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  1. Thank the Conowingo dam.
  2. How much damage did you see? Are some of the "skinny" sections even worse?
  3. Stingrays has some awesome food, I don't get down that way as much anymore, used to go down to Cape Charles for work. Long boring drive down rt 13, 55mph, 45mph, 35mph, etc.. put anyone to sleep with everything looking the same every town.
  4. Not like you would be able to hold bottom anyway even if the OSV was open. Starting the season off with a bang.
  5. AI OSV Saturday- I couldn't hold bottom, current was ripping my baits in to shore. Sunday - Caught (2) 48" Spinner Sharks and a couple flounder, my bunker was getting robbed left and right Monday- Sick of the heat, went home to the AC
  6. It would have to be a weekend for me due to work schedule, if you do end up going out on a weekend let me know. Looking at doing a charter to jacks spot or somewhere close as I have found out a couple of my friends get sea sick so a 12hr is out, still want to get them out there to experience it even if it is for sea bass and mahi. Still nothing like fishing that gulf stream line and seeing a huge hammerhead just chilling out on top.
  7. My merc 90 was a bear when it was cold, had to idle it high and wait for it to warm up before going to idle. Had to do the same thing if I let it sit to long while on anchor fishing. Make sure your pressure bulb is rock hard, mine loved to eat gas and wanted that thing rock hard.
  8. Yep, I have been landing about 15% of the fish I get hits on with the frogs. I am slow and just did find out about bending the hooks to help the hook set %.
  9. Susquehanna is going to be browner than usual: https://www.timesleader.com/news/715386/ny-plant-released-35m-gallons-of-untreated-waste-into-susquehanna
  10. Interesting pop up camper, can't say I have seen one that big before.
  11. I found some frogs on Amazon that are doing well for me and don't break the bank, lookup AresKo. I did have to modify the hook up some.
  12. 1st post on this side of the site (usually surf fishing). Getting back into freshwater fishing. Had 7-8 bites from LMB but was only able to land 1 on the frog this weekend. Made some modifications to the frog in hopes of a better hook set rate next time.
  13. Have you tried Barren Creek?
  14. Foolish Pleasures is the fellow with one arm right?
  15. Done the Judith M in the past and got skunked. Looking at getting a group together and doing an actual charter next month, anyone got recommendations for boats in OC/West OC? Looking to do some tuna fishing if they are still around.