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  1. Any luck? Thinking of doing the same thing for the fall.
  2. Never saw that before. How well does it work?
  3. As far as I know you still can.
  4. Public access is easy. He is next to the town beach. Also about a mile west is the breachway which also has public access. I’m guessing your thinking about the Quonnie area. As I mentioned earlier we had a house nearby. We also had one right on the beach 25 years ago about 150 yards to the west. Very close to public beach. Having people walk in front of the house was never an issue. It was assumed. You live on a beach near a public beach people are going to walk by. As long as they behave what’s the big issue. That beach is mostly families so it’s hardly a party beach. Plus season doesn’t really kick in until kids get out of school. Not that people can’t do stupid things but it is about the last place I’d expect someone to have a security guard. Honestly, I’m shocked this happened here. And why would you bother a guy collecting seaweed? Seems stupid. But it also raises the question of how the seaweed guy knew to select that location. Assuming he did want to draw attention to this issue. I’m guessing the guard has been harassing people for a while. I’ll be in the area once or twice this summer and will make it a point to walk by the house numerous times and fish there. I’ll be respectful and behave but wow this really pisses me off.
  5. Years ago my parents had a house a few houses over from where he was arrested, other side of the road. Who the heck hires a security guard in that area?
  6. We had same experience. Two of us limiting out quickly and only keeping big fish. Had one monster over 5 lbs. that was biggest by far. We did catch some small blues. They were harassing the bunker. They were about the same size as the bait. We had to move around a little to find the good schools. Place that was great last weekend was just okay today.
  7. We did a little tog fishing on Saturday but my friend really wanted to focus on other stuff so it was a token effort at best. When we did fish for them the crabs tended to get eaten or harassed by the porgies and seabass. Any suggestions to avoid this or do you just have to fight your way through them. I was thinking of trying shallower water or stick to bigger crabs.
  8. Similar day with us as well. Perfect conditions, finally. Tried a little togging and got one small one. Mostly sea bass and porgies eating the crabs though. Also caught a large fluke and a shark.
  9. I was using Spyro jigs and bullet heads. With albie snax or gulp attached. White jigs mostly, but switched to pink/white and that seemed to have an edge over the white this weekend. I'd agree with the 2oz. At lease where I do most of my spring fishing. Between wind and current, I find the 2oz a good size to get to bottom quickly but not too heavy.
  10. I went this morning and got my limit but had to put my time in. Definitely had to work harder than I thought I would. Choppy conditions but fishable. I’m looking forward to my first calm day on the water. Caught a nice fluke as a bonus and a few large sea robins. Also saw an unmolested school of bunker.
  11. Hi Dan, I'd like to order the following: Two 1 oz white swimhead Four each of the following unpainted, long shank bullet heads: 1/2, 1,1.5, 2, 3, and 4 oz. Plus four 1 oz painted, 2 black and 2 white bullet heads. Plus four 1/2 oz painted white bullet heads. Thank you.
  12. I’d agree. They are very kayak friendly as you don’t have to paddle too far and anchoring is not needed.
  13. I spoke with a guy at the ramp. He was coming in and I was going out. He looked at my boat and said your not going to CL are you? I try to avoid the crowds anyway but I figured CL would be too rough. Thankfully he confirmed it.
  14. Son and I went out late morning today and caught some fish but it was tough going. As expected lots of wind, which resulted in us launching and fishing in a different spot to keep us out of the wind a bit. No large BSB or porgies. Got a small striper which was a bonus. Also did a little tog fishing and got one. Water temp was 53 degrees. We fished for about three hours so not a long day, but tide had bottomed out and he was ready to go. Talking to some others at the ramp, seemed like we are off to a bit of a slow start.