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  2. the cops went a little overboard but the title is downright unacceptable
  3. take a look at 100 yr dow chart,,, what's wrong with this picture?
  4. a Brooklyn scammer from birth and now he's made of Teflon, I wonder what he knows about who?
  5. that's a fact, so I have to think this it's all about grabbing more guns.
  6. it makes you wonder what the real big shots get away with
  7. last Alaskans is my favorite, those people are the real deal---
  8. exactly--these loans are financial slavery and illegal for anyone but govt---of course
  9. that dude is looking like an old lady--
  10. oh yeahhhhh he's a prick at best thanks on the pic---btw
  11. David Hogg can't get the pic up but believe me ,he is extremely punchable
  12. yeah,he went a little overboard with that character, now that's what we expect.
  13. NYC violent crime is way down, they make these arrests to keep the courts busy and avoid PD layoffs. I would not be surprised if John went to 4 court appearances before pleading to his fine. very few people walk away scot free.
  14. i'm not so sure that's true