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  1. Saw big splashes on bunker this morning. Unfortunately out of reach. Managed 1 schoolie on a popper. Moco out front 4 am to 7 am.
  2. OC out front 5 to 10 pm, tossed bait. Dogfish prevented the skunk. Nothing else.
  3. Last night OC out front. Bait and plugs. One bump on the plug. Avoided the skunk with dogfish.
  4. Great report, glad to see texoma stripers still going strong. Used to fish Kaw lake for hybrids, stripers and drum. Good memories.
  5. I use the bg3500 for albies. Bg8000 for my chunking rods. Slammer 4500 and vr50 for spinning setups.
  6. Late report. OC out front. Caught a nice trigger and was on small blues 3 to 5 lb range busting on mullet.
  7. I have paired with a vr50. Light and strong. Was able to pull in gator blues with no worries this spring. My tackle got destroyed but the rod n reel performed magnificently.
  8. Oc nothing. Didn't help with d-bag twins on the jetskis.
  9. OC out front 5 am to 9 am. Had blues on metals. They weren't interested in poppers. Did see a huge fluke get pulled out of the wash.
  10. Oc in the back. Steady pull of blues. Kept 2 for the grill. 3 to 5 pm
  11. Usually in the spring, the blurple seems to work better at night. Pink candy does well in the back.
  12. I had 2 sps with updated hardware, gators bit them off. Then had 2 new ones in the bag and those got destroyed. Ended with soft plastics to just keep fishing. It was a fantastic day.
  13. Moco out back. 8 to 11. Had the spot all to myself. Gator blues throughout that period. Tackle got busted up pretty good. 2 sp minnows became ringless and hookless. Soft shads decimated. Lost a bunch of other plugs in process.
  14. Montgomery county here. Lately I've been doing a run to the surf once a week with my kids. Haven't caught much but learning each time out. I hang out at some of the B&T along 309 from time to time.
  15. Took the kids out to the beach to get out of the house. Just soaked bait, OC outfront. Didn't expect to catch anything but did avoid the skunk with a dogfish. Saw a gull scoop up an adult size bunker then watched 5 others join in the squaking along the beach as each one tried to take the flopping bunker from the other.