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  1. I’m looking for one if you know of another one.
  2. Nobody use any TFO Rods??? i haven’t but I seriously considering it.
  3. Looking at them..... has anyone ever used them? Good....Bad..????
  4. I use the sxr 14 models and love them they cast good, have good action, and most always run straight out of the box.
  5. A baby flounder. I hope you had a nice trip.
  6. Forget the beach... Just go to the pier and do what the locals do.
  7. They say that they are catching kings and cobia too!
  8. They are catching redfish off of he pier. Check out bay county outdoors.
  9. The people in our town are making a big deal out of it too. Where we live is in the path of maximum eclipse. Behind the house is also the highest point around too.
  10. Those are freshwater stripers that were caught in Kentucky. The limit is 5. I don't keep them all of the time. Most of the time I release them.
  11. I don't know how they cook them but there is a certain group of people that fish the piers in Panama City and okaloosa island Florida that will catch a 55 gallon drum full of them every day. I hate it when I'm using a bait rig and they hit it they tear them all to pieces.
  12. A rod that is half as big feels twice as good.
  13. I gave a guy 20 bucks to let me have my picture made next to the cooler full of stripers so I could look cool on this site. NOT.... I caught em all by myself. I wish that I had the time to fish as much I would like to. I am fairly new to the saltwater stuff and might ask a question that might seem weird or a little elementary. It only means that I value you guys opinions and appreciate any help or advice that is offered to me.
  14. We call them Hard Tails.....aka Blue Runners.......will tangle your bait rig into a mess.
  15. The rapala sxr 14 works well from a pier. Just when you get close the lure comes to the top, but fish have bitten them when running along the top of the water too......king mackerel......never caught a striper in the ocean.