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  1. Exactly! People spending hundreds of dollars more for a rod and reel that is less that half a pound less total need to start hitting the weights or exercising atleast.
  2. We live in a world where everyone has to have the "best" or most expensive thinking itll make us better fisherman. So to answer your question, yes, unfortunately.
  3. Stay south of the bridge
  4. Been down there and the answer can often be no too
  5. Thats their spinning, their conventionals rated higher. I have a carnage 2 spinning 4-8 n often and easily cast past its limit. Its a beast of a rod and when fighting larger rays or sharks i prefer it to my mojo 6-16.
  6. Stupid freakin saying. So you need to be able to cast 150 yds to catch fish? Gotcha.
  7. Sucks to be you, mine are still going strong. I found the 6-16 was a little bit more moderate than i prefer tho. The 11 3-6 is my fav of the mojos.
  8. What mojo are you talking about? The 3-6, 6-16? I have both and they can easily cast above their limits.
  9. Every qb misses throws, brady is what? 43, lamar is 22
  10. Jealous huh.
  11. Hi Marty
  12. Thats probably the same story i read(as every angler sticks the fish out to add 20 lbs)
  13. App it was 81.88 but the more i do research it seems bs
  14. Cant post a pic for some reason, keeps freezing bit look up john todd hudgins. Can someone tell me if its real or not
  15. Caught in october apparently?