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  1. Just woke up, heading down now from Hoboken to most likely endure 30 hours of punishment and doubt of skills to get the job done. I’m 29 year olds and sacrifice my social and personal life to enjoy the sport of surf fishing which I’ve been doing since the age of 6 years old. it’s my true passion and I don’t care if I don’t catch even a single “rat” this year I will give it my all regardless of the the 2+ hour train rides down from nyc penn station. My friends, coworkers and girlfriend think it’s insane I commit to the hobby especially when I haven’t had a respectable outting in a very long time. Will post a report when I hang up my boots around 6pm Sunday to catch the next train home. Sure miss 2016 when I used 6 days of pto to fish 3 day weekends out of my summer home in OC, I caught close to 500 bass that year most big rats to 48” fish.
  2. Y’all think it’s worth taking the trip down tomorrow to fish Saturday afternoon - Sunday afternoon? Hate to waste my time and fish with a huge breaker.
  3. Going to put a lot of time in this weekend Saturday - Sunday.. my girlfriend thinks I’m cheating on her as I have yet to produce a single “fish pic”. ill find mine before the years over but I must say every day I get more and more defeated and pessimistic. tight lines
  4. Off the surf I use a 4” floro leader usually 40-50lb test to a 180lb swivel.. I’ll then put a glass bead on my main line, a fishfinder rig clip, and another bead. About 6-10 feet up from the swivel I’ll tie a stop knot on.. for the balloon any 12” bright balloon will work, I go to the dollar store for a pack of 12 for a dollar. I blow the ballooon up just about all the way so it catches more wind and attatch the nipple of the balloon to the clip on the fish finder rig already attached to my main line. When it’s really dark or I’m sending my bait out over 150 yards I’ll put a small glow stick in the balloon to track it. When it’s ripping out of the West the balloon will travel pretty quickly off shore normally when I get to an ideal distance I’ll just close the bail and let him swim around. The hits are really fun two things will happen either the balloon will come flying back in shore (fish on), the balloon will pop and (fish on) or the fish will burn the balloon off right off. If your fishing around really rocky or snag filled areas like inlets and bridges, add an egg sinker and estimate the depth.. you will catch this way too. i was considering floating a whole bunker out 200 yards on my penn Baja special on my 12” conventional surf rod to the fleet of boats crushing big fish yesterday but decided against it. Getting desperate lol
  5. Fished all day OC, had some bumps a 4” white storm shad but with my current luck, did not connect. Watched a few boats deck some big bass about 300 yards out. Every now and then you would see a massive blow up on the surface. At first light there was spotty bunker within casting range and spotty rain fish in the wash. Nothing ever developed. One Thing I observed was a long trash line washed up. I can’t beleive how many ripped up gulps there were amongst the mulch and plastic filth all over. But seriously hundreds of gulps. Got a business trip in DC till Thursday night. Will try again Friday into the weekend. This is the worst season I’ve had I can think of.
  6. Fished hard again tonight.. nothing to show for what my efforts. I did see what looked like a small gill net boat about 700 yards off the beach do a bunch of tight circles, he was all lit up and about 150 birds were picking up at th water behind the boat. No idea what was going on? Anyone ever see this at night so close to the beach?
  7. Just picked up some eels, with the forecast of strong west wind I get to use a Tactic I did very well with a few years back.. ballooning an eel off the surf 75-150 yards out. Killed them last time I had the conditions to do it, went 6/6 of solid fish. Will report back.
  8. 3am has paid off so many times for me, from surf fishing, to tuna fishing offshore
  9. Report from my old man - fished 3-6 off OC, water was still a little dirty, fished small metal lips with a teaser. Nada. No one else hooked up either. i am iffy about doing the trip down this weekend and putting in 15 hours again to catch little to nothing. Not feeling good about this season at all.
  10. Only issue I have with keeping bass is when people take the breeders, i wish they had a 2 fish slot limit with nothing nicer 36” to be kept. Nothing chapped my ass more than to see all these goons on charters and party boats keeping albies during the run.
  11. I enjoy fishing the surf at night over the day as long as conditions are decent and the bit isn’t keyed in on peanuts, in 2016 I couldn’t buy a fish once it got dark out and everything was caught for me during the day. I still fish at night if I don’t have conditions but mainly either on jetties or out back but to be honest haven’t had a good nite bite in a while. the other reason I like the night bite is I really don’t like a ton of fisherman mugging me when I hook up or see a few seagulls swimming close to the water. It’s been really bad the last few years with guys driving up and down the cost only fishing if somethings happening. I remember once some lady feeding seagulls and the masses running down the beach thinking there’s a blitz going on. Idiots. I remember waking up at 2am with my dad when I was probably 13 to fish the surf during a savage pre night/dawn sandeel bite on needle fish and teasers. There isn’t anything quite like getting into a blitz at night.
  12. I suck.. fished again this morning 4-11am.. started out back trying to get rid of my eels. Nada, really thought I’d pull one out of my spot. hit the surf in OC around 7:30, dirty water but fishable.. saw one guy land a few rats, and saw a few others flop in the wash.. no love for me. Surf really died down, but it looked pretty lifeless.
  13. Just got back again from my favorite spots out back in OC, fished for 3 hours throwing eels again..very quiet and only had one very solid hit that never came tight... towards the end I watched some very small schoolies beating up spearing in a current break.... might go hit a jetty later tonight and face north.. I must shake this skunk. Worst fall for me as far as I can remember.
  14. No wasn’t me, not that I wouldn’t of offered one up!
  15. Took today off work. last night - out back OC, casted eels in some areas I’ve always done well.. tides weren’t right and the current was ripping.. after two hours called it quits and went home to get some sleep. this morning - hit the surf thinking it would be rocking and rolling.. not that bad..had a few bumps but nothing landed.. fished a 1oz bucktail and a tsunami swim shad. more to come with the prospecting high tide.