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  1. Tastiest??? Give me your address. I'll drop off all my Bluefish.
  2. Just put white bandage tape around your finger. I do that even with plugs.
  3. Looks like you're a bait fisherman. You won't be using the same rod for bait and plugs. If you intend to do both, get 2 rods. A plus rod rated 3/4 or 1-4 and another capable of tossing 8oz. Tsunami Airwave Elite is cheap enough for a plug rod.
  4. Don't know where you are, but Giglio's in Sea Bright is a good spot too and so is Fred's on 35. Giglio turned me on to Hogy swim shads. Worked very well for me in the fall. I know what you mean about the $$$. the lures come in so many great colors you want one of each LOL
  5. I have 4 St Croix surf rods, 2 Avids and 2 Legends. Last year I made the "mistake" of buying an ODM Frontier X 9'6". It's been my "goto" rod. Like it so much I bought the 10'6" X and the 10' Genesis. I have a 9'6" Tsunami Elite which I use just for bucktails. If you're only going to get one rod, I'd look at the 10' range and 1-4 oz rating.
  6. There are a lot of people on assistance and a lot who don’t have to pay property tax. We’re outnumbered.
  7. I had to reach back into my vocabulary to find a suiting name for him....douch*bag. His gun law antics are even worse. Like the criminals really pay attention to them, just like the morons who follow the fishing regs.
  8. You did see the LOL on the end didn't you.
  9. Doc just gave me the OK to twist, 3 long months after back surgery, but just in time. Should be out there next week.
  10. It'd be nice if they could run a shuttle service at the tip. LOL
  11. Just great. One of the main reasons I left Staten Island. Talk about overcrowded.
  12. It's really not that surprising seeing that all the available lots in LB are being bought up and developed into hideous apt buildings. Guess living in the city has become so expensive that people are realizing it's not that bad of a commute from down here. Especially if you take the ferry. More people, more cars, more traffic.
  13. 10 weeks into recovery from back surgery. Waiting for the Doc to give me the OK to twist. Should be just in time for the season opener.
  14. Snell all my hooks. Like above Gammy 8/0 on 50# fluoro on a fish finder rig.
  15. I live right by The Hook. Every time I go over the bridge, I give a little look. Haven't seen anyone out there lately.