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  1. Good thread. Just started using jigs with limited success. Thanks for the tips, will try on my next trip.
  2. Little late to thread but been fishing for tog 3x in November and had good success. No big fish, but lots of action and keepers. Mostly 25-35' of water.
  3. Anyone still fishing for Tog? I'm planning on going out in BB this weekend if the weather holds. Tough fall for wind. I've heard that some of the bait shops have stopped selling crabs. Is BB dead or is it just not worth their time to sell crabs this late in the season.
  4. Okay, so what bridge is this?
  5. I’ve caught then at all different depths last two weeks. From 10-60 feet. Haven’t tried many shallow locations though. My best spot has been at about 35’. But on Monday I was having good luck at 25 feet. It seemed to be more spot specific then depth specific.
  6. How late in the season do you normally Tog fishing? Hoping to get out there 1 or 2 more times this season but with weather, traveling for holiday, and other travel not sure I'll be able to get out again for another 3+ weeks.
  7. Forgot to add, still schools of feeding fish around. Schoolies on Thursday. Didn't fish the schools today but I'm assuming they were more schoolies.
  8. I was out by myself on Thursday and Monday. Both days decent results. Fair amount of shorts but keepers both days. I'd say ratio was 5-1. Probably 7-9 keepers on Thursday and 4 keepers today. I moved around and put my time in (6-7 hours each day), so it wasn't easy pickings. I'm relatively new to boat togging so still checking out new places, not every spot is producing. Also struggled anchoring. Finally got my new anchor this evening. Lost my grappler anchor two weeks ago and have been using my kayak grapnel anchor and it has been a lot of headaches & wasted time. No large tog either day. Nothing over 19".
  9. Problem with squid is everything else will eat it too. If you have porgy's around they will go nuts on the squid and drive you crazy.
  10. That’s huge. I’m guessing you weren’t using light tackle. How about some background? Tackle, bait, shore or boat? I can’t imagine everyone’s surprise when they saw that thing.
  11. I normally fish 50' or less and have a 75' line attached to the anchor. Usually works fine as I have very light boat relative to line and anchor. However, there are times I fish deeper or may want to let out more line. Assuming I'd want '125 line, would you buy a separate longer line or have a second line to attach to the '75. I'd rather not have to buy a '125 line along with my existing '75 so I'm think having a second 50' line would be more cost effective at this point and just easier to work with. Also, looking for suggestions on how you'd attach the two. I have a 17 foot center console I use on the ocean, but won't be anchoring in rough weather.
  12. Got boat two years ago and just starting to get into togging. Due to albies, weather, and life this was my first tog trip of the fall. Unfortunately, I spent the first half of the morning banging my head against my boat. Drive out to first rock I wanted to fish via phone Navatronics app. and quickly realize my fishfinder doesn't work. Electrical issue. Tried to fix it but no luck. Now that I think if it, fish finder was acting up last trip but that was three weeks ago so of course I forgot all about it. Spent the next 20 minutes trying to anchor over this rock and just could not do it. Finally got decent anchoring but nothing going on. Not sure what was going on but phone dying quickly. No problem, I have cord to charge it. Sh@t thats not working either. Now I'm looking at two hour drive and having a totally busted trip. Decide to hit a spot I really wanted to check out before I lost my phone charge and thus my only means of navigation. Anchor up, quickly get a 17" inch tog. Awesome, I knew this spot had potential. All of a sudden my boat starts to spin a bit and there is a rope floating next to my fishing line. Hmm, that looks familiar. It was the top half of my anchor line. The bottom half was attached to my only anchor. No anchor or fishfinder put a crimp in the tog fishing, but ending up catching a few keepers and shorts after the screw ups. Salvaging the trip after all this crap made it a great trip. On way home hit very large school along shore and had fun with those for 15-20 minutes but sun was getting low and it was time to go. Overall a great day on the water, especially for November.
  13. Huge schools, it was very impressive. They were along some of the shores as well. I got into some good sized schoolies, no real dinks. Didn't spend much time chasing them, but anytime you see acres of birds its tough not to make a cast or two.
  14. $10 per pound, whole fish. No way I could pull the trigger on that.
  15. Haven't fished for tog on shore for ages, but generally found incoming tide the best. And mid tide to high.