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  1. leave them be, North America used to be teaming with life, some people would rather make it a giant "dead zone"
  2. oh yeah agenda 21 is in full swing---NWO is now!
  3. now I just need some fish! Thanks for the advice
  4. I got a 12 wt line on amazon, working well in the pond across the street--loading the rod nicely with SH cast
  5. i'll look for the heavy line ,i'll be up near a few fishing shops today.
  6. I want the option of two hand casting, easier on the arms. if wading rivers were available a SH 4 wgt would be just fine, my work is mobile and the long island sound is the most available water.i try to fish when I have time available during the day. watching guys shooting heads a mile is very enticing, if I can learn the technique ps I have a Skagit max Shooting head 300 gr 20 ft that I got off amazon---chinese
  7. I bought a Chinese rod for 80 bucks,and i'd love to try heads out but who does this in queens or LI? being away from fly fishing for years I consider myself a beginner, especially with all these new casting options.
  8. I found an OPST chart , they say 375g with a t-11t-14 mow tip. this SH stuff is complicated
  9. govt regulated all these species and now they're all but gone---it's a fair bet that bass will be the same story
  10. I just got a TH 8wt 11' for the bay,i want to get an OPST SH for it,would 475 gr do the trick?? it's on sale at Cabellas
  11. thanks they have the rio for 50 bucks on amazon, can the tip extension be made with spare line at home? or better to buy , i'm thinking inermediate
  12. re-read your first post so a single handed 9/10 weight rod would take a 7 wgt Rio outbond short-head F ??
  13. found these online---does this help with finding proper weighted lines ?
  14. i'll check him out---thanks
  15. i'm think of a cheapo two-hand starter setup off of Amazon---100 bucks for rod ,reel.and SH bay and beach worthy---what wgt and length for the pole