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  1. Bites been fire if you know where to go. Cobia and big blues with weakfish at night. Lost a 40+ pound cobia at the kayak while netting. Broke my treble.
  2. Cobia bite has been great the last few weeks. Lost a 40-50 pounder at the net this past weekend when it broke my treble with a head shake after 30 min of back and forth.
  3. Not a mark on it. Wanted to throw it but couldn't bring myself to. No longer made. Has Owner ST-66 3/0 Trebles on it and wolverine rings. Asking $45, paypal only. Price is shipped. Not looking for trades. Thanks
  4. It's been a solid summer bite the last few weekends down here in NC. Only starting ti heat up!
  5. I got to wear it in last weekend on some good sized sheep and drum. I think it's my new favorite jigging rod. The bend is incredible and it is SO sensitive its hard to miss a bite.
  6. Thanks for the info! Only casting it'll do is with popping corks for redfish down here in NC. It's mostly gonna be for vertical jigging for sheepshead. Good info though! I appreciate it.
  7. I can't seem to find ANY real info on this rod. I love my nexus and wanted to try something else as a loaner/back up/secondary jigging rod. It seems REALLY well made as expected and pretty stiff for a 1-4, very similar to the 2-6 nexus. It's also incredibly light. Anyone on here have some actual time with one?
  8. Used 2 seasons good condition overall. Has scratches from using the foot stem as a hook holder but functions 100%, smooth as the day I bought it. Loaded with 30lb Sufix last summer. Replaced the roller bearing 2 weeks ago. Looking for $175 shipped. No box unfortunately. Paypal only please. Thanks for looking!
  9. No idea. Only used to to tie bucktails.
  10. Yeah I guess I could make that happen.
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