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  1. I was referring to the taste. LOL Love catching them, but they don't make it to my table.
  2. Somehow Bluefish and Quality doesn't sound right being used in the same sentence.
  3. Dumbest regs ever. Do you know how many people are gonna throw back that dead 19" fluke when they hook that 24" fluke. Most of us wouldn't, but there is a certain part of the population that will do just that. Maybe 3 fish 17-24 would've made more sense. But, what do I know!
  4. Another old fart here, 68 too. Just switched to Ben Parker spoons for bass from my boat. They've all ready proven themselves.
  5. Depending on how far off the beach/sand he was anchored, any small flotation device would've gotten him ashore where a car could've been waiting. Hypothermia???? Wetsuit. It's possible.
  6. Guess you haven't watched the 1st period. We might need more than 1 or 2 adult beverages. Gonna be a long game.
  7. I have a Stella 6000FA. Never used. Got as a gift years ago.
  8. Your Check Book. You're gonna be using that the most.
  9. Does Boat US do the towing for Geico if you don't join Boat US?
  10. I have to check whether the bail less is for a 22 or a 25.
  11. I can swap it to bail less. I have 3 other ZB reels that I swap parts out with. I'm in Monmouth Co. NJ. Are you local?
  12. I have a silver zx25 bailed. Never used. Also have the parts to make it bail less or a ZX 22. $700 if interested.
  13. Never had Gulp juice stain my clothes, but then again, I wear crappy clothes when I go fishing. I use my fingers when I pull out pieces. The only down side is that my fingers smell like I was on a hot date with a dirty girl. LOL
  14. All I ever do is lay them on the dock and run a hose over them. No pressure. Just let the water run over them. Never had one corrode. I have a Calcutta 400TE that's over 10 yrs old and it's in great shape.. Oh, and clean and lube at end of the season. Once you go bait caster for Fluke, you'll never look back.