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  1. Good to hear they resolved it for you. I think I bought it off of West Marine's website. Just searched for Garmin transducer cable extension.
  2. Had similar display issues with my Garmin unit on Hobie outback. The first time was a bent female connector in the transducer cable. Bought it at west marine, brought it back, they replaced the transducer on site since the wire/connector is integrated - great customer service. After that, I went ahead and bought an extender cable that I keep rolled up in the hull, that way if it happens again, I don't need to replace the transducer, just swap the cable. I also installed a BerleyPro transducer guard. I find that when I do a sand launch, the transducer house gets sand in it and cause distortion / the unit can't register the bottom. If I pick it up and lower it a few times to flush it out, that tends to clear it up.
  3. Was thinking the same but will probably wait until saturday. Friday looks like a cold windy day.
  4. Sure! I have a hobie outback. I caught myself on the wrong end of a tide a few times last year and was looking for a way to make traveling distances a little easier. There's a bunch of ready-made products out there in the kayak trolling motor market, but they're typically very expensive. Instead, I bought one of the small watersnake trolling motors and fitted it to the cassette that came with the kayak by drilling out the cassette and cutting down the motor shaft. The motor head will sit just below the hull. There's a bunch of youtube videos out there detailing the build process. I needed to make some tweaks as it was definitely a learning process. Going to power it off of a smallish 35ah battery which should provide enough juice for a few hours of constant use.
  5. I really needed to find a way to scratch the fishing itch over the winter so picked up a few projects along the way. Started repainting some old baits and some blanks that I could get my hands on, both fresh and salt. Still need to clear coat. Just don’t have the space, time or existing skill set to turn lures myself yet. Maybe eventually. Poured some rubbers and jig heads. Also assembled one of the motors that can be put down thru the kayak hull in the casset.
  6. Digging this thread out to show off a recent find! Went to a sale that was cleaning out the basement and had a bunch of old rods and reels. What looked like two dirty, seized reels ended up being two like-new greenies! Took a few hours breaking down and cleaning, but now have a 702 and 710, both near mint. Not sure if the 702 was ever used. The boxes were in a nearby pile too with paperwork, original lube, drag kits, etc.
  7. With the upgrades to the Spinfisher, is it an equal to the current slammer, or is there still a noticeable difference? Just curious and haven’t had the opportunity to go through each spec.
  8. Was out about a week and a half ago and ran into four of those seals. It was well into dark and I came within about 3-4 feet of stepping on one, didn't even see it until it whipped around to look at me, not sure who was more frightened. Had another pup come check me out, then casually laid down about 5-6 feet to my right as if he was looking for a belly rub. Decided to move spots and dropped what would have been the best fish of my lifetime. One violent head shake as I was trying to get a hold of its jaws and my bucktail finally popped loose as I lost my grip on it. That fish was every bit of 40lbs. Pulled one that was over twenty about an hour prior. Probably called myself ever name in the book and may have cried a bit on my way home.
  9. I was out the other night and actually had a guy specifically ask me what the fine would be for keeping small bass. He then told me that he got in trouble for keeping small fluke last year and that they only fined him $30. So this guy already got caught, and it was so insignificant that he’s willing to risk getting caught again. Need to change the fines and the enforcement. I also think there needs to be a more effective education program. There are a lot of people out there who don’t know that a salt water registry exists or that there are minimum size regulations in place for certain species. And yeah, that includes posting things in multiple languages. I moved along and looked for more productive water. Picked up my first keeper of the season, along with 4 other healthy shorts.
  10. Based on that... I might just mail it in for the day. I’m well behind ya and going no where. Try again tonight.
  11. I’m starting a new job on Wed morning and I purposefully took two days off to go fishing... woke up to it dumping rain outside. Assuming that out back will be muddied up and probably close to unfishable and out front will be rough as well. Not ideal.... but still headed out in a few.
  12. Thank you Tim S & SOL - also appreciate the opportunity FyshhTrap
  13. Indeed. Recently found out that they called it quits. Also just learned that Sportsmen Rendezvous closed up shop. In that general area, I believe there's only one store left - The Sporting Life. They're the only shop in the area that I know of selling shiners, herring, etc. Tanners in Bucks County does a great job of engaging customers and what looks like prospering, but they're insulated by primarily only dealing with guns. Completely different than fishing tackle.
  14. I'm asking because I'm genuinely curious. Which smaller shops would you say do a good job and are keeping up? What's actually left in the central NJ area? Because I'd love to support them. Sportsmen Center & Harry's are both gone, Effingers is gone, even little Behre's is gone. We're almost at the point where ordering online is the only option around here. I figured the BPS on the parkway would open eventually, but who knows if that will ever get built. I buy a lot from TD, but I've never been to their brick and mortar location.
  15. use mono as backing - top off the spool with braid, 20-30lb. Get the extra sensitivity and feel for what your working. Get some athletic tape to protect that finger while casting in the warmer months. i switch to cold weather golf gloves in the winter. good to go. keep the tape in your pocket in case you need to retape. don't go overboard with it, just two or so wraps will prevent it from digging into your digits.
  16. That's a Fixster that I grabbed from Norcalkat - who had a ton of great looking stuff of his own. Will definitely grab one of his slappin pencils in the future.
  17. Great show! Grabbed a few plugs to add to the arsenal and excited for fall. Was able to sit in on one of the seminars. Just a great job by the JSS guys again.
  18. I'm in - Happy V-Day.
  19. I'm in, thanks for the excitement...God Bless Mary!
  20. Thanks guys! It was the first time I've been to an 'estate sale' and my take is that its full of professionals. Kind of like a storage wars vibe. A lot of people who know each other and were discussing their other stops. All very kind to me though and not many cared about fishing gear. Truth be told, I had a great little score that day. Picked up a gaggle of old lures, that were all all hung up with lines and hooks. I managed to clean them up pretty well and there are even a few in there from the 70's and 80's that I've never seen before. One sells for about $30 online, which is far more than I paid for the whole collection. Mostly freshwater but a bunch of old big rapalas and swimmers which could get some use in the spring. I also picked up two seats for my brothers jon boat since he's been meaning to get them and I can't imagine he'd find them for $10. Best of all - a freshwater G.Loomis IMX bait caster rod which was practically brand new. Almost as guilty as the mount, I got that stick for $40. Probably could have gotten it for $10. Sorry to divert the conversation, but it's the only 'catching' I've done in 2018 and I thought you'd all appreciate the beautiful striper mount. Now I understand why guys say they stop at every yard sale they see - ya never know.
  21. Ha yeah sorry, indeed it was. When I learned they were only asking $50, I didn't even try to haggle. I almost felt guilty paying so little for such a truly beautiful mount. It's really well done.
  22. Complete side tangent, but I Randomly stumbled upon an estate sale this week and managed to pick up something that I think is absolutely amazing. The gentleman who passed away was a fisherman and had a beautifully mounted 40lb striper, which I hastily bought for $50. I’m sure he’d be glad to know that it will continue to be displayed and appreciated for years to come! Plus, I’ve never caught one this large, nor would I consider doing anything but setting her free when I do.
  23. Had a good time at the show. Picked up a few things for my brother and I. Mostly for him since he couldn’t join. I throw a lot of bucktails, and picking these up for $3 a piece is worth it. Beats $6 a piece at dsg.
  24. Hang in there and good luck. Hoping it's nothing, but keeping ya in the thoughts and prayers.
  25. Sending over thoughts & prayers and hoping for the best...