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  1. You don’t have to purchase cases at a time.. They make tons of money and have expanded tremendously since 2011. Great beer and it has such a demand it doesn’t need a traditional distribution network.
  3. The fact is that only 1-2% of Covid transmissions happen at restaurants. So what sort of impact will a 25% reduction actually do...? It makes zero sense. It’s just becoming punitive at this point.
  4. There are no bars or clubs open. It’s merely a punitive attempt to punish the citizens of MA for COVID rates rising.
  5. Nothing against you, but I doubt your coworkers statement...I’m sure they did get pulled over, but no cops are looking to enforce this especially since it’s an advisory. I’m also sure that it’s just a routine question to ask why someone is driving around at 330am and that it had nothing to do with bakers BS.
  6. Unless Baker himself finds me on a secluded beach without my mask, I’m not going to worry. Even then... pound sand.
  7. They are closed Tuesday/Wednesday and I’m thinking they aren’t doing tours now. Devils purse has great beer for takeout and Hog Island is open and serving food too.
  8. I would apply for an internship with prestige worldwide. They seem to have a decent 401k and have a strong mission statement involving boats ‘N’ hoes.
  9. It’s still there and still good.
  10. There’s tons of beach access close by. West Dennis you park right at the beach so there’s no walking. Bass river has plenty of locations for schoolies. Depending where you are, there are plenty of small jetties to fish around.
  11. They also missed a bunch of herring that went in before the counter was put up too.
  12. I second the gossa 8000. That will be a good all around set up.
  13. That wasn’t her this time, but she tries her best to catch the fish by the creek.
  14. It was most likely my Labrador mix who swims with the herring