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  1. Stability definitely an issue on choppy seas, but there is enough space to move around on big fish or Albies. It also makes the boat a bit smaller as less room to fish if not fishing the platform. But does make for a nice sitting space. I was balancing family vs fishing. We also use it for wake boarding so the stable front seating is a big help. NPV said it correctly, each his own. Figure out what you will use it for, what you like, etc. and then find the boat. There is a lot of variation between CC's so you have to pick what you need/like. or buy two boats :). NPV, how do you keep the coolers from sliding around?
  2. I have a 17 CC Triumph and it has deck in front which allows you to sit and fish on top (storage below), that I really like. When with family it put down the cushion. When fishing I leave it at home and it provides a nice stable casting platform.
  3. That is a very good day. This has been an off year for me. Pods haven’t been staying up much. I had one good day where we boat 5-6 and could have gotten a few more if we didn’t switch to fly. But most days have been really tough. I have a small boat so when wind picks up my mobility is limited and that has been an issue for me. One spot that always produced has been completely dead. Not enough of a sample size but still disappointing. I’m going to miss this upcoming weekend too which sucks. I have the feeling we still haven’t hit top of the season yet but clock is ticking.
  4. Fished this afternoon. Had stuff to do this morning. First shift Was 230-500. Grabbed dinner and then fished until 7. Very quite. Saw three quick pops and that was it. No birds or bait running scared. Tide was dead low the first shift which I think is a factor. It was windy and I was fishing with two non fishermen so we were not fishing hard.
  5. Where I was they were feeding on peanuts, bay anchovies, and silver sides. This is Thursday-Saturday. Thursday seemed to be mostly peanuts. Friday and Saturday it was bay anchoveys and silver sides. Most were caught on Albie snax. A few on pink epoxy minnow. Not a hoby but similar.
  6. Went out again today and much more activity. Between the three of us we landed 6-7 and dropped a few more. Couldn’t get any on the fly though.
  7. Been out last two days and it has been tough sledding. Seen some pods but they seem to be well spread out and not surfacing much. And not many pods. We’ve gotten two and had other shots but overall disappointing two days. We have seen them pushing peanuts.
  8. Definitely a good thought for some spots. Maybe a Fish uber with rod holders is in the future.
  9. I was out early Sunday morning fishing eastern Ct shoreline for about two hours before sunrise, via boat. Got one 26” bass and lost half a sluggo to a blue.
  10. Was out today from before first light until around 2:00 PM. Saw very few albies. Spoke with a couple of other boats and only one hooked up. Put a lot of miles on the boat today checking out old and new spots. There were a some blues and stripers around so plenty to keep busy. Did a little fly fishing for stripers which is always fun. Also took a break and got some sea bass. Weather got better as day went on and made it a bit easier to see a few pods. So it was a good day on the water, but as far as an albie day it was basically a bust.
  11. Thanks for update. I was a bit nervous that they hadn't quite made it down in this area yet. I'll be down there tomorrow and Monday and then Thurs-Sunday and was thinking things were lining up but you never know.
  12. I was still catching a few in the first week of November last year. The bad news is that it shortens the Tog season. Tough to bottom fish with albies popping up.
  13. Definitely buy an 7, 8, 9 and 10. Can never have enough fly rods. I think I have 4 or 5 plus plenty of spin rods. My rods and gear may be worth more than my boat.
  14. I was west of WH on Sunday and only saw one small pod of albies. Some stripers and blues though. Come Sunday I’ll be on the water most of the week. This week coming up is normally a good week. We shall see.