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  1. Never can be to cautious when dealing with toothy critters. If you must leave the hook in cut as close as you can to the hook, it will rust out eventually or so I have been told. With the barb off you should have no issues getting it out if mouth hooked preferably with a long tool if you are not comfortable having fingers close to teeth that could rip them off in a fraction of a second.
  2. http://www.southeastsharkfishing.com/releasing-sharks/ If you get rid of the barb you need to pay more attention and keep constant pressure on the hook more so than usual. It does help greatly to get rid of the barb when releasing you just back the hook out, don't have to put as much pressure on it to pop the barb out. For those that don't like to get as close and personal Dan makes a heavy duty Stainless dehooker, I have not tried it yet but it looks beefy: https://www.bunkerupfishin.com/product/heavy-duty-locking-de-hooker-hook-remover/
  3. I have tried all the fancy dehookers and still grab these out of my bucket, works great on circle hooks.
  4. My biggest sandtiger to date that I have landed, had others snap my 80# braid that I know they had to be bigger: Half the battle is getting them back in the water alive after the picture, not lost one yet.
  5. Congrats on the TV coverage as well. Watched it sittin in the bullpen Saturday night.
  6. Check out https://www.bunkerupfishin.com/ Baitcasters are legal South of KM23. I was just down there this past weekend fishing during the day with the family and caught rays and a short dusky, I usually catch more sharks than that to tag but I was using up my old bait molds. I get plenty of mean looks from the old salts driving by but you get used to it.
  7. Thanks for the update, heading down that way shortly.
  8. Spinner sharks are really aggressive, they are in the area, I caught a 48" and 50" last month. If it was bigger those guys are awesome fighters.
  9. I am hoping this storm moving through tonight will be quick enough that it will not cause overwash conditions, or if it does it is only for high tide tonight at around 10pm and they keep it open for the weekend. I am seeing NW at 10-13mph with some WSW mixed in on Saturday and Sunday.
  10. I will be down on the OSV Saturday and Sunday, wondering if I should stock up on heavy weights? It looks to me like the surf will drop on Friday but wanted to make sure. Thanks.
  11. Learned something new, have not seen one before and was going off the extended tail.
  12. Bigeye Thresher shark I do believe.
  13. I handle rays with a pvc pipe...OVER the tail and barb while I unhook my circle hooks and release them. Same with sharks, wet towel over the eyes for the larger ones to keep them calm.. smaller ones are going to flip out no matter what, especially spinners.. but I do my best to release them unharmed after tagging the bigger ones. Some people are just going to be douches wherever they are.
  14. Thank the Conowingo dam.
  15. How much damage did you see? Are some of the "skinny" sections even worse?