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  1. Just shy of 27". White deceiver worked really well. I should've added that it was caught on a CTS Affinity X build I did under Herb's guidance, so really, this is his fish. Not posted is the picture of us having engine trouble, thankfully off of Horseshoe Shoal. With a NW wind and an incoming tide, not much help was needed. We drifted ashore around Bone Hill and walked the boat back to Blish Point. Talk about a walk of shame....
  2. I’m impressed by the overall average schoolie size this year. Best one from today in Barnstable Harbor:
  3. Check your water data here: The Naples buoy is a good indication- surging thankfully not as high as initially predicted once Irma moved inland. My extended family is in Ft. Myers, and with high tide a little over an hour away, even the Caloosahatchee is starting to recede.
  4. And by that it may mean that I only cover my lower half when it's a northeastern wind.
  5. A little late to this thread, but I'll jump in. I love it. There are some days when I'll go out knowing I probably won't even catch a fish because of conditions, but it's still great just being out for a paddle. I'm right next to the Bass River on the Cape, so I spend a lot of time on the SUP there. To me, especially on a tidal river, it's about access-- I can get to spots people on the shore and on boats can't really get to. Early this summer, there's a shoreline that people access from the Dennis side, and they were coming up with nothing, but they watched with some degree of jealousy/frustration as I pulled in several fish that they just couldn't get to unless they had a 70yd cast in their back pocket. I love the inflatable for its transportability. I also don't have a fishing specific board, and while that'd be really nice, having a good all-around makes it great for a growing family to take to the beach. The cooler stores my valuables and acts as a seat if things get gnarly. Other observations: -I don't like to wear anything more than a sun shirt, so I swear by a waist inflatable PFD. Flies go on a foam patch on the cooler. -Whistle. -Anchor is good to have, but I seldom use it. BOTE makes a hybrid SUP/Skiff now that looks outrageous. Great for skinny water, and I really see it most effective in tailing redfish country. -Mac
  6. Back from Idaho. Stanley is a remarkable jumping off point, and I highly recommend it to anyone. It claims to have a year-round population of 63, but there's a killer bakery in town and a couple of good places to eat. They're gearing up for 50,000 visitors for the solar eclipse, which is absolutely nuts considering how small their infrastructure is. Anyway, the fishing report. Suffice it to say Western Slope cutthroat are thriving in the area and they love to play. We caught lots of cutties, cutbows, and rainbows, the latter of which are mostly stocked. We were even encouraged to keep a rainbow or two (which we never ended up doing). What I'll remember most about this experience: the slow rise/sip a cutthroat makes taking a dry fly. It's so fun to watch; very methodical, and it requires a very patient hook set. I fished Adams gulch my first opportunity, and they were interested in both caddis flies and hoppers. Thanks for pointing me in that direction, Paul. Ketchum was a little jammed up with people when we first arrived, so it was nice to step away from the crowd. Our float was on the Upper Main Salmon from Elk Creek to Torrey's, which is essentially the upper part of the canyon. It's a crystal clear freestone river, and my friend and I quickly lost count of fish. I'd say about 40 in the boat, mostly in the 8-12" range, with 4-5 in the 16-20". I'm completely sold on the area, and I'm seriously planning a multi-day trip now to do a 100 mile stretch on the Middle Fork. I took some spotty footage on the GoPro and manage to capture a couple nice fish on film: Attached are the guide's flies and that last rainbow I pulled in on the take out.
  7. Paul this is awesome stuff. Thank you so much. I've been bouncing around my fishing routine in my head for the past few hours. 40 degree temp swings between day/night. I'll definitely plan on hitting Town Park before or after we make our way to Stanley. Ditto what BillA said. This is classy.
  8. And back to Ketchum Monday afternoon.
  9. Thanks, Paul! We're fishing the Lower Canyon section, and that's about the best I can tell you. We're staying right in Stanley, at the Town Square. I think I have Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings to make the most of my time. Probably Friday and Sunday evenings, too. I will have a wife, 18-month-old daughter, and mother-in-law (babysitter!) in tow, so I doubt I can swing ALL those times, but certainly some. Flying to Ketchum on Thursday, spend the night, then up to Stanley. Float trip is with Salmon River Anglers. Thanks again!
  10. Headed back to some freshwater tomorrow- this time to a first-time destination: Stanley, ID. Anyone ever fished out there? I have a float trip scheduled for Monday, and wedding stuff before that. However, we're staying right on the river, and I definitely see some early mornings in the mix. Just looking to hear about some past experiences in the Sawtooths. Cheers, Mac
  11. Nicely done, Herb! As others mentioned, great to hear you're mending a line more than your heel. Any Cape time this summer? -Mac
  12. Yeah- Douglas is Korea, and I knew that. I had T&T on my mind right before I wrote in the thread. Which, as it happens, would also be a great choice.
  13. They're a relatively young company (but lots of experience), but I'd check out the Douglas SKY and DXF rods. They'll handle dries and nymphing. I've cast both a couple of times now, and I'm sold. SKY is a step up, but both fall well within your budget. You'll be hard-pressed to find a negative review out there. Bonus that they're all made in the U.S.A.
  14. I'm a fifth grade teacher, so I have a shelf of joke books that bright third graders would appreciate. Will trade them all for a Boron iiix 5wt. Here was yesterday's: What did the hot dog say when it crossed the finish line? I'm the wiener! Sorry I'm late on this!
  15. No bait shops (that I know of)-- I think they were jigging them up.