I went, we both scored the Super strike goodie bags which were absolutely worth $20 themselves, but the knowledge that was given and shared for that $20 was Supreme. Great show, great people, everyone was so friendly. Great product for sale, I couldn't say anything bad. Any of the goodie bags were worth it, but the seminars were worth way more than $20.
  12. Picked these up at the show tonight for $10/pair. The Danny looks a lot like a Gibbs, but did they ever do a sloped head version? Weighs about 2 oz, 6" long 2 trebles and one dressed siwash. Upon inspection though, the loop is pretty off-center which means it's probably gonna swim like crap unfortunately, Needlefish is heavy, around 3 oz, 7 inches long. Holographic paintjob, holo eyes. Thick laquer. Figured $10 couldn't hurt. Neither were fished.
  13. Picked up my first AH Jr Pikie in Bunker pattern; gorgeous stuff. Lots of really nice stuff at the show.
  14. Bump it up Will take offers, VS 250's etc.
  15. Looking for something cheap, two row that'll fit standard plugs, maybe some Metal lips. Need it as a back up/bag for the girlfriend to use. Nothing crazy, Shimano blue waves etc. that kinda thing. Lemme know if you have anything.