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  1. shockingly, these fellows are the voice of the American public, parroting facts that are given by the very same people who rape the environment for profit. Brainwashed Sheeple
  2. ^^^ the article seeks to shame frack-detractors into compliance with big oils plans for our future. Corporations are charged with the pursuit of profit with no thought for the damage that could be done---residents have to think about the long term effects on their local environment.
  3. I had an old girlfriend that worked for the EPA, there were hazmat spills quite often but somehow the incidents never reached the breaking news---now that's transparency!!
  4. tell that to all the youtubers with methane fouled wells, many in Pa.
  5. same here, works every time
  6. problem is, you can't vote out the lobbyists
  7. that's great, i'm sure their decisions will not be tainted by the corporate money offered to them---i'd bet a 100k that the amish would have no part of this, they're in it for the long haul.
  8. neither do I, but I have spent at least 15 hours reading the pros and cons on this subject since fracking began-----------you??
  9. over 6,000 spills 2006 -2015 plenty of youtubes on the subject
  10. you give him too much credit, he's a parasite with aspirations --that idiot makes me cringe
  11. a key point^^^^ messing with ground water supplies is beyond stupid--water is life
  12. i'm anti-frack Cuomo may do a flip-flop on it because he is basically crooked, waiting for the right sized envelope