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  1. I second that.
  2. Truck, and I have a Decked storage system in the back. It’s highly utilitarian.
  3. Yes, Keys are closed. There's a checkpoint before you come across. On a related note, these guys are really struggling. I managed to get in a day in early March with my regular guide, and I was the last trip he took-- in addition to the keys, they closed Everglades Nat. Park the week I was there, so that fishery was effectively shut down, too. I'm going to pass along a plea I saw Andy Mill post on social media-- if you're fortunate enough to be in a position to give to the guide with whom you were booked, please consider it. There are also lots of guide associations based down there that are taking money and giving directly to their members. In just speaking with my guide, he's been hammered by this loss of business, and we all know this is the migratory season that is the real money maker for them.
  4. I'll DM you.
  5. Looking to stock up on striper/albie flies. If there's someone that wants to tie up a batch in exchange for my Hydros SL IV (perfect 8-weight), that's preferable. I just had it refurbished directly through Orvis. The clutch release mechanism needed replaced, and it's as good as new now. Comes with the protective pouch.
  6. Not to be lost in this are the good people that worked at Orvis. There were a few that were really serious about their fishing, and they spoke knowledgeably. Maybe not as knowledgeably as Scott at Bears Den—my favorite shop, too— but few do. There is no denying the H3 is a top notch rod (I have two), and the folks were great about getting you out on a lawn behind the store to throw line. Sure, some stuff is expensive, but all industry leading brands carry comparable products. Orvis also has some great mid- and entry-level stuff. Just in the past week, this site alone has been posting a lot for the Hydros SL, a great reel for its retail value. At any rate, I for one, am saddened about this closing. When I think about conservation efforts, and how they’re directly tied to getting people to care, this often starts with our brick and mortars. They are the ones to introduce and turn people on to fishing (and then protecting our fisheries), for the most part, so when a shop closes, that doesn’t really benefit anyone. I hope those who worked at Orvis Dedham saw it coming and had a good exit strategy.
  7. I'd say that's a pretty strong way to introduce yourself.
  8. Thank you for this. Here I am trying to temper my expectations, and you're talking about a half-ton worth of poon. But seriously, what an incredible trip for you, and I appreciate you sharing. As it happens, I've got a whole bunch of mono and shock lined up to tie up leaders tonight.
  9. How can I pass that up? Sold. Thanks, SOL.
  10. My better judgement tells me I only need one. I'll take the NIB. Cheers.
  11. I'm interested in those flats pros if no one has snagged them.
  12. Hi,  I’m in the market for a SL IV


    please take a look at my post 


    Thanks,  Archie

    1. maction17


      Hey Archie,


      I had two reach out to you before me. When I pulled the reel out to give it a look over, turns out the spool release mechanism was either broken or corroded-- I had no luck getting the spool off even after trying to loosen it up. I've sent the reel back to Orvis for repair or replace. If the other two move on by the time it comes back and you're still looking, I'm happy to offer to you.

    2. Archie


      Maction17,  Thanks for the heads up.  I def interested,  hit me up if the other two pass.


      Thanks, Archie

  13. I have the Danner x Patagonia collab. I have to say, they're every bit as good as advertised. While I haven't been able to grind them through a full salt season yet, everything points to fantastic durability and I can confidently say they're the most comfortable boot I've ever worn. I have the foot tractors, which come with an additional set of aluminum bars.
  14. That’s funny. I was just listening to Jim Bartschi on a podcast yesterday talking about that very thing.
  15. Good stuff. I/we are booked with Chasin' Tail and Ken, and this whole trip is set up with Yellow Dog. To your point, I imagine I'll want to continue to do some DIY a little bit. There are a couple of operations in Belize that look really appealing, but I think Caye Caulker will be a nice introduction to destination fishing for me. It seems like a pretty relaxed vibe, and I've heard great things about Ken. Staying at Sea Dreams.