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  1. 2020 Wish List: Black Hole Suzuki Surf - 10'6 - same action as 9'6 Suzuki , maybe a little more moderate and more bend, perhaps a little more on top end of rating (say 3/4 - 3 1/2). 70/30 split. $250-275
  2. Bayyaker, it feels like the 10 bends deeper and is a different rod than the 9 6, thinking you just created a stouter version by shortening it. Could be wrong, but they feel like different blanks. Should make your lure range higher and tip stiffer. Btw, I usually let let the fish set the hook on the 10 instead of an immediate strike motion.
  3. Yo are not the only person. The rating of the Suzuki’s are very accurate. In a pinch you can throw above and below but they perform best in their stated range.
  4. 9’6 is what I would recommend for all around. 10 throws lighter and is more fun.
  5. I don't have a complaint with the foam - other than some slippage after handling a fish. My favorite upper grip is the "x" raised wrap that I have had on some custom ODM's - if I could change one thing, I would do that.
  6. I have the 10' 3/4-4 and am using a ZB 22 So far, it is a great combo.
  7. Jonathan, congrats! I am digging it too. What size did you get? Time will tell, but I foresee this rod being my all around choice when I want one rod to go out with. What reel are you using on it?
  8. If you had to go lug, then korkers are a must on rocks. I’ve slipped with lugs on wet jetty rocks and it’s no fun.
  9. I use felt sole boot foot and on each trip may fish open sand beach, bay rocky/sand/marsh and then inlet rock/jetty. I find the felt is best jack of all trades. If I were to fish Jetty in poor conditions, I would put on Korkers. I do not like lug sole. Bad grip on wet rocks.
  10. My short list would be: ODM DNA 10 or Genesis (based upon positive general experience with ODM). 9' Nex one is out of budget, but I love that rod for 1/2-3 Black Hole Suzuki 9'6 followed by Black Hole Suzuki 10' approx $200 - 10' only if you want a lighter rod - - although I fish it everywhere except inlet. Some conditions it is too light. 12 lb Blue in current the other day was fun. Suzuki price/performance is tough to beat. Black Hole Striped Bass Special 10' - 1/2oz bucktails with trailers - this would not be my first choice with this rod - but if you are looking for larger fish in current, and will throw 1-3oz more often, this is a high quality rod at $315. Can handle the inlet too. I'm sure there are lots of other options too...
  11. Got to put a 10 lb Bluefish on her today. Felt great. This rod has backbone. Can certainly handle any bass or bluefish.
  12. Kil, The more I have been using this rod the more I am confident in saying that this is my favorite combo for Bass/Blues in a variety of areas/conditions. The value/performance is outstanding. Now I need to put fish on it! (Work made me miss a helluva bite before eh Ross?)
  13. Yes, we used bait.
  14. We fished a bridge. Not sure which one.