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  1. How did you do?
  2. Anyone go out over last few days? I fished BB on Sunday for tog but very little luck. Two small fish and only one spot that wasn't dead. Should have kept fishing eastern LIS but wanted to check it out. Water temp was a chilly 46 degrees on top. Should have gone a few weeks earlier. Was planning on going out this Sunday but recent wind forecasts are not looking great. Saturday looks okay but family obligations.
  3. Thanks. That is what I ended up doing.
  4. I'm guessing black sea bass.
  5. I would think a crab fly would work. I've used them for sight fishing for stripers and don't see why they would work with tog. Hooking them might be tough though. Stripers have a much more aggressive take than a tog and it wouldn't taste very good.
  6. Clever. I like this idea.
  7. Was out this morning in mid BB and it was dead. Few small fish but that was it. Water temp was 46.
  8. Basically struck out this morning. Fished mid bay, western side. Couple of small fish but basically dead. I saw one other recreational boat the entire day. Very quiet. Water temp on top was 46 degrees. Colder than I was expecting.
  9. Good thread. Just started using jigs with limited success. Thanks for the tips, will try on my next trip.
  10. Little late to thread but been fishing for tog 3x in November and had good success. No big fish, but lots of action and keepers. Mostly 25-35' of water.
  11. Anyone still fishing for Tog? I'm planning on going out in BB this weekend if the weather holds. Tough fall for wind. I've heard that some of the bait shops have stopped selling crabs. Is BB dead or is it just not worth their time to sell crabs this late in the season.
  12. Okay, so what bridge is this?
  13. I’ve caught then at all different depths last two weeks. From 10-60 feet. Haven’t tried many shallow locations though. My best spot has been at about 35’. But on Monday I was having good luck at 25 feet. It seemed to be more spot specific then depth specific.
  14. How late in the season do you normally Tog fishing? Hoping to get out there 1 or 2 more times this season but with weather, traveling for holiday, and other travel not sure I'll be able to get out again for another 3+ weeks.