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  1. You need a rack with double mounts so it can survive those ruts by the entrance.
  2. MD OSV was a skunk this past weekend. Beautiful weather, horrible fishing. The meteor showers at night helped make up for the horrible fishing, before the full moon came out of the clouds.
  3. To bad you missed this one: But to answer your question give Gene a call and find out, pricing is dependent on what you want:
  4. As much as they want for used ones these days you might as well have Gene make you a new one.
  5. luggable loo when I don't have the truck camper.
  6. Bombs apparently
  7. Nice weekend down to the MD OSV, Saturday morning kept everyone busy with Kingfish/Spot as soon as your line hit the water you had 2 on with kingfish rigs and fishbites. By the afternoon you couldn't buy a bite and that continued on to Sunday. The water was super clear on Sunday, wish I had brought my goggles and snorkel, I never pack them as it isn't worth it.
  8. Yea, I was thinking you were talking about the MD side access ramp.
  9. Do share, are more than usual getting stuck on the ramp?
  10. Anyone have recent pics of the OSV beach down by the closure? Has the high tides been as bad as it was?
  11. @ProSkateFisherman Where are you coming from that the crime rate is so low that OC bothers you?
  12. Is justice still doing racks?
  13. That hasn't been displayed in the back for years now.
  14. Read the past fishing reports to get an idea on best times.
  15. Good ol pyramid sinkers for me, I just go up in weight till they hold. Those sputnik wires break on me pulling them back in.