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  1. I'll use them, but I won't like it. I catch and release anyway.
  2. I might get flamed for this, but if you know how to fish and pay attention to your line, there's no need for circle hooks. They take the fun out of fishing. Trying to set the hook makes the difference in a fish getting away and getting caught. Problem is, there are too many people out there that don't have a clue what they are doing. I never dead stick fluke from my boat, and never gut hooked a fluke. Striped Bass either get caught by lip or get away. They get away anyway, since I'm strictly catch and release with Bass.
  3. For years rode my bicycle from my house in Staten Island to my Firehouse in Manhattan, with some help from the ferry. For the past 14 years my commute has been from the bedroom to the kitchen. Traffic sucks. lol
  4. Yeah, big ones are tough. They don't always go along with the plan and it's easy to get a treble in your finger. Thing that kills me is when I see guys fling the little ones like they're a piece of trash.
  5. I see people grabbing them by the tails and sometimes even the gills. They don't have teeth. Grab them by the lower jaw and release the hook. I try to not touch the body of the fish so their protective slime doesn't get damaged. Doesn't always work out that way though.
  6. I'm gonna go out and get skunked tomorrow.
  7. My grandson just turned 2 so I have to wait a while for surf. Will get him on the boat next year.
  8. Just downsized to an ODM 2 tube bag. It holds a lot of crap if you're good at packing. Works great on a belt. A little pricey, but built good. If you want a bag where nothing gets tangled, get a suitcase with lots of tubes. I have to rearrange my plugs after every trip.
  9. I was out just before storm. Bunker everywhere. Looks like something is on them, but they're just flopping around. Cast right into middle of them and NOTHING.
  10. Thanks for that disturbing image.
  11. I use the app "Buoy Data". You can pick any date you want in any area.
  12. Dredging, people keeping breeder size fish, people taking more than their limit, and gov't taking years to finally figure out we needed a slot fish. No wonder the bass population is shot.
  13. Asking. I don't need to sell it. It's already a low price.
  14. It's Gen 2 with the modified butt cap. Of course the pieces match.
  15. Sorry. It's in mint condition