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  1. Yes they are skis, sorry I should of explained better.
  2. Looking to Sell a pair of brand new 2019 Line Chronics 178cm. These are brand new in the plastic! Looking to get $350.00 for them or willing to take a trade for them. Things I'm in the market for are Boga grip 60 Higher end Misc 10 or 11 surf rods. Thanks
  3. Go for it! I agree with you in that 90% of the time I’m throwing 3/4-3oz lures on the CT shoreline. Anything smaller is for snapper fishing. Nothing wrong with fishing a 9 ft rod here, after my 9’ ODM broke I fished a 10’6 the whole year and did great and I’m hesitant to even replace my 9’ with something new. If I could find the newer skinner rod used I would jump at it 9’ 1 piece rods are hard to find.
  4. We all got the itch to fish
  5. These look very promising. Hopefully I’ll be able to get through the crowds at your booth next weekend to take a look at them. If you have a reasonably price replacement cost for the top half in the event it breaks from impact that would make me comfortable buying a thinner rod.
  6. are you going to change the rating to 2-8 then?
  7. Nice little catch before work.
  8. If anything is left I’ll take two.
  9. There are large schools of bass around. Seen major action this last week but in only one spot. Not sure where they go after but for an hour everyday its been amazing. Caught 21 today and a total of 52 in the last 4 outings this week. Could of got more but I started using bigger plugs to eliminate the smaller bass. Most caught were in the low to mid 20" but a few bigger. Now if I could figure out where they spend the other 23 hours a day.
  10. western sound has been dead for me too since the last full moon. People on boats telling a different story but I fish from shore. Haven't tried chunking but that might change tonight.
  11. fished this past Sunday/Monday and the crowds were not too bad. Obviously any time there was visible action on the surface people would stop and it would get busy but that's to be expected. Night time was very quite and If you get away from the parking lots there was room to fish. Thing that bothered me the most was three times I was asked by people why I released the fish when it was obviously legal size. First person I explained catch and release and the other's I just ignored the question.
  12. Anybody know what are the rules for the lower lot at the lighthouse in Montauk are for using a grill.
  13. Bring a bike with ya. Use the bike path to your advantage and get away from the ends of the canal.
  14. Fyi there is a coupon for Orvis right now $50 off $200
  15. Sold cars for a long time so here goes. It really depends on the programs that given month. Some cars lease well and some don't and it all depends on what programs are available each month. This is why a 30k car almost always costs less to lease than a 30k suv/truck. As far as money down that is misleading. In a lease it just takes less money down to get to a comfortable monthly payment. Truthfully the only thing you should put down are the first months payment and fees, anything else you put down is just buying the payment down. Any car can be leased at zero down you are just rolling the fees into the monthly payment, you are not getting a better deal you just have good enough credit to get it approved. Leasing is just another way to finance a car but often harder to get approved for people with bad credit. leasing works well for those of us that want to drive cars we normally couldn't afford. there are more hidden nonsense in a lease like disposition fees, and wear and tear costs that come into play. remember that most leases end right where things like tires and brakes need to be replaced and this is a out of pocket expense that is only included in very few leases. If you turn a car in with wore out tires or dents they will bill you for the damage. I could talk forever about this but in the end it's hard to deny that driving a new car every few years is appealing but If you are buying a reliable car and don't mind holding on to it for 8-12 years than buy a used one and drive it till the wheels fall off. My current car has 110k, drives great, I don't worry about how many miles I'm driving and I haven't had a car payment in 2.5 years. glad to not be selling cars anymore.