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  1. Fast forward 34 minutes to the beginning of the show ! Twist up and blast off ! DJ Logic & Friends March 27, 2021 Denver, CO @ Knew Conscious SBD > YouTube > VideoProc > MP4 > Vegas Pro > WAV > CD Wave Editor (tracking) > FLAC Set One: 01. DJ Logic (solo) > 02. Improv > 03. Improv > Pure Imagination [Willy Wonka] 04. Improv > 05. Improv (inc. Third Stone From The Sun [Jim Hendrix]) > 06. Improv (?inc. Sing A Simple Song [Sly Stone]?) Set Two: 01. DJ Logic (solo) > 02. Improv > 03. 777-9311 [Prince / The Time] > 04. Improv > 05. Nuthin' But A G Thang [Dr. Dre] & Bag Lady [Erykah Badu] teases) > 06. Chicken Grease [D'Angelo] (inc. Nautilus [Bob James] tease) 07. Everybody Wants To Rule The World [Tears For Fears] 08. Improv > 09. Eleanor Rigby [The Beatles] 10. Improv (inc. Watermelon Man [Herbie Hancock], Got Your Money [Ol' Dirty Bastard], Cosmic Slop [Funkadelic], Inspector Gadget Theme, Smells Like Teen Spirit [Nirvana], Directions [Miles Davis] & ???) 11. Improv > 12. Improv (inc. ???, Hang Up Your Hang Ups [Herbie Hancock] & Give It Up or Turnit a Loose [James Brown]) > 13. Improv 14. Improv > 15. Power To Love [Jimi Hendrix] > Improv DJ Logic - turntables MonoNeon - bass DJ Williams - guitar Jason Hann - drums Guests: DeShawn "D'Vibes" Alexander - synthesizer & keyboards
  2. Mike they are basically two strips of silicone tied and epoxied on a hook with eyes . The silicone is really durable and doesn't get shredded by the Sea Bass .
  3. I used these this Feb during Virginia's special season . They worked awesome with no bait .
  4. Yep ..... Fun !!
  5. Damn bro you didn’t let me know ! I thought we were friends ! Yes I’m older than you !
  6. I have two batteries so I go to Rehoboth a lot and could go to Dewey easily maybe even Indian river inlet ! You must know how bad car traffic is around here so the bike trails are really convenient .
  7. You do have valid points , my post was in jest . In my town bikes have become a real concern and with Covid restrictions people are looking for ways to get out and this has contributed to a danger for Bikers , Walkers and cars . Lewes is a resort town and the bike rider population has exploded . Like everything else it's the bad and selfish and ignorant people people who ruin it for the one's following the rules !
  8. Nice try keep working on your reading comprehension so I don't have to borrow Tim's crayons
  9. It can carry up to 400 lbs so your fat ass could ride it too !
  10. This is mine it’s a Utility Cargo bike . A class 2 electric it will go 20mph for 25 miles on one charge . It’s all I ride around town . There’s lots of bike trails here in Lewes and in Cape Henlopen st park . Eat my dust bitches !
  11. Only in America will people ride in their car a couple blocks to the inconvenience store to buy a pack of smokes !
  12. You sound just like the fools advocating Gun control ! Its all the Bicycles fault !