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  1. Hoping the end of this heat wave starts things up.
  2. That true, LED lights don't work well for squid?
  3. I was in a boat but they ran close to shore.
  4. Ton off south shore of RI last week.
  5. Saw those in the ponds about a week ago. Didn't spend a lot of time out front, but just saw Chub Mackerel.
  6. What type of River are you fishing? I fish the St. Lawrence during summer vacation which is very clear and a big river. Not that I can be much help, still haven't figured it all out. I could probably tell you the bottom five.
  7. That looks great. Better than mine. And thanks for the nudge to start tying.
  8. Bugs me too.
  9. I found Alaska gear good as well. I’m guessing they have better gear than many party boats where I live (NE) because a lot of fisherman aren’t going to take a bunch of gear on the plane to Alaska.
  10. Do you do any Salmon or freshwater fishing while there?
  11. Nice. I just got back from Kenai Pen. about a week ago. Did more fresh water fishing for trout and salmon, but did spend 1 day halibut fishing. We did not have the level of activity you did.
  12. I fish the south shore of RI a lot in my 17 foot center console, but never took it to Block Island due to the risks. I'm starting to look for a bigger boat for various reasons and am thinking of a boat around 21 feet. I like fishing along the beaches from Pt. Judith to Watch Hill and shallow water, but would like a bigger boat so I can add more people and cover more ground. While not a primary goal, Block island is a place I would like to take the boat when the weather is good. Either to fish for stripers or bottom fish, or a day trip with family. I would think 21 foot CC or DC would be fine, but wanted to get some input. Thanks.
  13. Definitely get these. I also use them on short tow when light not working and I’m lazy. Or pressed for time.
  14. You can buy them a lot cheaper. We purchased a pre-made coop for about $500-$700 and it worked very well. Quality was decent. We purchased in 4-5 years ago and still works. It looks good, very functional, but thin wood and have had to do some minor repairs over the years. No big deal. I suggest starting with a cheaper coop to see what you like, don't like, and if your going to do this for a very long time. You can always upgrade later. We built a fenced in area around the coop for a few hundred dollars. I'd guess pen is 25' x 15'. All metal fence posts we just drove in, except the entrance. I used wood to make a large door and frame so we can enter and covered with chicken coop wire. Make sure the fence is high enough to allow you to walk in and the birds to roost on top of the coop. We ran the chicken wire in two layers around all the posts to get the fenced in yard. One layer from ground up to middle of the fence. The next layer, with some overlap, from the middle to the top. Support top with wire. Put string or wire along top to keep out hawks. Don't use just any string as it will rot in less than a year. Half day job. Make sure you sink some wire fence well below ground level to keep diggers out. Plus, chickens will dig all the dirt out near the fence which essentially exposes the bottom unless it is deeply buried. We buried the wire about 4-5" which wasn't enough after the chickens decided to look for bugs along the fence and exposed it. Foxes eventually figured it out and we went from four to zero chickens in one night.
  15. I was out again today and definitely more boats than on Thursday, which is not a surprise. There were less boats than I expected though. I was east of the ledge and probably saw 10 boats out for BSB plus some kayaks. Little slow today for me. Got my limit in about 90 minutes but no giants and not very steady. I only kept two the first 2-3 hours hoping to get some BSB over 20”. Kept one more later in AM. all three around about “18 each.