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  1. Okay then what about the blatant holding by jordan in front of the refs or the stomping by i forget his name infront of the midfield judge or the full on grabbing facemask in front of another judge. Who cares. Us bitching about an obvious missed call isnt gonna turn back time.
  2. Yes it was but at the same time you cant have the calls go one way and not the other, its either call everyone or none
  3. That pass was easily catchable but better yet, if the cb turned around, it was an easy interception.
  4. They are tho, why the level of aggregiousness was obviously different, ill keep saying until i die.... a penalty is a penalty. There were blantant calls in front of refs that could have been called for both teams.
  5. Never said it wasnt, learn how to read. Im talking about the people bitching about that MISSED penalty but forget about all the others that were missed for the rams. Both teams had missed penalties against them.
  6. I obviously thought about it, you didnt because youre picking what penalties should and shouldnt be called. No idea who the **** he is and dont care either. He may be for the refs and the nfl, Im for fairness, both teams had calls against them that cost them both points. You cant pick and choose, Youre saltier than the ocean.
  7. Ok...i thought about it... An offsides is a penalty That hit was a penalty. A penalty is a penalty no matter what Think before you comment again, seriously.
  8. And the rams didnt? And you call the refs ignorant and incompetent. Now thats funny
  9. Doesnt matter how aggregious or non aggregious the play is, a penalty is a penalty and the refs missed calls for both sides.
  10. Yeaah lets forget about all the non calls against the rams. Doesnt matter when they were or wernt called, you cant pick and choose when you think youre right. There were missed calls for both teams
  11. Id like to think law enforcement f.f. emt's and the like deserve to be put higher on the scale than someone who picks up a little trash. Thats a lot easier than what the people in uniforms do. Like i said, dont be mad at the f.f. be mad at the people who singled them out over the other just as deserving groups.
  12. You cant be this stupid can you? You are saying that choosing over making is a bad thing when that says more about a persons character than most. They choose to be in a dangerous profession and if a little surf tag as a thank you has your britches in bunch then you need to check your mindset. If youre mad about the tags being handed out be mad at the amount(if its very high) not the people receiving them.
  13. Dont believe someone when they say the rod can handle a 5+oz variance in weighted lures well. Can it handle them well, sure, will it handle them well, no. The exact same rod wont feel the same casting 8 ounces verses 3 ounces.
  14. Whats the maximum weight lurea youre throwing with because thatll help determine the 2-6 or 3-8