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  1. This is also my experience. I dunk my VR150 and VR50 all the time and fish in locations with heavy current. My 50 was under water for 5 minutes when I flipped my yak. Both remain dry inside. Any issues I've had with either reel have been self induced and each time VS has either made the repairs or sent me the parts needed to undo my mistakes. I don't understand all the people getting no responses from VS. They reply to all my emails usually the same day.
  2. Tagman, please tell us why you think the VR is “garbage”.
  3. I'll offer $40 for the Sebiles.
  4. Also consider the Black Diamond Storm headlamp which is fully sealed. I'm on my second year and it's never failed me. It also has red, green, and blue beams. I prefer green as I can actually see when there is bad footing and it doesn't spook the fish. Not the cheapest but BlackDiamond has great customer service if you ever need it.
  5. I usually do a reel, reel, pop, reel, reel, pop. If the fish are missing it I stop then do a pop, pop, pop while reeling slowly. If you cast into a big school let it sink below the school and reel it to the surface. Often times I get something larger as I'm swimming it to the surface.
  6. I like them because you can load them with BB's for different conditions. I have one I loaded and painted gold with a white feather and gold flash dressed siwash. Was using it at sunset the other day catching on every cast.
  7. Check out the bikesdirect site. They have some affordable quality fat bikes. I bought one to harvest parts for another bike. I've since converted that one into my beach fishing bike. Keep in mind that most bikes are made in either China or Taiwan by a handful of manufacturers regardless of brand. For instance Giant sells bikes under their own label but makes bikes for dozens of other name brands. Most of the components on a bike are made by Shimano, SRAM, or Campagnolo so you are really buying a frame and a parts bundle when you buy a complete bike. As for bikes from China, the second bike pictured below has a Carbon frame I bought directly from a Chinese fabricator. The frame and fork cost a little over $600 with shipping and tax. I have beaten this bike to death on hard terrain including some bad crashes and the frame has held up extremely well. A similar frame made in the US would cost you roughly $2K or more. I've even seen my same frame being re-marketed and sold by onshore companies for over $1000. You do have to be careful which company you buy from because there isn't a lot of recourse if they ship you a dud. That said, I'll buy another one when this one breaks.
  8. Same. It's not hard to spend $10K on a high-end mountain bike. I worked in the bike industry for 5 years after college and often couldn't afford the stuff I was selling even with pro deals. Back then all the high-end stuff was made of Titanium and carbon fiber was just starting to show up on various parts of the bike. Now all high-end bikes are made primarily of CF. I still build all my own bikes but it doesn't always save money. The last crank set I bought for one of my bikes cost $500 and that was without a chain ring and bottom bracket. CF is incredible stuff but requires a lot of manual steps and expensive equipment (e.g. autoclave) to build with thus the high cost... I don't think I'd want an E-Bike that was made of anything else due to the added weight of the battery and motor. Just too heavy...
  9. Will do!
  10. Lucky you live so close. I stocked up in VT last weekend.
  11. I once marked a 120" fish when kayaking in 50' of water near Minot Light. Whitey has been spotted out there so I was wishing I had "a bigger boat".
  12. Is this like a Where's Waldo puzzle or did you really lose it?
  13. Hey guys. I need to get my handle off as well because it's squeaking and I want to service it. The T-10 on the handle just spins and doesn't back out. Is it stripped or is something else spinning inside? Any tips for getting it apart without breaking it?
  14. Impossible dream. While they are available in the $1500-$1700 range they weigh a ton. The really good ones are lighter and start at $5K. You'd be hard pressed to find a decent human powered fat bike for $500. They do exist but again, the cheaper ones are very heavy.
  15. Get the Elite 9'6". Love mine. Moderate enough to cast large Danny's and has enough backbone to bring in large fish. Throws 3 oz plugs down to 1/2 oz bucktails with ease. I've even used it in the canal in a pinch...