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  1. Water been warming nicely last 2-3 days.
  2. If trailering any distance dont go cheap on tires. Having a tire issue when trailing sucks.
  3. Me too. I’ve had good success with it. The 4th down has never worked for me for whatever reason. I don’t get to fish the worm hatch often so take it for what it’s worth.
  4. Have a trip planned with two friends next weekend. These guys are newbies so I don't want to take them out if chances don't look good. Water temps still have a ways to go and its looking iffy. Days starting to warm up this weekend but nights still cold.
  5. Checked water temps today on App. Ocean front around 45. Upper bays high 40's. Looking out my window in MA and it's snowing. That can't help.
  6. Regarding the virtual classes offered, sent the link to couple of fly fisher friends who I thought might be interested. The response I got was "$90? Too steep for me". These guys do well, so it's a question of value to them. I checked and the prices are $90 per class. This did seem high for a virtual event. I can't remember what they charged for the live stuff two years ago but I don't remember ever spending close to $90 on anything and I attended several of the seminars/shows. I'd love to "attend" and support the show as I'm sure it's been a tough two years for the show and the presenters, but at $90 per class.... Anyway, it got me to wondering if I'm off base. So wanted to get your thoughts.
  7. Long story, but I received an older non-registered trailer and plan to register it this spring. It is for 19 foot boat. Are you saying they won't allow me to register it cuz last owner didn't.
  8. Haven’t done that yet but sooner or later it will happen. I lost a few tools over the side this year. Nothing significant fortunately.
  9. I’ve kept them on and off for many years. It’s a bit of a struggle and they are not loaded with data but I do find them helpful to look back on. Especially for when certain fish start to come back in spring or fall. Can plan trips and time off. Also fun to look back on the trips with the kids or friends. Does anyone use an app or software to log there stuff? I’m pen and paper. That is more my style but there would be advantages with good software or app.
  10. I went fishing after Thanksgiving with my son and it was productive. Fished for Tog. I think we are probably done though.
  11. If you check CT forum big discussion about it. I saw lots of schools this fall and nothing on them. Except one school that seemed to be getting harassed by some smaller fish
  12. That’s the way I read it. But probably should be clarified.
  13. Your jerkey will be much better than store bought. But is a lot of work. Once you get the hang of it make big batches. Making 2 lbs is not much more work than 1 pound
  14. I have electric smoker but often use my Weber. With Weber I add my jerky then put another grill above for twice the amount of Jerkey. Ideally I’d have several layers of jerkey. I like natural flame due to taste and no clean up. Is a bit more work.