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  1. I have the 10' DNA and it's an amazing rod for the money. Plenty of backbone for big fish but still fun with schoolies. Very impressed so far but the warranty isn't as good as St. Croix. Hopefully I won't need it.
  2. If your Danny is diving and won't stay on top after tuning the eye, it's a dud. A true Danny is meant to be crawled on the surface creating a nice rolling wobble and wake. There are plenty of metal lip swimmers designed to go sub-surface but the Danny has an unnatural wiggle when reeled too fast or in current.
  3. Some very sad person arrived at the ditch with no rod to fish with. Was it a Jersey setup?
  4. Nice Wally!
  5. Boo!
  6. We had one PP in the first. Lot of good it did us. The B’s played well. The Blues goalie had his best game of the series. Great season but time to shave the beard.
  7. This should be an epic game. Win or lose I'm shaving my beard.
  8. 5. Fish end of the drop while listening to police sirens Go B's!!!
  9. Lot's of reasons: There are 7 miles of service road on each side and a very limited number of EPOs patrolling it with a limited vantage point. A single drone could cover a lot more ground and help pinpoint nefarious activity. You can see a lot more from the air than you can from the ground. You can see places from the air that you can't see from the service road (people hiding fish in the woods, ferrying them through trails to waiting vehicles, high-grading, etc). Drones are used for surveillance all the time because they allow the operator to scan large areas very quickly and they can record everything they see. The canal is the perfect place for using a tool like that.
  10. In my experience the Korker's carbide spiked soles grip everything except dry, polished granite. They do grip wet, algae or weed covered polished granite remarkably well. They last a long time but are heavy and can catch on things if you aren't careful. They are also good for stomping would be attackers feet and aerating the lawn.
  11. Whatever type of Magic Swimmer you get, Canal rig the 1st belly hook and remove the middle one. Replace the tail hook with a flag or nothing at all. I've had the hook eye pull out of the tail section on the first gen Sebile and I know others who have had the tail sections come off while fighting a big fish...
  12. I'm surprised they haven't started using drones at the ditch. As much as I hate them, they can cover a lot of ground and with the advanced optics can be flown high enough that you don't even know they are there. Seems like a no-brainer for patrolling the canal.
  13. People are probably poaching minks now too. Nothing would surprise me at this point.
  14. I think in places like the ditch, they are looking for the clear violators and there are usually plenty. They obviously can't check everyone for a license on busy days but it would be good if people saw them at least spot checking for licenses. I have seen them checking for licenses in locations around Boston harbor where there are just a few guys fishing. Definitely more of a presence than in previous years.
  15. On the VR50 I use self-fusing silicon tape on the spool and don't bother with mono. It has no adhesive and provides more grip than electrical tape. For the larger VR150 I use mono backing up to about the drainage holes. On both reels I lay on an even base with a power drill then reel the rest on under tension. The VR's don't have the best line lay so the base helps...