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  1. Winds won't drop till Thursday, I would say anytime after that is a possibility but none of us know what the OSV looks like currently. I am guessing they will open it to 21.8 if they do open it and then wait to reassess opening to the state line.
  2. I have just been shaking my head watching the ocsurfcam, midtown is getting pummeled, can barely see the pilings.
  3. That is the one thing I miss from my old house, my Blaze King Sirrocco insert. One downside to this rancher I bought a couple years ago, can't fit a wood stove in it since everything is so tight already. I do miss wrestling with Black gum... haha... NOT!
  4. Hope you guys have been getting on them this week, looks like today is the last good day with the winds picking up tomorrow. If I have to guess the OSV will shutdown on Friday before 10am.
  5. The MD OSV is getting skinny! Plenty of action on Saturday, Sunday morning was so so before the wind really started howling, then even 14oz wouldn't hold. What surprised me was how few Truck Campers were on the beach this past weekend, pretty much had the bullpen to ourselves, must have been guys setting up camp down at the state line.
  6. I catch reds on my surf rod from walmart and reel from Dicks, it has surprisingly held up well to my abuse and it was cheap as well on black friday specials.
  7. I am guessing at around 5pm they will either close it all or limit to 21.8, this wind is crazy out there and that swell has some size. I am waiting to head down in the AM if it is open.
  8. Yea, will see what we are getting in more detail on Wednesday, won't take much to partial shutdown the OSV and limit us, guessing 21.8 is going to be the new norm for partial shutdowns. Can't get out of work this week so hoping OSV is at least partially open this weekend. Forecast is saying 4-6ft swells for Friday and dropping to 3-4ft Saturday so it will be close. How is the OSV entrance on the MD side?
  9. I have thought about this idea for years if we lost the OSV, looking like I might have to find some pontoons here soon for the truck camper.
  10. The NPS is loving all that additional revenue coming from all those OSV permits sold these past few years. Maybe that will sway them to move the winter boundary markers to keep the OSV open? That backroad is history... literally.
  11. Time to break out the Sherp!
  12. I have a feeling it will be closed for a while, will see if it opens back up for the weekend or not.
  13. Well I guess I have a weekend project for me and the kids, if that hole is not filled by this weekend we will do it. That is one of my go to places to park. OSV is getting hammered by rain right now so hopefully that helps. I was surprised that it didn't max out yesterday, the highest I saw was in the 130's.
  14. Got this email last year: Dear Cooperative Shark Tagging Program (CSTP) Volunteer, Please review the enclosed letter from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection regarding targeting and/or tagging prohibited species in NJ state waters. If you do not fish in NJ, please take this time to look up the shark fishing and tagging regulations in your fishing area. As a CSTP Volunteer, you are required to follow all local, state, and federal regulations where you fish. The CSTP values its volunteer contributions, but it is never acceptable to obtain this data illegally or at the expense of the fish's health. Citations reported to the CSTP will result in loss of tagging privileges. Please help support the CSTP by continuing to be a responsible tagger. Always remember to practice safe handling and release techniques for the benefit of both you and the fish! CSTP guidelines can be found here: https://www.fisheries.noaa.gov/new-england-mid-atlantic/atlantic-highly-migratory-species/tagging-instructions-and-resources-volunteers Enjoy the season and tag responsibly. Proper fish identification is important, so if you don't know, let it go! NJ_CSTP_Letter.pdf
  15. If its a Ford you can use forscan on your laptop with an obd connector to turn on/off a whole slew of stuff. I don't have a slew of stuff on my 02 f350 and I like it that way
  16. And I had the opposite experience last fall, I caught a bull red on bait that was over 200 yards out, chomped on a whole bunker.
  17. OSV is back open again to state line.
  18. Looks like somones drum rig, using the same sinker slides as me.
  19. Getting pretty rough is an understatement. It was the worst I have ever seen it. I for one was glad to see the water going up to the markers. Picture from FB:
  20. You need a rack with double mounts so it can survive those ruts by the entrance.
  21. MD OSV was a skunk this past weekend. Beautiful weather, horrible fishing. The meteor showers at night helped make up for the horrible fishing, before the full moon came out of the clouds.
  22. To bad you missed this one: But to answer your question give Gene a call and find out, pricing is dependent on what you want: