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  1. Anyone been hitting on any speckled trout lately?
  2. I'd like some more info regarding the launch areas if you don't mind.
  3. Nice trout action the other day. A small redfish in the mix.
  4. You could get the switchblade transducer arm since you can't shoot through the hull. The 7" Humminbird SI G3's ducer is small compared to the 9" and up.
  5. A few more lasagna pics. When I locate these schools, I can never figure out which direction they're headed in. I fan cast all around the boat until I get a strike.
  6. Catalyst watch protector from Bestbuy. A little pricey but I've had it for over a year and it's still going strong. Waterproof as well.
  7. A post from their instagram account. This new Smart Link Battery Connector will be nice to have for powering lights and other accessories.
  8. Another cash grab by Old Town.
  9. Let me know your thoughts on this unit once you give it a test run. Thinking about pulling the trigger on it as well.
  10. I'm going to try and order the same thing you used above and make a new one, plus cut some extras.
  11. According to Old Town the pins are stainless. Am I allowed to post their email responses back on here? Not trying to get flagged or anything.
  12. Thank you for the link. Let me know how your drive held up. If it's not showing any signs of corrosion to the housing or pin, I'll be sure to apply the same tactics to the drive I have now or the new one if they replace it.