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  1. Could be ignorance or could be selfishness. Just as bad when other shore-based anglers pretend to ignore your presence and walk right into the area you are catching fish. The sad fact is “expecting people to respect you because you respect them is like expecting a lion not to try to eat you because you didnt try to eat it.”
  2. I work whenever work is required of me regardless of my physical location or time of day/night.
  3. Im available 24/7 via my work phone and work remote on my laptop as needed. Only thing I sacrifice is sleep. Dont hate
  4. Night shift 9-230am in RB. Had to work for them as it was a new spot for me but had 3 good bass and @chocodove had an XL bass after a few came unbuttoned.
  5. 5 inch gulp grubs on a bucktail or bare 1/2 oz lead head. New penny, pink shine mostly. Was shocked that none came on killies last week, which like others have said, gets it done early season. Keep it slow as well, no need for fast jigging. Got my largest just dragging it along the bottom. 3-8 foot depths mostly. Depending where you fish outging is usually best except further south.
  6. Too many variables - food, weather, water temps to accurately predict but the lack of them isn’t necessarily doom/gloom, its just part of the cyclical nature most animals. Not too many years ago, thick spring time gators were not the norm, with most of the spring blues I recall being thin racers with giant heads. The thick gators were mostly during the fall. Maybe they are flipping back to that pattern. Or maybe they are just late to the party.
  7. Use the shallow flat water and follow it to the “shoulders” of the bar and start there. You usually want your cast to start on the bar and wash off into the shoulder, which is deeper and is a likely spot for bass to be. On an incoming tide that shallow flat water may be a few feet deep and bass will be in it eating sand bug and other bait. Its easier to see them at night - IMO - because the contrast of white water to dark deeper water is more evident. Depending on how far out the tide is and the shallow water is, there may be a trough between the beach and the flat and deeper water on the offshore side of the bar. regardless, the best way to figure out the “good” ones is to fish them a bunch.
  8. Looking to see if anyone can ID this builders signature on a metal lip i got as part of a lot. Looks like the plug/lip have been modified over the years but heres the signature, purchased from someone in eastern Pennsylvania but they did not know. thanks
  9. jim is spot on with he “answer” but the john skinner style of drag maintenance has helped me the most, keep it locked on the hook set. Takes some time to get used to but not hearing the drag slip is worth it and trusting in your knots as well. If we didnt lose the big ones what would keep us up at night?
  10. I wish this would have known yesterday- i just invested in some other plugs yesterday. Ill reach back out if i come into some liquid cash but right now I am tapped out on fun money.
  11. Poor grammer in my part. Ill be looking for the Bagleys and agree pork is better but hard to find. On my last jar of Uncle Joshs
  12. Those, otter tails or Osprey custom lures real pork rinds all work. You will just have to choose what type of profile you want. Otter tails are not scented like the fat cows. You can also look into SS bucktails with the hackles tied in to the jig so no trailer is needed.
  13. WTB Gudebrod Super Mavericks - the 2oz size. Color doesn’t matter but will need to be in fishable condition. thanks
  14. Got through with pre-Easter festivities yesterday and decided to hit the back 8p-1a. Moon tide did not disappoint but the weather man sure did. Spent some time enjoying a cold one tucked away in a hole observing the lightning that was not originally in the forecast. Those who stayed out holding their rods during the storm should have their heads examined. Ended up with 2 real nice fish after the storm passed and hooked / lost a few more. I left early to make sure I was functional for Easter morning as a wise old salt was just settling in. The fish this week seemed to be more finicky and I needed to cycle through plugs to keep the bite going.
  15. Shes used to 430am ETAs so it was tongue in cheek. Shes extremely accommodating to my pursuits. Im lucky