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  1. the Fed is the problem, not the solution leeches on society
  2. these bikes can work for years or possibly months, everything is made in china in lower price category. I want to start out cheap as possible and then go from there. if they do the job and last. there's a site called -made in china- that has what I want for $580 but you have to write and deal with Chinese factory yourself. I'll probably buy through amazon if I decide to pull the trigger.
  3. me too!
  4. never got the shot, I get the flu every 12 years or so---go figure
  5. https://www.amazon.com/ECOTRIC-Folding-Electric-Mountain-Bicycles/dp/B07CPFRW4T/B07DXGT2FV?ref=dp_vse_ibvc0 i'm looking at this Ecotric 20" on amazon---it's $860 bucks, if money was no object,,, I like the Radmini @ 1600 smackers i'm wondering if this thing will propel me down the beach , i'm 225lbs and figure 25lbs of gear. The bike is a folding model, will that hinge be strong enough or with it fail---that question haunts me
  6. de-evolution, there's a lot of it going around
  7. "I think it's a travesty! " I 've always wanted to say that
  8. that must have been very fast, most bikes are below the 750w motor for now,and our precious govt has put speed limitations on them
  9. I've been seeing a bunch of these fatty tired E bikes everywhere I go, many are priced $1500 and up but I'd like to find a decent one for $500 or under. Is this an impossible dream? PS. used is not an option for me,too risky imo
  10. I was stupid to wait so long, now send me a man-purse with some mustache wax and a 6 pack of IPA, I HAVE CATCHING UP TO DO
  11. I just jumped through a dozen hoops just to pay my 2017 taxes--I extended. This country is giving every schmuck who walks in the door more bennees than I will ever see and I've been working for 40 plus years. Doing the John wayne routine is getting old,i'm going after all the cheese I can git! food,healthcare ,cellphones ,i'm getting it all!!!!!!!!
  12. a two year break is worth it, or the fishing will get progressively worse
  13. this story is locked down tight, they want this to go away.[be forgotten]
  14. I've come to the same conclusion, there is a reason why older cultures treat women much differently than the enlightened West. they all crazy