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  1. I like to rub sweet soy glaze on my meat of choice as a marinade .
  2. I’ve had this Global ceramic steel for 20+ years and haven’t been able to get the hang of it . I think it was about 80$ back then . I use a Dexter Russel diamond steel for work purchased from my local tackle shop . This is the best online shop I’ve found for price on knives and gear . I’m fortunate to have a local knife shop that has an excellent selection of culinary tools that I have purchased most of my knives from . Their service is excellent .
  3. Made some chix thighs and smoked Mac n cheese on my egg . Wife made pot salad . Local white corn . I like to remove the chix skin and render the fat for later which leaves some yummy crunchy snacks .
  4. Takes some technique to keep folding that over and over