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  1. Legend as in the boy who cried wolf legend?
  2. Even though you said nothing over $200 prepare to be bombarded with odms centurys and blackholes worth twice that much. With that being said from my experience you cant go wrong with the tsunami airwave elite, st croix mojo, penn carnage 2, offshore angler ocean master.
  3. Haha beat ya to the punch
  4. A rod that bends might be for a more fun fight and wesr the fish out but if youre doing cnr which is with most sharks, that extra time spent fighting the fish isnt worth it in the long run with the chances itll kill the fish and add on top of that the time spent out of the water.
  5. Deff. Van staal but make sure its a vsx
  6. Gotcha, never used a spheros or gosa before.
  7. Whats up with the gosa on the mojo compared to others? Ive put a few penns and daiwas on it with no problem.
  8. I am an advocate of fast rods but you arent wrong. The mmf feels heavy and fast. Even for a st croix and fast rod. I use it when the currents fast/strong.
  9. He said for matching with the reel and besides that he has plenty of different set ups to choose from in terms of power and action.
  10. No1 said they were using it to anyways. And here i was just starting getting into pencils, damnit. You think its too stiff, i thought it was great albeit a teeny tiny bit to moderate of an action.
  11. All depends on how ya cast
  12. To each their own, wont judge ya any different. Do you think its more to do with the moderate power and action or material of the rod itself.all of the other st croixs i have( tidemaster, triumph, mojo, avid) can handle up to the max weight limit without feeling flimsy. Then again most of them are medium heavys or heavys and fasts or moderate fasts.
  13. The mojo is way better than the triumph The airwave elites are very nice, i got my father one for his b-day and its very light and sturdy for the size and price. I just dont like the butt cap