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  1. no doubt, progressives are on the cutting edge of all these disgusting perversions
  2. unless you are a liberal,socialist, or globalist , you are not going to like the outcome of this propaganda crusade. ps. the deep state is not only on board but they are an integral part of this "social change"
  3. and the Epstein story was deflecting something else, its all bs imo
  4. get out of here now, and don't come back until you are gay enough for this thread!
  5. greatness abounds on SOL much like fish stories , embellishments are many
  6. I've been watching some hipster apocalypse movies, they are funny as hell and you don't mind when folks start dropping like flys
  7. those guys were scary, sniping people at the gas station
  8. snowflakes anonymous meeting??
  9. a normal person is supposed to have a moral compass that tells them murdering complete strangers is a bad idea. some have a broken compass, people close to them may recognize this but rarely is anything done until they cross the line---
  10. slight exaggeration yeah,the source would be nice so we can figure the spin
  11. i'm on board with broken families,violent games,lying media,social media, and mind bending meds.
  12. i'm not a Q follower but the warning was timely
  13. it's an AARP thing
  14. ask your doctor and we sure hope you don't die
  15. i'm a skecher guy--get the slip ons and never tie your shoes again. do not climb rocks with them or you will surely regret it