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  1. Oooooo k , that makes sense if you are trying to direct to exact spot. But usually i just push thumb bar on baitcastet and drop jig , then if no bite for a while reel up a little and release jig on over a few inches or feet till i find a tog . But i see what your saying if you want to drop back on same spot I guess. Thanks.
  2. Ok I guess, just lets you get to bottom quicker ? Only makes it there a few seconds faster I would think. Rather use a real lightweight baitcasting set up but guys swear by the higher catches with spinning.
  3. Sorry, I'm sure this has been asked but cannot find answer in search. Why is a spinning outfit so much better than a similarly light weight baitcasting outfit for tog jigging ? Can’t figure it out.
  4. Thanks!!!! Never realized that about the ratio ! Makes sense ... Almost like a bicycles gear.
  5. Thanks. Lexa 6.3/1 I think I will go with... Hard to find that ratio but I think eBay has one for 249
  6. Thanks... What do you think is better ratio for fluke and black fish ? I am usually in 40 to 70 ft of water. Theses reels are made in approx. 5/1 , 6.3 /1, 7/1 and 8/1. I'm thinking 6.3/1 or 7/1 ? My old penn is 4/1 and is good, just that I'm the last guy up when reeling in.
  7. Lol .... Your absolutely right... Caught a few double header keepers this season on my old penn 940 from the 1970s that I guess I'm just getting sucked in looking at all the pretty shiny new reels.
  8. Also like the Abu Revo toro Beast...looking to finally upgrade from my old penn 940...
  9. Which is a better real and why. ? What are the differences ? They are both about same price and similar specs... I will be mainly using for Fluke and Blackfish . Thanks for you advice.
  10. Anyone have an opinion on which is a better reel or the differences between these two ? Mainly want a new reel for both Fluke and Blackfish. Both seem well built and very similar specs. I know the NaCl is discontinued but I can still get them new in box. Both about same price. Thanks.