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  1. If your guides are in good shape and your bail isn't closing, it's very possible the line is wrapping around a guide as you cast. I have one rod where I have to be super careful that everything is lined up or the line tangles on the tip guide. I still can't work out how it happens but it happens to my son on that same rod. I've also had the line wrap on the stripper guide and snap. It's likely that I'm creating some slack on or before the backswing that allows the line to wrap on the cast. Question, are you sitting in a kayak when this happens or are you standing?
  2. I was mostly joking. I can't imagine needing to be clipped in on a fishing bike. I just use big platform pedals on my fishing fat bike.
  3. An Osprey dove on my Danny the other day. I gave it a yank at the last minute and he backed off. That's when you know your presentation is working.
  4. Been seeing this juvenile Bald Eagle hanging around the last couple mornings. He's been trying to catch herring which is impressive to watch. He's not nearly as good at it as the Osprey which were staying up river while this giant was around. This is the first Baldy I've seen this close to home and the first juvenile I've ever seen! Made my fishless morning that much better.
  5. Do you have cleats for those Eggbeaters on your wading shoes?
  6. Looks like you are a couple MM short of a full spool. Seriously though, it look about right to me. Line lay on those things is so good you shouldn't have any issues.
  7. Just curious, the Spin Links (SL2) are only 50# test while the Fast Links (FL1) are 80# test. When you lost the 50# fish on the SL2 did the clip bend or break or did your leader get worn through. I've always used the FL1 when hoping for larger fish or in current. I've only used the SL2 for schoolies and I never felt comfortable with them. I agree there is some variation in the coatings I've seen on them but I've never had one break on me. Below is a pic of the FL1 from the BreakAway USA Website. They look like the original and say "Quenched Stainless" as opposed to powder coated. I'm not sure what advantage powder coating would provide to stainless steel but quenching can make them harder. They don't have a picture of the SL2's on their site any longer. As for TA clips, I hate the 75# ones. They are very hard to change plugs and they quickly bend to the point where you can't get a plug on without bending them back to shape. The 125# ones are easier to change plugs but are too big and they also eventually bend. I've had the best luck with the 50# ones keeping their shape but wouldn't trust them on big fish.
  8. I don't have a Dewalt mower but I'm on my 3rd season with a Kobalt 80v push mower. The unit came with 2 batteries that charge in about 30 minutes. My lawn is just shy of an acre and depending on dampness, and length of grass I can usually do the entire lawn with a single battery or 1 battery change near the end. The mower has a sensor that automatically speeds up the motor when the resistance increases e.g. thicker, longer, wetter grass. I've had zero issues with it and it cuts and mulches as well as my gas unit did. Only thing I would change is to make it a little wider. I also bought a blower and chainsaw that take the same batteries and both products are well made with plenty of power.
  9. ++ for the SS Bullet. Also the Daiwa SP Bullet fast sinking. Both cast well in windy conditions and are very effective in high current rips.
  10. I hear them nightly on the south shore. My neighbors dog was attacked in their backyard. She's a full grown lab and not a small one. They get really loud when they make a kill and start fighting for their share. I see them when I'm mountain biking in the woods at night and when heading out fishing in the morning. One was running in front of my bike at 4am on Monday as I headed to my fishing spot. I even hit one with my car on the way to the canal one morning. They are everywhere!
  11. I am told Rexhame is closed.
  12. Like the title says. Looking for SP Bullets, preferably Bone Fast Sinking. Whatcha got?
  13. Some decent numbers in the hahbah and out front. Got a few on Saturday evening in howling wind & snow flurries. Got a dozen or so the last couple mornings including this purple one.
  14. Actually, adult Alewifes do grow to 15" but usually around 10".
  15. You are probably correct but you never know.