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  1. Tim you said genetics but do you think Lyme disease had any effect ? I agree about getting now instead of later . My wife really needed it but she can't because she really isn't healthy enough so the recovery would almost be as dangerous . They have her on meds .
  2. Jimmy it came out awesome !
  3. Good stuff !
  4. I’ve been craving some pork tacos so I got a pork shoulder on sale . Boned it out and seamed it too ! I removed the skin cap and rubbed the fat side with chipotle adobo and my dry rub . Rubbed the pork with some lime juice and my dry rub . Preheated my Egg with my cast iron Dutch oven added some olive oil in the pot and seared my pork . Added some stock to the seared pork with onions and jalapeños then covered that with the skin cap . I’m not doing any smoke . Covered the pot gonna let that go a bit then uncover to crisp up the skin ! IMG_4515.MOV
  5. Yes it is , he just put it back up today . I posted a link but Chumfish deleted it !
  6. This is a really great show free on his website ! Neil Young has dug into his archives and unearthed video of a complete concert he played with Crazy Horse at Buffalo’s War Memorial on February 16th, 1991 on the Smell the Horse tour. He posted it for free on his Neil Young Archives website.
  7. Recorded 5-16-19 Orpheum
  8. Old school Hippie style Chemex
  9. My first concert 17 years old Winterland , San Francisco