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  1. Been retired from FDNY at 52 for 14 years. First few years were fun, then it started to get a little boring. Couldn't work, back issues. Finally got the back fixed and then learned I had prostate cancer. (taken care of) Moral is.........after you retire, don't just sit on your ass. Get out there and do as much as you can before time catches up with you. Good Luck.
  2. That really disgusts me. These guys should have their pics and names posted. I don't keep any bass at all. It's strictly catch, photo, and release for me. Guys like this should spend a month in jail for each illegal fish.
  3. I know one lot that might be closed soon on the bay. Passed by on Saturday just to look, and the parking lot was packed full. Even on a good day, I've never seen it that way. I'm $hit canning the surf this year and hopefully will be able to use my rack stored boat. Boat launches are closed and this is gonna force some of those guys to start fishing from the beach. Even more crowds. No matter how far away you are from the next guy, you know as soon as you land a fish he's gonna start inching over. Sorry, I'm 66, and fishing isn't as important as my health
  4. I agree with you except all the locals know all the accessible places and there aren't too many of them. So guess what, they'll be crowded too.
  5. What is non essential construction? If you're in the middle of a home renovation are they supposed to stop? Who checks this crap? So the "immigrants" can continue to clean houses, cook in "essential" restaurants, etc, but let's continue to shut down all other businesses.
  6. Maybe so, but it's what supposedly started this whole mess.
  7. It amazes me that people are more worried about catching fish than catching this Chinese Virus. I'm not going out till I get my boat in the water. Too many A-holes out there. Fishing used to be considered a solitary sport, now it's a group sport.
  8. Sorry, but in years of striper fishing, I have never gut hooked a bass from my boat. I lost a lot due to missed hook set, but that's part of the game. I only use plugs from the beach. Circle hooks are great for people who like to dunk their bait and kick back. If you're not setting the hook, it takes a lot out of the sport. A lot of bass get away with conventional hooks. Circle hooks will cause more bass to be landed and more will be harvested. I'm strictly catch and release with bass. If it's the law, I'll do it, but I'll hate it. BTW, I keep separate setups for snagging and live lining. I snag them and they go into the live well. Just my opinion.
  9. Park Police will probably be at the entrances. I take this to mean everything is a no go. Some beaches closed, all others probably to follow. People will be looking for different places to fish and they will be CROWDED. Will probably cause local LEO's to close them down. Guess party boats are SOL. Hopefully marinas aren't closed so I can at least get the boat out. I missed the last 2 spring seasons due to surgeries and was looking forward to this one.
  10. I don't understand how they can eat this crap. Didn't they ever hear of chicken soup?
  11. There were at least 3 of them tied up ready to go in Atlantic Highlands last time I was there.
  12. This is never gonna end. NY Gov Monkey Man Cuomo and Lurch DiBlasio keep telling people not to crowd together, yet they keep the subway and other mass transit open. No one is working.........Oh wait, the restaurants are open for take out and all the "immigrant workers", who couldn't give a **** about you or me, crowd onto the trains to get to a job to keep the "essential" restaurants open. When did eating out become so important? People can't pay their rent, mortgages, car payments, etc, and they're worried about restaurant owners???? Get a grip. Shut the whole friggin mess down for a month. It'll be cheaper in the long run. Just let me know if you're gonna shut down the liquor stores........I gotta stock up.
  13. Bingo! Now if the A-holes in NYC would shut down the subway and the restaurants for 2 weeks to a month, maybe this thing would slow down. Telling everyone to stay home and leaving the subways running is moronic. What better way to spread this $hit. Why is everyone so worried about restaurants anyway. What about the people who are losing their jobs. Are restaurant owners special. Just shut all the $hit down. Now liquor stores, that's a different story. I need to make a booze run.
  14. This is an April Fool joke, RIGHT????
  15. Big problem is that no one is working these days so there are a lot more people off during the week now which means a lot more people out fishing, even late cause they don't have to work the next day. So much for us retired guys having the beach to ourselves during the week.