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  1. yes it is
  2. I believe the truthers are bi-partisan and global, many more than you would think
  3. that is SHTF food only
  4. salted or not, only buy a peanuts only spread---I ate more peanut butter than most men seen
  5. sorry for your loss
  6. I feel the same about human/sheep hybrids----disgustin
  7. you called FM an idiot and me deluded, yet you are the butt of all manner of mockery on this site---in my world you would be a pompous schmuck and treated accordingly
  8. Frank and Widgeon i'll listen to facts but not to the BS that both of you are spouting. there are 20 things wrong with 9/11 and building collapse is just one, as an older,Christian ,conservative, patriot ---I hope you are not talking to me.
  9. i'm listening on the towers but #7 looked like a very conventional build
  10. like a controlled demo btw it doesn't happen--I found one skyscraper in asia that burned for 2 days,top to bottom, no collapse
  11. building 7 was not hit by plane,fire broke out somehow. historically skyscrapers do not collapse--I looked for others years ago, I found none.
  12. none what is yours ---none so why not answer my question
  13. hey Frank, what do you know about collapsing skyscrapers , for any possible reason at all?? I believe 9/11 has the only collapsing skyscrapers on record and #7 fell because of office fires--which is ridiculous
  14. I watched the top 2, good ones for sure. you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink