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  1. Forgot to mention that traditionally a mod/fast or fast action rod may be considered best for casting metal and low drag lures the furthest.
  2. I would go BH Suzuki 10. It launches smaller lures and is perfect for smaller, but feisty, fish. If you are consistently throwing 2oz, then maybe opt for the 9’6 instead. Both are in your $ range. The 10 can throw 2 oz, but I like it between 3/4-1.5 most.
  3. I don’t think these are flukes. I found bass on the outskirts of the seals. Thinking about it, it could make sense that they are feeding off of scraps-similar to how you find bass under or around the bluefish. I do do feel like it is a skunk casting when they are right in front of you.
  4. Let us know how it does cut down...
  5. If I am fishing in current or looking larger fish (35”) then I am using my 9’6 Suzuki. The 10 suzuki is not targeted for large fish. 96 has more backbone and that’s what I would buy for those conditions. However, it is hard to not gush over the 10 for light lures and small to medium fish. Addicting.
  6. I’m in!
  7. It is so hard for me to....not....post.......... how much I love..... my Suzuki 10...sorry - couldn't stop myself.
  8. I'm itching to get fitching'
  9. Under $300 I would consider looking at a Black Hole 9’6 Suzuki Special. Excellent value/performance. 3/4-3oz and a light, but strong rod. Hard to beat for the $. Also, ODM dna 9’ may be another option. Have not tried, but good brand and this series is under $300. i find vs150 is best around 9’
  10. I will ship Monday. thank u Tim. Closing.
  11. Have a great birthday! Nice to meet you at Striper Day!
  12. People who bought whole lots first they are yours. Fluke off and put em back ill pm u my PayPal, pm me your address. I will ship Monday.
  13. Poppers and needlefish lot $45 shipped includes pp Swimmers lot $45 shipped includes pp
  14. So far so good (one season) surf and bay. Cutters didn’t impress me. But plier has been good. I spray with wd40 every now and then.
  15. Thanks Scoob. That is an option as I also see it - and have some credits I can use towards that - hmmm. Anyway, thanks all. Locking Thread.