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  1. I’m sorry about that. I started fishing 6 years ago and I’m 54. If there weren’t people who helped me out with spots early on, I would have given up after one year. If the goal is to get people to quit and make sure you’re the only person out there—I guess I understand. It would be a whole lot different if we were making a living doing this and I certainly would get it then. I’m trying to enjoy life while I’ve still got it. Sometimes I go with friends, sometimes I go alone. I’ve met a lot of great people out there. All that being said, I’ll take your advice and be more general.
  2. No sir. My hand tied bucktails look all chewed up right out of the gate lol
  3. I’m taking it that CREATURE HOURS are like 2,3,4 am correct?
  4. South shore * One schoolie. trying back bays