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  1. One tiny mark on the blank, its superficial from rubbing another rod by accident. Not a scratch.
  2. Eh id really like to see $350 because its practically brand new. I literally used it maybe 10 times. It has maybe 5 fish on it, i normally use my ODM Evo. Have any pencils you could throw in to make up the $50? I'll take pics when I get to my hotel today. Still on the road.
  3. Used barely one season, not abused at all. Practically new. Too heavy for my shoulder. Would rather have something lighter. Looking for a Genesis 11 footer or similar in trade. Sale price is $350. Will not ship. Located in suffolk county LI. Will be up near CCC for the next 3 days though if you wanna meet up. Let me know. Thanks! Will post pics later today.
  4. Tog.
  5. Figured it out, just had to do a full factory reset.
  6. Having just started using a whopper plopper for freshwater, I'd love to see if the biggest one would work for a striper.
  7. Barely used, just don't use sidescan as much as I expected To. Lowrance Transducer and berleypro cover together for $275 shipped. Bought in November and have used it sparingly. Works as it should. Plug and play for units that support side scan. Thanks!
  8. I mean, I kinda figured that too but was curious if anyone has experienced this before. Id faster take someone's advice here over lowrance CS. THEYRE THE WORST.
  9. Lowrance customer service sucks. Plain and simple. Has anyone seen this issue with their side scan before? Look at the left side compared to the right side. Fresh charged batteries, no debris, no hard concrete surface. Reset it it, unplugged everything and re plugged, proper plugs used. Only happens on the left side. Any ideas?
  10. Did mine online had it in 4 days. No problem. Less gas i gotta use.
  11. Hooked up!
  12. The pencil. Always the pencil. Haha
  13. Hooked up!
  14. Plugs i have vs plugs i use lol