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  1. Really nice build. Can I ask you how you like this rod and how it handles casting the weight range. Looking at building one up myself to fish the canal with.
  2. Looking for a Lamiglas 1201L blank. Anyone got one they would sell me? Blank only please not interested in assembled rods. Thanks
  3. Biggest difference imo is servicing these reels. I have both these reels and the Z gets serviced by Z. VS goes into an authorized service store. I prefer having it serviced by the ones who built the reel. Vs does feel tighter but Z reels smoother. If you plan on your reel getting wet than these are great reels. They are as durable as reels come but keep in mind that servicing them can be expensive and doing it yourself is tricky.
  4. Please help me compare the Blackhole Striped Bass Special 11' 2-8 and the TFO 11' 3-8. Looking for a new rod to throw heavier plugs/jigs (3-6oz) at the canal and bait locally. Do they have a similar action and feel? I know they are both fast action rods but is one more moderate than the other? Also casting distance between the two, and sensitivity of the rod. Has anyone actually used these rods and can give an honest option of these two? Thank you for any input.
  5. If you are local to the canal you should go to one of the local shops and they should be able to help. If you are new to the sport they can guide you with everything else you will need like line, leaders, lures, foot wear, ect. Whatever setup you go with take it somewhere else other than the canal to learn how to cast further and work some of the plugs. The canal is a tough place to fish with its steep walls, strong current and large crowds and is not a great place to learn how to fish. Have fun
  6. Nice looking rods. Any interest in some ski’s? I have brand new skis listed for sale or trade.
  7. I’m in CT. Looking for rods in the 9-11 foot range. ODM, century, lamiglass, ect.
  8. 2020 Blizzard Bonafide 180cm brand new in plastic. Looking to sell or trade them. sale price $550 or trade for a high end surf rod.
  9. Seen on instagram this summer photo of 7" xtra heavy duty premio pliers. Seemed to have a shorter jaw like a VS.
  10. 1269? Never heard of this model. I assume it’s a Slingshot 10’6. Mostly into moderate rods s1’s, genesis, nex1, GSB’s.
  11. I have an 8 plus 256GB on AT&T that I can pay off and upgrade if the deal was attractive. What surf rods do you have to trade?
  12. Ready for some night action.
  13. Yes they are skis, sorry I should of explained better.