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  1. What would a shuttle frame be?
  2. Decided on the akios 757.
  3. 666 looks like a nice reel but a tad more than I want to spend at this time. I may go with the 757ctm as my first better quality conventional.
  4. If I was to go that route should I get a 600 series or a 700? Wondering as to how they compare in size to my original two options? Thanks.
  5. I did look at the Akios and they seem nice... Line cap isn't much of a concern since most of the casting reels seem to hold between 300 or so yards of #50 braid (not throwing much farther than 80-90 yards with 6oz and a chunk on my current setup. Field with a plain sinker I can do about 120.) and I don't need a level winder, if it comes with it okay but not overly necessary. Also from reading other posts it seems a lot of people like the Omoto and the Aikos line over Abu.. So I may think more about those.
  6. I've been using a Penn 350 levelline for my chunk fishing (stripers and blues) for a while but now looking to upgrade. between the Squall 15 and the Abu C3 7000 AMBASSADEUR (or the Abu AMBASSADEUR CS pro rocket 7000) which would be the recommended?
  7. I have a Odm Genesis 2-6, 1 year warranty. I got the 12' Speedmaster conventional for chunking (3-10oz) and took it out today as it was rather nice... I am not a great caster by any means and my reel that I am using rn is rather old (my grandpa's old Penn 350 Levelline.) But I didn't have any issues hitting the 100+ yard mark. I know a straight sinker is not the best judge but it loaded/handled well with everything from 4-8oz
  8. Without starting a pliers vs pliers thread... how well do these hold up? https://www.cudabrand.com/cuda-7-25-titanium-alloy-pliers-with-sheath-lanyard.html
  9. WTB

    I have a very lightly used 6500 with box and papers. I can also provide pictures if you like. $240.00 shipped
  10. WTB

    What size were you looking for?
  11. I'll take it.
  12. Didn't even know about either :/ Maybe next year I'll go
  13. I ordered a couple chart, black, red and yellow jetty casters the other day 1-1.5oz, Going to try them next time I'm out.