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  1. Tide wasnt ideal but took a few snakes and threw them for awhile last night with only 1 whack out back. Went out front and fed the bluefish, which ate everything but the hook. Lots of swipes once i switched from liveys to an eelskin needlefish and even after switching to a glider but should have landed a bunch more than we did. lots of small spearing-ish looking baitfish out back. Bite died with the tide.
  2. Hope you photo shopped those rocks in or youll have company in no time
  3. I looked at the bright full moon and saw the brutal easterly wind and decided it was perfect to sneak out for a few night shift hours. It went about as well as expected. I did see more large spearing out back than before and enjoyed good company but nadda.
  4. The spring continues to be baffling. 1-2 on 2lbs bluefish then nadda. Switched to the surf and floated clams for the entire incoming - 1 dog for our efforts. Moved south and found 1 more bluefish that came unbuttoned. SOMC, 730-3am. Observed small bass under some dock lights being generally uncooperative. Saw approximately 1 small spearing.
  5. Late report - have not pulled a night shift in some time but did get out on a local bay and got 2 keeper fluke and some smoker sized bluefish. All on killies. Wind was horrible and the water never hit 60. Ill be out creepin before the holiday brings the masses.
  6. Super secret night shift Skunk in the mist. Yellow eyes spotted. Water got coooooooold quick.
  7. Awesome report. Nevermind the trailer, how was the line management and wind knot situation? This is just the type of report to get some goog washed off the beach.
  8. Some cosmetic scuffs and the grips have been covered with rod grip shrink tube but original cork is underneath. Other than that perfect
  9. Yes, ill get you more pictures and yes its still available.
  10. I could catch a 50 tomorrow and it wouldn’t be a fraction as memorable as this 16lber with my son. His first time seeing a bass and it was a good one. 36inches on the tape. Clams. The force is strong with him too - he said “we need to stay 2 more hours” and this fish came exactly 1hr 50mins later.
  11. Its a good thing boat fish dont count because I only went 1 for 5. It was a very strange night, didnt mark a lot of fish or bait either. Kayak guys seemed to be into a few. Oh and if anyone finds a bass with an old gibbs darter in its lip, Id like it back please. Warm water and upcoming moon has them on the move IMO. Im sure theres plenty going on in Perth Amboy.
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