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  1. What, no tog recipes?
  2. Do you just toss the fried calamari in the hot sauce at the end? And where do you find the spring rolls?
  3. Nice job. Looks like calm conditions at least. Any porgys or you just target the seabass?
  4. How were the ramps this AM?
  5. I use Spyro bucktails with gulp or sluggo type artificial. So your rig is probably fine. Just fish rock piles.
  6. Was planning on going Friday but not looking good. Boat still at marina and they haven’t had chance to look at it after dropping off on Monday. I know they are busy but reason I had to drop it off was they missed a problem. I have them store and then service in the spring before I pick it up. Picked it a few weeks ago and launched last weekend to start the season and as soon I started backing away from ramp realized I couldn’t steer. Luckily I was able to get back to ramp easily. But how didn’t they catch this when prepping boat? Rubber had worn off cable and it got rusted and was frayed. Clearly not something that just happened. Stuff gets missed so it is what it is, but I kinda assumed they'd make me more of a priority.
  7. Cape is busy. Memorial Day weekend. First weekend of sea bass fishing. Ramps are going to be crowded.
  8. Woolly buggers a great basic pattern. It is my go to pattern. I’d keep the fly’s simple. Buy a couple of basic patterns and don’t get caught up buying a million flys. Have a few basic nymph and dry fly patterns. And streamers. Learn to nymph fish. I’m not very good at as I don’t trout fish much but it is clearly the most productive method.
  9. Last I heard it was still closed to out of state fisherman.
  10. Water temps still a little cold but I hope to get out on Friday and give it a shot. Any scup?
  11. Not having a porta potty does suck for those of us trailering or driving far. I'm taking my son and daughter fishing this weekend and the drive is an hour plus from the house. Now with limited or no "rest" stops. The porta potty is really nice to have. I have a bucket with toilet seat set up with the gel and bag, but doesn't mean I want to use it. Especially on a 17 foot boat with my son and daughter. I'm sure she doesn't want to use it either. I don't know about you guys, but whenever I trailer a distance, it is like clock work I need to use the porta potty and toilet paper.
  12. I have house in that area and checked it out a few weeks ago and it looks good. The old ramp sucked, especially if launching solo. I do wonder about the crowds, though most summer weekends it is already packed. This make the ramp more accessible and safer, so I was happy for the change. If things get a bit crazy with parking, hopefully they will start handing out tickets. I understand the concerns, but we should never complain when they upgrade a ramp. As a boater, it just makes things a lot easier and more enjoyable.
  13. Ha, that was the first think I thought of when I saw the photos. That and nice boat. I'll be dropping my boat off later today so he can make mine look like that.
  14. Amazing, temps are at or lower than two weeks ago. But should warm up a bit this week.
  15. I just registered and got new title on a boat I purchased. Overnighted it to Worcester office and got it back in about a week. Very quick turn around.