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  1. So going off of few dozen complaints out of the thousands upon thousands built is warrant enough not to buy them. People shouldnt buy chevys or dodges etc. because of their problems? Blind devotion? So using a rod that has never given me 1 single problem(knock on wood) is blind devotion if thats the case everyone is guilty of blind devotion. Ive tried and used many other brands and found that st croix suits me best. Doesnt mean that i will say that one company sucks or that st croix is better, just that st croix isnt as inferior as everyone else makes it out to be because there are obviously plenty of people that feel the same way to me when it comes to st croix. Bought my rod from bps during the spring sale and have nothing but good things to say when ive dealt with st croix for my inshore and other rods. If youre comparing a st croix to an edsel(which is one of the dumbest comparisons ive ever heard) that means by your logic that 75% of the other rod companies are trash.
  3. Funny, my mojos can throw under and over their weight ratings, you mist have had bad luck with your mojos you used
  5. Gotta use the right ones, there are ones that are braid and mono specific, use the ones that are dark green or blue.
  6. Great rods
  7. Stay towards the mojo, another idjit giving his subjective opinion based off of a miniscule percentage. Theyre one of the best $ for $ rods out there
  8. Little red book, great cheap lil book i keep on the boats and in my tackle boxes and give to friends.
  9. Im tellin you, 707 is marty in disguise
  10. Its freakin hilarious man. Someone could ask about a reel or rod under $100 and hell pop up. Guess hes never heard of st croix
  11. I think murder she wrote got taken off pbs or the weather channel is giving false reports
  12. But maybe thats how 707 is making us believe its not marty, maybe martys smarter than we give him credit for?
  13. Ok marty you can come out now we all know its you
  14. Gotcha, so you were doing the same thing I was doing but because youre you, it wasnt bitching and moaning just constructive criticism? My bad. Thanks mr self righteous.
  15. Gotcha, so youre bitching and moaning about me "bitching and moaning" about 707 bitching and moaning?