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  1. Snagged a bunch of bunker, did some chunking in OC. Beautiful water, in my bluefish honey hole. Dead dead dead. Hitting outback later for outgoing.
  2. I don’t know about you guys, but when I was a kid I use to pound sea robins from the beach, every cast, double headers, metal and teaser. I noticed that robins are wayyyy less frequent on my beaches then they use to be. Also when I was younger I did a lot of free diving off jetties and would see them all over the bottom. What I observed is they are much paler when in the water and brighten up to a deep reddish orange when hooked.
  3. Use to do great as a kid in the 90s in the squan during late summer. Sand worms on a high low, cut spot or snapper, or finesses in bubble gum always produced.
  4. Other then spike weakfish, haven’t seen anything decent out of the inlet or squan in a long time
  5. I give flounder a few shots every spring in an area that use to be decent - awesome 10+ years ago. Haven’t had a good trip in 3 years. I want to say last bang up trip was 7 years ago when it was 50-60 degrees in March. It was cast and reel fishing from land. Tons of fun.
  6. OC 3:30am - 8am. Worked a stretch I haven’t hit since the spring. Started out very slow and did my normal walk 20 yards cast etc. about 5am I hooked into my first bass and didn’t have to walk no more for the rest of he morning. It was dumb fishing, almost every single cast. Nothing big all 18”-26”, in the dark it was 50/50 on a small white hydro minnow or teaser, when the sun came up it was only 007’s on a steady retrieve. A lot of guys on the beach but the fish were concentrate to one 50 yard area it seemed. I called it quits when the mugging got out of control. Going to nap and hit super hard today/tonight, unfortunately my vacation is coming to an end and I have to go back to the hell hole that is Manhattan.
  7. OC, nice fall evening, no dice. Will try again in the morning.
  8. All over OC 4:30-8am, nada doing anywhere
  9. I have a ton of lures in my bag I’ve never had a hit on so I feel you! But for needles I have a lot, Gibbs, SS, Wallys, 24/7, and a few my grandpa made 30+ years ago that still fish well... I personally HATE tsunami needlefish and most of their plugs to be honest. Stay away IMO
  10. @Acsurf they work great at night but they are really effective in a moving surf like @Local24 SSP said and how this mornings conditions were. They also pound through the wind really well and to be honest I personally hate throwing metal if I don’t have to. I don’t really get to fancy with the retrieval, just maintain contact, and keep it slowish and steady. I’ve had great success on calm nights with a slow stop - go retrieval, they usually pound it after you paused the lure for a second and pick it up again. I’ve also fished needles like a pencil popper when sand eels were brought to the surface by bass. Very versatile lure.
  11. Solid morning, caught some healthy fish on a sinking needle, probably one of my all time favorite plugs. Hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving!
  12. 2pm - 6pm OC Was very fishy when I got on the beach, visible bait, beautiful conditions, and steady pick of shad. Bunch of guys but didn’t see anything but shad pulled out. when it got fully dark I had back to back micro bass in the wash hit my sp bullet minnow. That was it.
  13. OC 5-8:30... beautiful morning, just shad, no bait. I’m on time off all week from work, will be traveling all day to find the bite
  14. OC 3pm-5pm.. dirty water, unattractive surf, nada. Felt very lifeless. will head to a new area tonight for a redemption trip. Not getting that warm fuzzy feeling that I want going into Turkey week.
  15. Woke up at 5:30, heard the rain smashing my air conditioner, turned alarm off and went back to sleep. I will be out in force this week, reports to come.