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  1. Thabks for the info! I'd be interested in the Avet for sure. Shoot me a pm.
  2. The abu really catches my eye, but if you dont wanna sling it i understand
  3. I could probably do the MXJ straight up. Does it only have the clamp, or do you have the reel foot too? Strong enough for stripers?
  4. Pics of the Avet and abu left hand retrieves please @redfish12
  5. Something like an abu I guess?
  6. Used, good condition. Loaded with 15lb PPSS. Some scratches from hooks on stem, but functions 100%. Nice and smooth. No box. Would trade straight up for a nice round reel to be used for trolling from a kayak. Will sell for $140 shipped usps. PayPal only. Thanks!
  7. He also cuts a few inches off the rod to impart a faster action
  8. Broke in the new compass this memorial day, marked a lot of big fish but the schoolies were just quicker on the bite. Tube N Worm and SP Minnows.
  9. 200
  10. I dunno, I use clips all the time but I cant hell but feel like they can alter the action at times.
  11. I figured as such, but I was unsure about having a smaller spool on a rod built for a larger one. Sometimes that 275 is just a bit too heavy for a long night.
  12. Dumb question, but this is the first year I've had custom rods. I have an 11' BH built for a VS275. Any issues running a Vs200 on it? I know you cant go up in size, what about down?
  13. Currently running a lowrance hook 4 (not 4x) on both my hobies. I like it, but I feel like its super touchy at times and I end up always going into like infinite loops when changing settings. Looking to maybe upgrade to something a little bigger, maybe with side scan capability and GPS. I'd like to stay under $400 if possible, and wanna be able to still use the hobie transducer cover. Thoughts?
  14. Eels, sluggos and tins
  15. As close to new as possible. Let me know what you have. Can meet up in central suffolk county (social distant of course), cash in hand. Shipping is fine too. Thanks!