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  1. Been into steady bluefish action the last two evenings out back 3-12lbs, all on bucktails with a pork trailer. did some fluking at the top of outgoing this morning and got 3 sporty shorts in an hour. anyone know if the surf is still a crazy current with seaweed everywhere? I know the one bait shop fool posted it’s clean and green and fishable, but that was not the case last night. any help will save me some possible frustration!
  2. Great to see, I’ve fished off that trail many times with mixed success. Little further north, around April 25th, always find some realllly nice fish. Good catch man
  3. I want to say is was early January 2016, i was down at my beach house on a beautiful day. The Jets blew a game vs the Bills to clinch the playoffs, being a pats fan, this pleased me. I decided to take a few casts in the evening on the beach expecting to catch nothing, was shocked to see about 20 guys over a 1 mile stretch...i was fishing a 6" swim shad and looked down the beach and a guy was hooked up with a large fish. I was shocked, looked back out in front of me and i saw sea herring jumping 50' out...connected and landed a 25lb fish instantly. NEVER expected that the first week of January.
  4. Surf fish? I know the boats hammered them in late October but I didn’t think many if any really road the beach down. Anyways nice report, I’m with you I miss the night bite as well. Back in 2006 I was a jr in highschool living in Bergen county and use to drive down after school with my big brother to fish the evening /night tide in November and hammer them on needfish, black bombers and wine colored buck tails... it was so good sometimes we would crash at our summer home and drive back up at 6am to make it to school by 8. Good memories and good fishing, I much prefer night fishing you really can get space out and then POW your on.
  5. I heard a few “it’s over, all small fish” Lately.. maybe im wrong but was there any real showing of anything but small fish this year?
  6. post Dinner 3:45-5pm... weird blown out and tea colored surf. Didn’t like it. Only caught 1 fish, but a hard fighting 26”. did see a few roll or bust on bait, and also observed small bait pop from time to time.
  7. OC Gave it a go 5:30-8:45.... lots of guys giving it a shot and didn’t see many bent rods... I landed 5 smaller guys, I noticed gulls picking up beached sand eels so I started casting down beach and run my lure through the trough, that worked well. Ava 007, teaser was the ticket highlight of my morning was as I was walking down the beach to exit, I walked through the 6” of water in the left over trough from high tide. I saw a plug sitting on the bottom, as I walked over the plug moved, some how a schoolie with a SP connected got stuck in there. Well I spent the better part of 10min acting like a gosh darn grizzly bear trying to catch this thing with my hands. Safely unhooked him and sent him packing, looked perfectly healthy. That’s my good deed for the day and I hope the fish gods bless me with something over 34” before the season ends for it. enjoy the turkey and tight lines
  8. Fished my local stretch this morning 6am - 8am... i normally walk distance as i am anti social and like my space....looks like my secret spot is no longer a secret as there was a big crowd lined up. found a nice cut and pounded out 12 shorts to 26"..kinda like double headers of 24" fish gets your blood going a bit more. one thing is i am retiring my "surf rod" for my bay rod moving forward which is an ultra light 7' terez waxwing rod. things bad ass and casts a mile...should add a little more fun.
  9. Home for the holiday, fished 3-5pm... 5 smaller schooliee 20-24”... they were hitting on the very end of my cast, most hook ups happened on the fall of my jig/teaser as it hit the water.
  10. Pretty decent morning and I didn’t mind the conditions. 6 schoolers on a 2oz Ava and teaser. Had to really heave it out to get a hit.. I finally got to give my new set up a proper break in.. 9’ TFO GIS with a Shimano ULTCI45500XTC ultegra CI4+.
  11. After a banner morning, Gave it a shot again 3-5:30pm. Just wasn’t in my groove and dropped 3 fish. Saw about 20 or so caught between the 35 guys who came out to play. Going to get some rest and pick back up at 4am!
  12. OC 3-10am, caught fish consistently in the dark on a 1oz needle and teaser, most were decent 26”-30”.. once the sun came up I was in a secluded spot, fish breaking, epic, left the biting. Guys were cutting through back yards to get access Haha, but everyone had more then enough room. Probably finished the morning around 40 fish, nothing smaller then 24”, largest around 32”. Best day I’ve had in a long time.
  13. Ha, probably 8-11, then 3am - 9am
  14. Looks like im in for another marathon weekend, leaving work at 4pm and plan to be on the surf by 8pm. Going to start south and work my way north, will keep a running report. I dont believe there isnt a night bite to be found! historically i have done well at night throwing bombers or needle fish this time of year at odd hours of the night.
  15. My old man got inspired again to surf fish, after last weekends recon he found some fish, even though he isn’t as mobile or can’t cast like he use to. So happy. Well I snuck out of work at three, took the train from penn station nyc surf at 6:30pm. Fished till 10, got three 20-26” fish within 6 casts on super old Redfin in spook (grey and black). Then nada until I left. I’ll be back around 4am before I have to turn and burn back to nyc for an event. I love fall fishing!