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  1. Floaters work really well at night in inlets with shallow water where snags are common. I use them in heavy shallow current all the time. I usually cast across the current and retrieve at medium speed with an occasional jerk. If you cast down current and reel them slowly they will dig a little and zig zag rapidly when you jerk the rod. You need to leave the tail hook on for this to work. Rig the belly hook canal style and put a smaller tail hook on with crushed barbs. I’ve been using a 155 floater in natural shiner all summer in one particular location. Biggest fish I got this year in that location was on the floating stick shadd. 44”.
  2. I had pizza for dinner last night.
  3. I’ll probably go with the old “I’ve had this this for years, I just never wear it” trick that she uses on me.
  4. Only problems with kayaking dry tops are most of them don't have a front/chest pocket on them like most anoraks do. The sleeve zipper pockets are worthless. I also noticed the hoods on them don't provide as much covering for heavy rain. Not sure the thinking there, perhaps so they don't fill with water when you roll. Other than that, there are some good ones out there that aren't too expensive. I prefer a top that I can layer under so prefer one that has no insulation. I'm buying the Guy Cotton as soon as I get the courage to tell my wife I need another piece of gear.
  5. Some have talked of shark hunts and/or fear of a shark culling. I agree with you on the seal data. No one really knows. People assume there are smaller numbers of bass because of the seals. People used to blame seals for declining Cod stocks and we all know who the culprit is there. One of the Cape's biggest tourist draws in my opinion are in fact seals. The general public love seals, they pay to go on seal watches, get all excited when they see a seal off the beach. There will never be a seal culling.
  6. I grew up half in Ma then moved to San Francisco in my teen years. I saw Jaws in the theater when I lived in Ma and even though there weren't large numbers of white sharks on the Cape I was constantly thinking about them when sailing or windsurfing. When I moved to Cali sharks sightings occurred frequently and attacks on surfers was an accepted risk for those that love the sport. The presence of white sharks in Ca has not affected tourism in any way so assuming it will on the Cape is a knee jerk reaction. If you hear talk of culling white sharks that is simply a political response brought on by public officials who want to appear to be doing something about the risk. Culling sharks has nothing to do with public safety. They are here to stay so people just need to get used to it and change their behavior or accept the risks.
  7. Agree 100%. We need to stop messing with nature it knows how to manage itself. Look at what happened in Yellowstone when they culled all the wolves. Without wolves, the entire ecosystem of the park suffered. With no natural predators the Elk population exploded resulting in defoliation all across the park. This caused significant erosion and had a cascading effect that impacted everything from birds to beavers to mice and bears. Once the wolves were reintroduced the Elk population was brought down to a level the park could support and changed the Elk's behavior so they stopped grazing in valley's and gorges where they could be easily hunted. The foliage in these areas rebounded, erosion was reduced and the river banks stabilized all of which resulted in species re-population across the park. The only time humans should get involved is to remedy a situation where we've already had a negative impact. Stay out of the water or accept the risk.
  8. What Bob said. This has already been proven in Brazil where a slaughterhouse was dumping entrails and blood into a river that ran into the ocean. There were dozens of shark attacks there until they figured out what was happening.
  9. Agree 100%. Sad but true.
  10. Awesome that you keep at it! I’m 22 years behind you and hope to still be casting for many years to come.
  11. Both the Hogy 1.25 & 2 oz peanut bunker protail and Hogy 1 & 2 oz peanut bunker jig work well. I also do well in some locations with various tins and small bucktails when peanuts are around.
  12. Also a nice outfit when more distance and capacity is needed. What's the 10'6" rated to 3.5 oz?
  13. Got mine on line for $149 shipped. Came in 2 days.