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  1. If you throw in the northbar, you got a deal for $208
  2. How much for everything, minus the jointed and northbar?
  3. @Good2Go nice looking lot, what could you do not including the screwballs. Only want wired through
  4. @MorningWood probably $200-$300 also interested in gliders and swimmers thanks!
  5. Hey looking to buy darters, not really interested in super strike or gibs or anything commercially sold. More like customer / small batch lures. let me know!!
  6. Such an old thread but going to comment. I feel like what I’ve learned here will if ever save my life. I just started fishing jetties and the sketchiest rocks. I experienced one night alone on a tip of a rock pile and massive swell set on a dead calm night come in and rock me, I ate wave after wave for about a 8 set surge. Even with light waders, belt, korkers, and fear of god, instinctually me leaning back to avoid a sweep into the drink and getting absolutely pounding backwards into a boulder, my only thought was to protect my head, total torso hammering.. for a month I felt that beating on my ribs and back. If I had this set up I would of fended better just going into it and climbing out honestly. Thanks for posting ordered a lot of what was suggested online. Be safe yall
  7. I legit exploded my TFO GIS 9” on the rocks during peak SZN this year, I hit a very nice college football parlay and for once pulled my $ out. I bought the lami night shift 3/4-4oz, honestly the rod is a gem, maybe slightly heavy, and also just takes some sport out of fish under a weight class. Bigger schoolies just get defeated so quickly with the rod. However its insanely strong, on my third trip this year I caught almost 100 bass on rocks with it, lot of hoisting 6-12lb fish and the rod laughed at the task. It’s a solid rod, worth the price, not sure but it fits very nicely with my Shimano Ultegra XTC CI4+. I feel I can hook into a big fish and win that more confidently now based on its trial runs.
  8. For scale the black bomber is a long A 7". My biggest learn this year was throw bigger unless heavy small bait is relevant and present. Even then, bigger lures won 95% of fish for me.
  9. Superstrike ZZ6 Neon Yellow
  10. Be back on sand 12/19, save some bAss for me. Thought I’d share this years winning lot of lures. All produced at one time lr another all year. Only one missing is the chicken scratch bomber since it’s attached to rod.. fun fact the I call smelt colored bomber is my fathers, it’s older then I am I think.. feel like it’s always been hanging since I can remember, maybe 35-40 year old lure? Replace hooks, catch fish. Missing lures would be stubbys, bigger metal lips and lipless swimmers, those also rocked out.
  11. This gave me a good laugh
  12. Crazy week, slow pick at night and had to move around a lot to find any life. Well it broke wide open as you know today. Absolute blitz all day. Fished from 9-1pm and was tapped out. Searched around from 9pm and 3am with my brother.. spot one dead, spot two dead, spot 3 we found peanuts and bass stacked up in a shot in the dark location we really weren’t planning on trying since it was a distance to get to, we’ll it paid off, insane night bite, just every cast fish 20”-40”. Warming up, eating more left overs, shot gunning a few monster energy drinks and back out I go for the finale to my week fishing.
  13. Throw the darters boys, 11/19 - 11/28 I’ll be back in the 732. Reporting here to agitate the sensitive
  14. Thanks bruh, you’ve always been cool with how you communicate. I live in a nice area and legit it’s rat and homeless drug addict city. I have to fight my basset hound every night on our walks to not search and destroy rats or pissing on a homeless encampments, I’ll say this the city is only good for making money and strange a$$. My biggest advise is keep a log, travel around and trial and error. I’m going to sound like a dick but I 100% knew with the new moon and wind blowing WNW all last week fish would come in tight, after hours on a bunker /peanut dominant bite is super sketch however at very obvious areas these fish were in super tight at night. Almost never do I win at night when fish are feeding on bunker or peanuts in the fall, however they did (into the log!) Keep reading, learning, and experimenting, use your notes app if you got an iPhone but every time you fish write what where and specific details down (lures, wind, moon, tide, etc). It’s a giant puzzle but you can solve it with trial and error and just position yourself to win. Looking forward to you posting a bang em up trip soon.