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  1. Agree - 5/8 to 1 1/4 is weapon territory.
  2. Mid level Bh Suzuki 10 with Stradic 5000 high level Century Weapon 9 6 with vr 50 i prefer the longer rods to fish surf and bay, I like the bend and leverage as well as casting distance not to mention, extreme fun
  3. Good luck Ocg. Since these posts, I have been able to challenge the Weapon 9'6 with a 18lb Bluefish. Two thumbs up. Very happy with this Rod.
  4. BTW - A couple of things I keep discovering with Century Rods: 1. Casting Results have more to do with technique than power; once this is understood, casts are effortless 2. The full appreciation for the rod will not be understood until once you start putting fish on it. That's when you can feel the rod's capabilities/sensitivity. This is also where it clicked about how rods really are different.
  5. OCG, I have this rod. It is mod/fast at the tip (I think they call it Fast), but will bend DEEEEP with a fish. It is insanely light. It is sensitive. It is thin. I do not fly fish, but in my mind, this is as close as I can get with a spinner. It is best suited for light-medium lures that don't exhibit heavy drag on the lure (for me, I don't like when lure resistance bends the tip of the rod on basic retrieve). Super easy to cast and get distance. Can throw it's weight. But think of this as a "light" class rod that can handle large fish. I grab this rod first, whenever I can. It is insanely fun with a fish on. If I have to throw bucktails in the ocean with some wind, or a bottleplug, or full size darter, I will grab my other rod. Light diamond jigs, small-med poppers, twitch baits, light shads, mag darter/sp minnow - I use the Weapon. There is no doubt, this is a high end rod. I use a VR50 with it. When I grab my other rods, they feel like boat anchors.
  6. No, you can't. And I have higher end Rods that I do prefer more, but the Suzuki 9'6" is a high performance/value rod that I have not seen better $ for $. Now if budget is not a concern, get the new generation Stealth S1.
  7. BH Suzuki 9’6 is my recommendation for performance and value. Will do what you want and is about $200. Mod/fast and a light weight rod that is true to the ratings and can handle a brute if your lucky enough...
  8. Co2 from powertank. Also use their monster valves to air down. This is a fast option... easy work on my 35” tires
  9. Bottom half of SS 10 has some bend, but nothing like the top. It is a very unique rod. Nothing like a DNA. Not like the suzuki 8 or 9 6. Think of the Suzuki 10 as a spinning rod that behaves like a fly rod for casting lighter lures. It’s not a rod I want to throw a 2oz bucktail in heavy surf...tip bends too much with that.
  10. It is funny, they feel like very different rods. The 10' is much more noodly - very light tip that is sensitive and bends deep - and I loved it for that. I could bomb a SP Minnow and slam a 10+lb blue fish and fight it in current, albeit with a BIG bend in the rod. Never failed me though. The 8', with the same lure weight range, feels much stouter. Two different rods for sure.
  11. I used my 10 for the surf or anywhere from the beach targeting bass blues and albies. I use the 8’ for same from boat. 10 has more bend and can cast farther. 8 is stouter overall.
  12. Depends upon the rod and guides. Easily upto 10’ such as a Bh Suzuki with small guides. Overall 7 to 10.
  13. Sorry for my curt initial post - was busy last night. Fishing the VR50 on the Suzuki 10 was my favorite combo. It worked much better than when I tried my VSX 150 on that rod. I would very much think an alternative may be a new gen Stradic 5000 or maybe the new Tsunami Salt x 4000 if it is good. The smaller spool, bailed VR50 was superior in casting through the very small guides of the zooki - and I actually felt the drag on the VR50 was stronger and smoother - this is where it had to all come together. You see, the Suzuki 10' Beeeeeends a lot. You will need smooth, strong drag if you want to play a fish with this rod.Casting distance, light combo, enough drag. That makes it a special combo...mess one up, and the rod is not as fun. The right setup will cast light lures a long way. The VR50 Handle has surprisingly enough torque to fight large Bluefish or Bass in current. I put 13lb bluefish on it in current and it handled the task (ask Ross). Yes, I had a $%&$ eating grin on my face during the fight. Great combo. GL
  14. I preferred the vr50 on that rod. Cast much better than vsx150.
  15. Assuming Targeting Bass/Blues, My short list is Budget - Star Med $ - Black Hole Suzuki 8’ ur would look at new ultra light to meet ur weight high - Century Weapon