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  1. Not gonna be a noticeable difference in casting distance/ability etc. because of the guides if you use even 30lb braid compared to 50
  2. Ever think about bumping it up to a 9 or 10 and cutting some of the butt off or do you want to stay with a 7-8ft rod? And does it have to be 2 piece?
  3. Gotta be a lot more specific bud, length, bait,lures,what weight lures or bait, do you prefer moderate or fast etc.?
  4. Whats your price range and what is the rod you currently have?
  5. Sry should have been more specific, was referring to the o.p. trust me i've heard enough about bh to know their prices.
  6. Price range?
  7. Im just f-in with ya. Youre good.
  8. * what did puerto ricans ever do to you, what made em thugs and out on parole?
  9. Not all the time, what about when you come across someone 50-100 yards from a spot that you frequent regularly because it hits and they're just curmudgeons
  10. Terrymac, professional troll
  11. Instead of spending $500 on 1 "do all" rod, get 2 rods for seperate applications
  12. An opinion that many many people find to be true
  13. Heres some advice... Theres no such thing as a jack of all trades surf rod.
  14. One of the heavy carnage 2 jigging models
  15. Yes, i got it for when the current is strong and waves are big but even then its very stiff and fast. Even casting a 3oz bt it felt like the rod didnt bend that far down into the blank. Now the 3/4-4 is great, id say its more of a 3/4-3 but can handle 4