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  1. They are eating the sewage overflow from all this rain.
  2. Heart attack finish. That was brutal but they got the W in the Leafs barn. Home ice next 2 games so hopefully that will amp things up. The only problem with going to the second round is that in interferes with my spring fishing!
  3. They are all over Boston harbor and rivers.
  4. Agree. The Leafs took a page from the B’s playbook. They were all over Pasta. I’m just glad no one went down the tunnel. It was a closer game but the B’s didn’t have the same compete level. They have to come out swinging on Wednesday.
  5. I've been using solvent on carbon parts of all kinds for years without issue. I spray my drag washers with electronic parts cleaner then wipe them clean. The stuff dries quickly and leaves no residue. I also use Cal's to re-grease them.
  6. Hell yeah! That's great news. Still waiting to hear Kadri's fate.
  7. Now the winner also gets $150K. Sprint in the men's race today was the 3rd closest finish ever.
  8. There are tons of black squirrels in Michigan. Seems like more blacks than grey near our summer cottage.
  9. We may be down a few players after last night but what a game! Kadri just ended his season (assuming the B’s prevail) and likely his career with the Leaf’s. Can’t wait for Monday’s game.
  10. Calm down. I was just bored.
  11. True that. You never know. Perhaps I’ll be down there fishing that morning.
  12. Yawn ... I’m sorry, did you say something?
  13. I’m still here. Didn’t see this until now. Been working ridiculous hours and trying to avoid a trip to Malaysia in May so can’t commit at the moment. Will def hook up for a few tides this year though.