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  1. Now that is social distancing.
  2. Stupid weekends, Saturday is a washout but Sunday looks to be the day with highs in the mid sixty's. Tags are good so I might have to breakout the full suit and board to get wet after starting a fire, I need some salt water to flush the ol sinuses out. Depending on what Bucks has I might even paddle a bait out.
  3. Last summer my tag expired while I was out on the beach for a holiday weekend, ranger just told me to renew it when I came in. Can't see them wanting to much human interaction right now like writing a ticket. They are allowing overnight in the bullpen so that is cool, to bad the weather isn't nicer or I would go down.
  4. Another thought to add to that, the schools look for projects to teach kids on from time to time. You could check with Parkside cte if here in Sby to see if the kids can make one. Bill Justice makes a heck of a rack as well as previously mentioned. I am biased towards my Reynolds racks however. I like mine plain jane.
  5. Fished Sunday morning/early afternoon and other than wind burn I didn't catch a thing. Plenty of guys out, was surprised how many were battling the winds, I guess I should have fished Saturday night instead.
  6. Anyone going down to the OSV to do some fishing tonight?
  7. I am seeing a major high tide this morning and on Saturday at around 2pm, hopefully it doesn't create overwash conditions again.
  8. Bring your surfboard!
  9. That is on my to do list, is to drive the hook. Always wanted to surf down there on a given hurricane swell. Is the hook accessible in October? I realize noreasters or hurricane's can change that.
  10. I was glad to see that NE hook to Dorian, the OSV lives on for another day.
  11. Just curious, what was the heaviest weight you had?
  12. The one I cut up was from a very big one, the next one I try will be smaller as I think the big ones are tougher.
  13. Drones in National Parks As of August 20, 2014 unmanned aircraft (also known as "drones") are not permitted to be launched, landed or operated within areas or lands managed by the National Park Service. This includes Assateague Island National Seashore.
  14. After skinning you have this: After trimming you have this:
  15. The meat is OK, I deep fried it but somehow the meat had sand in it or something crunchy, wasn't my cup of tea.