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  1. 9/10 people that say pigs online would **** their pants if given an opportunity to say it to a real cops face in real life
  2. hate to break it to ya but floyd wasnt murdered, he committed suicide.
  3. fentanyl floyd killed himself
  4. nah, after that joint, im full of cool ranch doritos and green tea.
  5. why dont you, eventhough it doesnt work, it might get that stick out of your @$$ and you off your high horse.
  6. never tripped off shrooms, always got sick, i know an effect of the "food poisoning" is tripping but i always went straight to the puking part.
  7. holy chit, the first thing you said on here that is true and i agree with
  8. yeah, it proved you do deserve the name nancy regan
  9. you keep using big words to make yourself seem smarter than you really are. no1 cares you know how to use google or a thesaurus
  10. already did, prefer mdma
  11. yeah, i can already feel that in a few days when i do it again, im not gonna get as high and wanna jump straight to heroin and be one of those urban youths that make poor decisions solely on their choice of drug and not their upbringing or surroundings he talks about.
  12. sorry, too busy baiting my line and smoking a joint to care what you think, because no matter how hard you try, its wrong.
  13. awww, you had your feelings hurt, need a tissue?
  14. thank you you for that, imma call him nancy from now on.