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  1. WTB

    Alright best of luck
  2. WTB

    I have a very lightly used 6500 with box and papers. I can also provide pictures if you like. $240.00 shipped
  3. WTB

    What size were you looking for?
  4. I'll take it.
  5. Didn't even know about either :/ Maybe next year I'll go
  6. I ordered a couple chart, black, red and yellow jetty casters the other day 1-1.5oz, Going to try them next time I'm out.
  7. I have a a Yankee Lures Polaris Popper (chartreuse green) still in the packaging.. Should I be using this or put it away in a collection?
  8. From what I've heard the the reel is not waterproof but there are seals in the drag.
  9. Ty.. I may look into making my own, Since most of my fishing is at night my initial question was if the 1.25oz black rip splitters were a popular size. However from what some of you are saying there is very little difference between the 1.25 and 1.5 oz rip splitters and or jetty casters....?
  10. I'm calling it ''odd'' cause I can never find it
  11. Probably due to there being such a vast number of people who make Bt's but Andrus is the onlyone I've seen that makes that ''odd'' size of 1.25oz
  12. Otter tails 5" short curly and 6" Gotcha grubs are what I have in my bag. Do the 2oz jetty casters and or rip splitters have a sufficient hair density?
  13. Unfortunately... 1oz is a tad light and 1.5oz is a tad too heavy, Need that sweet spot :/
  14. I've never used the Arra but as far as I know it is a very good rod. Not looking to push you out of your price range but a really good option are the ODM Genesis rods, 11' 3/4-4oz... Albeit at near the $400 point.