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  1. I live right by The Hook. Every time I go over the bridge, I give a little look. Haven't seen anyone out there lately.
  2. Forget Rumson. Long trip to the bay. Atlantic Highlands and Leonardo are fine. Plenty of parking at AH.
  3. Yeah, Im in Highlands keep my boat at Gateway on a rack. Got tired of painting.
  4. Before or After For a quickie in Sandy Hook area Bay Ave Bakery in Highlands. After, Tommy's in Sea Bright. After, On the Deck in Atlantic Highlands. That Kelly's Reuben (Mini version) goes great with a couple of their Bloody Mary's.
  5. Been away for 2 weeks. Had the pleasure of having my back ripped open. 3 Level lumbar Fusion/laminectomy with hardware. Guess I timed it right. Should be back in business for the spring run. After reading all the horror stories, it hasn't been too bad. Off pain meds already.
  6. My season is officially coming to an end. Back surgery on Monday. Hopefully back in action for spring run.
  7. I use Howell Gun Works.
  8. All my rods are from 9' to 10'6" nothing bigger. In the Monmouth Co area I find that I mostly use my 9'6". I have a Tsunami Airwave Elite 9'6" 1-3oz. Good rod for lightweight plugging. My most used rods are my 9'6 and 10'6 ODM Frontiers. Expensive, but worth it.
  9. Took a ride through the park yesterday. Didn't see any.
  10. Read the reel description on their site. It only states that the drag system is waterproof. Nothing about the reel itself. The VM isn't waterproof either. Can't assume that all the VS's are sealed. They get you on the fine print. Only reels I have that get dunked are my ZB's and my VSX's.
  11. Went to one of their meetings in Long Branch and that's where I learned about the surgeon I eventually went with at NYU. Glad I did. 7 months out, still dribbling, no action down below, but all test results came back great. He said all function should return but it will take time and a little help from one of those magic pills.
  12. That's the way to go. Recovering from prostate cancer and have the absolute same outlook. Can't let this crap get you down. Have a Merry Christmas.
  13. Thanks guys. Have a Merry Christmas.