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  1. Sports forum
  2. Just use of a cousins custom 9ft 1-4 mmf, personally I loved it, it felt more moderate that moderate fast but still seemed like it had the backbone of a mhmf and he had more than the average amount of guides in it and they were all braid guides. To me the sweet spot seemed around 2.5/2.75 ounces
  3. St croix sciv, nothin better
  4. You can ask all the questions and watch all the videos you want but until you go out and fish you wont learn
  5. If youre trolling from a boat a conventional is the way to go and depending on average depth,type and size of fish youll want a level wind
  6. X100 I think hes trying to write a book and not ever fish
  7. This might different for each person and the only way to find out which works better for you is to go out and try for yourself but i tend to find that the sp works better in rougher and deeper conditions while the yo zuri works better in calmer shallower conditions.
  8. But throwing that one lure out hundreds of times just to say you caught a fish does? If it works, it works, doesnt matter how.
  9. Dolt?
  10. Okay then what about the blatant holding by jordan in front of the refs or the stomping by i forget his name infront of the midfield judge or the full on grabbing facemask in front of another judge. Who cares. Us bitching about an obvious missed call isnt gonna turn back time.
  11. Yes it was but at the same time you cant have the calls go one way and not the other, its either call everyone or none
  12. That pass was easily catchable but better yet, if the cb turned around, it was an easy interception.
  13. They are tho, why the level of aggregiousness was obviously different, ill keep saying until i die.... a penalty is a penalty. There were blantant calls in front of refs that could have been called for both teams.
  14. Never said it wasnt, learn how to read. Im talking about the people bitching about that MISSED penalty but forget about all the others that were missed for the rams. Both teams had missed penalties against them.
  15. I obviously thought about it, you didnt because youre picking what penalties should and shouldnt be called. No idea who the **** he is and dont care either. He may be for the refs and the nfl, Im for fairness, both teams had calls against them that cost them both points. You cant pick and choose, Youre saltier than the ocean.