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  1. Finally back in the game after being exiled to nyc for way to long. OC, Got to the beach at 6pm, worked a 4 mile stretch till 9:30. Great water, fishy water, no fish, threw the bag. I was about to pack it in and got a small cocktail blue, to be honest I thought I snagged a bunker that’s how dismal the fight was. Kept throwing my chicken scratch SP and WHAM I get absolutely pounded, fish starts pulling line, oh no, drag is way to tight, POP. Learned my lesson to check drag ever dozen casts or so. decided to see what the top of incoming would produce out back by me under a bridge I’ve had success at. Was surprised to see a few guys trying at 11pm on a Thursday. Nothing doing, but fished until slack. Was thinking about packing it in and boom rod doubled over mid retrieve. I thought I had a big fish, turns out it was the fattest freaking 29” bass I’ve ever seen or caught. Photo doesn’t do justice, took a quick one and sent her/him back. Fish Took a White tsunami shad fishing low and slow over the bottom. i don’t care what the weather man says, I’m going hard all weekend, more reports to come. Big Ben
  2. Snagged a bunch of bunker, did some chunking in OC. Beautiful water, in my bluefish honey hole. Dead dead dead. Hitting outback later for outgoing.
  3. I don’t know about you guys, but when I was a kid I use to pound sea robins from the beach, every cast, double headers, metal and teaser. I noticed that robins are wayyyy less frequent on my beaches then they use to be. Also when I was younger I did a lot of free diving off jetties and would see them all over the bottom. What I observed is they are much paler when in the water and brighten up to a deep reddish orange when hooked.
  4. Use to do great as a kid in the 90s in the squan during late summer. Sand worms on a high low, cut spot or snapper, or finesses in bubble gum always produced.
  5. Other then spike weakfish, haven’t seen anything decent out of the inlet or squan in a long time
  6. I give flounder a few shots every spring in an area that use to be decent - awesome 10+ years ago. Haven’t had a good trip in 3 years. I want to say last bang up trip was 7 years ago when it was 50-60 degrees in March. It was cast and reel fishing from land. Tons of fun.
  7. OC 3:30am - 8am. Worked a stretch I haven’t hit since the spring. Started out very slow and did my normal walk 20 yards cast etc. about 5am I hooked into my first bass and didn’t have to walk no more for the rest of he morning. It was dumb fishing, almost every single cast. Nothing big all 18”-26”, in the dark it was 50/50 on a small white hydro minnow or teaser, when the sun came up it was only 007’s on a steady retrieve. A lot of guys on the beach but the fish were concentrate to one 50 yard area it seemed. I called it quits when the mugging got out of control. Going to nap and hit super hard today/tonight, unfortunately my vacation is coming to an end and I have to go back to the hell hole that is Manhattan.
  8. OC, nice fall evening, no dice. Will try again in the morning.
  9. All over OC 4:30-8am, nada doing anywhere
  10. I have a ton of lures in my bag I’ve never had a hit on so I feel you! But for needles I have a lot, Gibbs, SS, Wallys, 24/7, and a few my grandpa made 30+ years ago that still fish well... I personally HATE tsunami needlefish and most of their plugs to be honest. Stay away IMO
  11. @Acsurf they work great at night but they are really effective in a moving surf like @Local24 SSP said and how this mornings conditions were. They also pound through the wind really well and to be honest I personally hate throwing metal if I don’t have to. I don’t really get to fancy with the retrieval, just maintain contact, and keep it slowish and steady. I’ve had great success on calm nights with a slow stop - go retrieval, they usually pound it after you paused the lure for a second and pick it up again. I’ve also fished needles like a pencil popper when sand eels were brought to the surface by bass. Very versatile lure.
  12. Solid morning, caught some healthy fish on a sinking needle, probably one of my all time favorite plugs. Hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving!
  13. 2pm - 6pm OC Was very fishy when I got on the beach, visible bait, beautiful conditions, and steady pick of shad. Bunch of guys but didn’t see anything but shad pulled out. when it got fully dark I had back to back micro bass in the wash hit my sp bullet minnow. That was it.
  14. OC 5-8:30... beautiful morning, just shad, no bait. I’m on time off all week from work, will be traveling all day to find the bite
  15. OC 3pm-5pm.. dirty water, unattractive surf, nada. Felt very lifeless. will head to a new area tonight for a redemption trip. Not getting that warm fuzzy feeling that I want going into Turkey week.
  16. Woke up at 5:30, heard the rain smashing my air conditioner, turned alarm off and went back to sleep. I will be out in force this week, reports to come.
  17. Took the advice and hit the beach last night 10pm - 12am. Didn’t do my long walk but worked a stretch I’ve done well at the last few days. 3 fish 26”-30”, missed a bunch of hits too. I stuck to 1 plug, a sinking blurp SP. the fish were in super close, most in the wash. this morning I walked up to my local beach and had a ton of fun with smaller schoolies 16”-24”, lost count, it was fun. Seemed like most caught pretty well too. met an old timer who was throwing way to light of a jig to reach any fish so I gave him a 2oz Ava and he got into the action. He payed me back with cigar, which I’ll enjoy later tonight. Ben
  18. Contemplating fishing tonight, has this wind picked up? I’m on the fence. Any condition report would be very greatly appreciate
  19. Just got off the beach 9-10:30, 4 schoolies all on a smaller white hydro minnow. Cold.
  20. Decided to shut down the work laptop at 3pm as I had the itch. Made it to my same local stretch with lots of birds working up and down. It was the shad blitz of a life time. I thought gross another fishing hoody is going to STINK! Well after pounding through what felt like a shad every cast, a few bass got into the mix. Once it started to get a bit dark out it was a bass every cast on a chicken scratch SP. they were out at the end of the cast then they came right into the wash. Crazy thing is I didn’t see many of the other guy around me catch anything. I felt like the Rain Man. Snapped a pick of 1 of the bass. All were 24”-barely legal. Fun times. will do a night shift for sure 9-12 for the high tide. Please fish gods something over 30”.
  21. Worked the same local stretch this morning, got into some schoolies for an hour in a white colt sniper, nothing bigger then 24”. Lot of birds working down the beach from me didn’t feel the need to make the long walk. also, got some shad. Like said my many, they are one of the grosser smelling fish I’ve encountered, nothing is worse then tommy cod in the Hudson River. Disgusting.
  22. I fished hard 7-10 in OC... walked 4 miles, 1 shad. Getting cold out there.
  23. Haven’t been fishing as much as I wanted lately but am going to give it a hard two weeks now and put a fall together hopefully. 11/16 - 5pm - 7pm OC, not a tap. 11/17 5am -8:30am OC, 3 hickory shad and had a smaller bass crash my spook in the wash, missed the hook set. That was it. Going to put a hard night game in the rest of the week and fish the tides. Might toss eels, who knows, not to optimistic. Ben
  24. Decided to take a few casts out back for fluke in OC during my lunch break, only had a 45min before my next round of work calls. Was rewarded with fluke stacked up in one specific area, if I casted anywhere else nada. Got 7 shorts and a nice 20” keeper. After getting some drinks in Asbury I decided to use my last two eels that I’ve been keeping alive in a bait tank and headed outback to try my luck with stripers. The weed was SO bad, right when i was about to pack it in, a fat schoolies came knocking the second my eel hit the bottom. tonight I’m heading to the surf after work to bait and wait since I’m brining my new puppy along for the trip.
  25. The eels paid off, went 5/9 on schoolies in the back bay all really healthy 26-28” fish...Lots of action and some really good run offs. Will try again tonight. No bugs chased me out last night