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  1. Report from my dad - OC 2-5, said there had to be 60 guys fishing a 1/2mile strip of beach, he opted to go find a quiet place. No love for him. I’ll be back at it this weekend and I’ll put him on the “meat”. Ben
  2. Still not as bad as the muggers who let you do the work to find the fish as they watch with their binoculars and come running down. God I pray for wind knots and bad knots for those fools
  3. Decided to give it another shot back where I had them this morning, the water was disgusting, Hudson River brown. Speaking of brown after about 45min, the thanksgiving left overs came knocking and it was a mad dash to the car then to find a toilet. The little stretch had a whole crew fishing it, I didn’t even bother going into the rotation line, it was as dead as it gets. That’s it for me this weekend.. winding down doing for me, I love surf fishing but the rat fishing just doesn’t get me motivated.
  4. Moved around some areas this morning, found fish all to myself and a every cast bite. Turned around and saw grown ass men running towards me... before you know it i was shoulder to shoulder. People were getting way to excited for schoolies lemme tell you. Move away from them, back into a pick of fish, same herd of guys mug me again. Decided to call it a morning. God damnit
  5. Ok evening in OC, landed 4 thick shorties and a few hickory shad. Was nice to see so much bait in the wash and swimming birds having a feast. tempted to give it a shot at high and into out going, but I have very little hope a bite would develop in the dark. Has anyone heard of a night bite this year? I know sandeels in the past have helped get make the night shift the right shift.
  6. Hello squad - threw my faithful chicken scratch bomber that I over a decade ago got a beast with to the night, switched to all size needles and red fins nada. Sleep will be back up there at 5am for what I expect to be a shorty orgy then a long ride home to my wonderful creators home on Bergen County.
  7. Enroute for my normal thanksgiving eve night session, in 2007 (I think that was the year) caught my then pb surf bass 28lbs on a chicken scratch bomber on an ultra lite rod. Thank god for these stormer gloves which will keep me from losing a finger tonight to the cold. I’ll report back
  8. Going to fish in the cold stuff tomorrow night into thanksgiving early morning.. going to be a turn and burn operation, not targeting little rats it big fish hunting for me.
  9. I got into fish all day on a beach in OC, wouldnt call it stellar as the fish are the size of big large mouth bass. I’m actually going to be packing my ultra light spinning rod with me because there ain’t no fun using a 9’ rod on these little guys.
  10. Round 2 12pm - 4:30pm Same area I fished this morning in OC. Had tons of action right off bat with schoolies to 24”, almost had them every other cast for a good hour lost count.. all the action was on 2oz Ava’s with green tails, purple teaser and a few on a 5” shad. Action died out as the sun went down. heres some interesting observations. 1. I snagged a few sand eels 2. I saw a TON of sundials beachjng themselves and or getting caught in the trogh that formed between the bEach and surf, seagulls were pulling them out and eating them. 3. No birds working, you would think it was dead 4. Great cuts and structure, I did not see the same this morning. 5. I saw a trawler with his net in the water dragging no further than 1/3 mile off, is that even legal?
  11. Just wrapped up a 4:30-8:30 session in OC.. 12 fat schoolies. Water had a weird slate color to it, not really muddy. Caught fish in the dark on smaller needlefish and teasers and at day break on 5” storm shad. Might try for flounder out back vs doing a mid day session.
  12. 6:30pm-10pm OC, nada. Threw the bag and covered ground. Beautiful night to be fishing, will be back at it around 3am for high tide and into the morning.
  13. Just woke up, heading down now from Hoboken to most likely endure 30 hours of punishment and doubt of skills to get the job done. I’m 29 year olds and sacrifice my social and personal life to enjoy the sport of surf fishing which I’ve been doing since the age of 6 years old. it’s my true passion and I don’t care if I don’t catch even a single “rat” this year I will give it my all regardless of the the 2+ hour train rides down from nyc penn station. My friends, coworkers and girlfriend think it’s insane I commit to the hobby especially when I haven’t had a respectable outting in a very long time. Will post a report when I hang up my boots around 6pm Sunday to catch the next train home. Sure miss 2016 when I used 6 days of pto to fish 3 day weekends out of my summer home in OC, I caught close to 500 bass that year most big rats to 48” fish.
  14. Y’all think it’s worth taking the trip down tomorrow to fish Saturday afternoon - Sunday afternoon? Hate to waste my time and fish with a huge breaker.
  15. Going to put a lot of time in this weekend Saturday - Sunday.. my girlfriend thinks I’m cheating on her as I have yet to produce a single “fish pic”. ill find mine before the years over but I must say every day I get more and more defeated and pessimistic. tight lines