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  1. 9’6 is correctly rated 3/4-3. Can go lighter and heavier in a pinch.
  2. Thanks. I will await her contact...
  3. I would preorder a 10’ 3/4-4
  4. Another morale of the story - because online purchase is so prevalent - is to inspect your purchase ASAP. If u do that and have a defect or shipping damage , I don’t think there is an argument for an immediate replacement.
  5. I will certainly report back after some use about the lure ratings for the 8. I can can tell you that I think the stated ratings for each rod are accurate regarding the 10 and 9’6 the 10 at 1/2-2; the 9’6 at 3/4-3. You can throw higher than the top of the ratings, example throwing 3 with the ten footer, but I don’t think it’s ideal. Back to this new 8’...I don’t know the rod weight. I can tell you it is ridiculously light. Just bending and holding this rod has me giddy. It is one piece. It has a great bend, yet feels stout enough. Stouter than the ten, less than the 9’6. This may be the best Suzuki Special to date...time fishing will tell.
  6. Bill, Hope you are well. I would like to order SIX 3/0 siwash. 2 Yellow 2 White 2 Purple PM me payment request, etc, Thanks, Mike
  7. I have the 8' but have not fished it. Judging by feel and bend - I love it. It has a stouter feel than the 10' Zuki 1/2-2 (figures!) because it is shorter. I am using this rod for small striper, fluke, blues, albies from shore AND casting from Boat. I also have the other Suzukis - I haven't noticed an issue with the foam grips. Love them all.
  8. BTW - i tried my Gosa 6K on it and it felt too big/heavy in relationship to the rod balance/feel.
  9. Trying a Daiwa JDM Theory 4000 on mine and so far I like it.
  10. My short list (in no order) of premium brands using newer technology would be: ODM Century Black Hole I have fished ODM and Black Hole. Great rods. Like all people, they have different personalities and specialties. Also have choices from 200-500+ dollars - factory or go custom. Wanted to check out Century, but hard time finding new info and product. But I include them in the list as I simply "perceive" the brand as high end with price and technology. Hope to try them someday. The funny thing, I know a Lamiglass, and many other Rods will catch fish. Part of my enjoyment is my perception that I have something special and I find the feel, fit, finish heightens my enjoyment enough that I am happy spending money on them...
  11. Let’s keep the dream alive!
  12. Good point. To clarify, I would run something else in 5k so it is actually smaller. Stradic 5000 yo be specific.
  13. Great photo....8k is going to be very big on a 9. 5k feels right. 6k a little big, but ok. Smaller than 5k is even possible.
  14. On a 9 or 9 6 I would go with the 6k. The 8 k is certainly bigger and I feel too big for that size rod. Unless u need the yardage is the only reason I would go larger than 6k. I prefer smaller than 6k on 9and 9 6 if there is a match for your use in terms of reel size and rod balance.
  15. Reed, IMO if you want to cast 4oz majority of the time, I would get a heavier rated rod. If you are castin within the stated range, I think they are accurate ratings for the BH Suzuki rods. So I personally would not choose the Suzuki 9 6 to throw 4oz as my main offering...I would look for a 1 to 5 or a 2 to 6 rated rod for that...but I do think you can use the rod in a pinch to throw 4 if you had to...