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  1. I wouldn’t worry much about parking. Fish both sides of the cape for different species ie south side jetties for albies and bonito.
  2. This guy had some lunch off nauset
  3. It would also make you selfish and ignorant among other things to keep 365 fish a year. You must be well educated on current conditions of striped bass.
  4. Businesses are no where close to being down 30-50%. Fake news.
  5. How has the fishing been in southern Maine anyways? The water is getting warm around the cape so its been hit or miss depending on the spot
  6. Thanks for the response guys. I'll let you know how it works out.
  7. Tsunami makes a great 6'6" boat/kayak rod for cheap.
  8. It was about the same spot at west Dennis. The north side beach gate are new this year.
  9. I live here year round and yes they have certain parts of the beach closed for walking as well. The concrete borders stops the cars and you can “walk” in the parking lot but not between the roped off area. I didn’t say 100% of the beach was closed off. Im not taking about below high tide either.
  10. What have you missed? Apparently your entire response where you brought up the beaches in the first place. And yes beaches do get closed down to vehicles and people. They had a half mile of west Dennis closed until recently just for one. I live here, fish here, so I know.
  11. I'm not sure where you're located, but on the cape...Yes, they do shut down actual beaches and not just "shore lines". They even shut down beach parking lots with concrete borders with people posted at these areas to prevent people from walking.
  12. Staying in Wells for the first week in August. Didn’t do great last year from shore, so looking to do a charter out in the Wells/ southern Maine area. Any recommendations? Looking for stripers primarily. I fish cape cod 3-4 times a week, but no real good experience up there. Thanks.
  13. From Dennis to orleans it’s as busy as ever. Most rentals booked up and same traffic as every summer.
  14. My grandfather talked of seeing them years ago growing up on the Hudson his whole life on boats. There was an article years ago (90s) in a paper from NY, but I couldn’t find it. Bull sharks can travel hundreds of miles into freshwater so it wouldn’t be impossible.
  15. They travel pretty far north into the Hudson River on occasion