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  1. I saw a big patch of dead pogies last year near Grape island. Looked like they were sucked through a commuter boat impeller.
  2. I truly feel sorry for the residents. They should fence that whole section off and close it at night.
  3. Fall over while wearing those and good luck righting yourself or swimming back to shore. Unless he has flippers attached to the feet...
  4. Wow. I have to stop getting up at 3:30 all the time.
  5. Looks like California. Palm and eucalyptus trees in the background.
  6. If you have a harder material on the bottom of your board and a shark bites the board with you on it, it’s likely to cause a more severe injury. The teeth will be stopped from coming up from the bottom and instead push through the softer person on top. It doesn’t really matter what the board or kayak is made of as white sharks usually hit with enough force to knock the occupant into the water. If you are lucky the shark will swim off after tasting plastic...
  7. If someone moves the bike it makes a warning noise. If they move it again the alarm goes off. Here's the Amazon link. They make tracking devices for bikes but that's to recover the bike. Anything on it will be long gone...
  8. Put a motion alarm on your bike. I got one from Amazon for $15. It comes with a remote. I generally don't leave anything on the bike but have this in case I do or if I go into a store and have to leave the bike on my car...
  9. I saw at least 40 gray seals lounging on the bar off town neck beach yesterday morning. Ironically in front of the Drunken Seal. Four huge males snout and tail in the air and dozens of females nose up sleeping. There was a scuba diver under his flag a couple hundred yards away. I don't think he was being "shark smart".
  10. I use a rear mounted kickstand and carry a "Click-Stand" for extra security if I need it on windy days. Make sure the rear mounted stand has a connection to the chain stay and seat stay on the frame otherwise it can rotate (see photo). Also, don't forget to lock the brakes by putting a band around the brake levers. The click-stand comes with a few brake bands...
  11. What's the inside like on the top? Is it felted or is it a breathable coating? Possible to take a pic of inside?
  12. How well does it breathe in warmer weather like during a summer downpour?
  13. Well enforcement is always the problem with any regulations. We have to start somewhere and I think at crowded places like the ditch if a tag isn't displayed on a kept fish, conscientious fishers will have the ability to either say something or call the ECops. As an example, my wife and I were riding our bikes at the ditch last Sunday morning and I saw the typical scenario of a woman casually carrying a fish to the car while her assumed spouse and friends kept fishing. When she was done she returned to the group and sat down with the other women waiting for the next fish to spirit away. It was all I could do to not to ask how many fish she had in the car and it was my wife who said why don't they have to display a tag like dear hunters do? If a tag was required, I could have said, where's your tag? I'm happy to make a stink when there is an obvious infraction...
  14. Which is why I like the tag limit idea. Use up your tags and you are done for the year.