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  1. I'll take dogfish over skates.
  2. Skin so Soft works great. You can get it on the net if you look. Got 2 bottles on Amazon about 2 years ago. Still have it. It goes a long way.
  3. That's one of the benefits of being retired. Don't have to wait for the weekend.
  4. My boat stays on the rack on the holiday weekends. All the yahoos will be out there.
  5. It's gonna be as entertaining as watching people at a boat ramp. Where's my chair and cooler?
  6. Get a Shimano Baitrunner for fishing bait with a spinner.
  7. Somebody should take the cup and dump it over his head.
  8. So it's not that much different than down here.
  9. Yeah, SH sucks. Don't fish there. Stay away. It's not worth the trip.
  10. Guy in my Firehouse was named Moran and we called him Mongo. Go Figure.
  11. Have been using gulp almost exclusively for the past 5 years. Still out catch anyone using bait on my boat. I use a high/low rig with a teaser and Gulp Grub on top and a Gulp shad on the bottom. Keeps Sea Robins to a minimum, but those bastards still manage to get caught.
  12. There's no set rule. Stripers are lazy. Blues usually will hit almost anything that moves. You just have to try different things on each cast till you find something that works. Some days, NOTHING works.
  13. Happened to me last year. All it takes is one second of not paying attention.
  14. +1 on Giglio's. The father, Ernie" will talk to you all day. Nice guy. Swim shads always work well in SH, but if blues are in, they won't last long. Ava's are good for blues. Also play with your retrieve speed.
  15. Nice Fluke. Too bad once the season opens you won't catch anything over 17".