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  1. It's clear that not all of these mandates have been thought out. As the OP for this topic, I'm not sure what I'll do. But, I'm thinking I'll either: 1. take my chances - and if questioned, plead ignorance. 2. try to escape on a technicality. By that, quarantine does mean to remain at home and be isolated from others. But, I can (and have) done that in my NH home. I've seen nothing in the notice that says the quarantine period must be in Maine. It surely is implied - but implied doesn't carry it in a legal sense. I do feel for those that are making the rules - and those attempting to enforce the rules. Things are really ambiguous - so you could talk to two different 'officials' and get two different answers. They have no precedent - and that can lead to confusion at best. Clearly they are attempting to prevent spread from areas that are hot spots (i.e. MA and NY). Ironically, while NH shows declining numbers, Maine's is shown as increasing. As it is, my trip got canceled as my friend's reservation was canceled. He is a Maine resident - so it wasn't because of his residency! So for right now, I'll be fishing in NH only.
  2. Good luck Mal!
  3. Good point on the reciprocity deal. I do have salt endorsement on my Maine - but I must purchase the NH salt to be legal to fish in NH salt; I've done that for several years - so I'm good there. So, part of the reason for purchase of the Maine license is because I annually get together with a number of my Maine based friends for a week of fishing. Typically that's been Grand Lake Stream - but for the first time in 14 years, we're switching it up and headed to Rangeley for a week. One of the Maine based guys got the reservation about 8 weeks ago. The plan was for us to go to Rangeley and camp there - and I'd drive straight from NH. I'm guessing with NH plates some eyebrows could be raised. I will have my own separate tent (the friend has a full sized camper that can sleep all but one of us - so in effect I'm sort of quarantining. I'll have to see if I still have my old Maine plates - maybe bolt those on just before heading into the campground!!
  4. So, I lived in Freeport. ME for over 30 years - and moved to NH in 2016. The reasons are many - but it's where I am now. I still have many friends and family still in Maine, so it's a common destination for me. I appreciate the resistance to 'out of staters' visiting the state given the Covid-19 situation and can live with that. But, I have a situation that is frustrating related to fishing. I buy a yearly non-resident Maine freshwater (and saltwater) fishing license - and have since 2016. No problem paying the higher cost as I am a non-resident - I'm cool with that. And, as in years past, I purchased a non-resident license for 2020 (purchased in March this year). Now I'm being told by the state that I cannot fish in the state of Maine. So, do I get a refund for my license fees? My preference would be for Maine to keep my fees - if I can fish. But, don't you think it's unfair to collect my fees and then refuse to let me fish? What am I missing?
  5. In NH (didn't check Maine but likely similar), we've had 13 straight days of below average temps. And multiple of those days were double digits below average. And sun - what sun? Look at the 10 day and you'll see most days are cloudy and/or rainy, just like the past 10+ days. We just set a record for the lowest "daily high" - nearly 20 degrees below normal. But, the Gulf stream is fed from the south, so I'm hopeful that it will warm the water even if we aren't! Mid-May is my target!
  6. I, too, have seen a big decline in numbers. Two years ago I checked my fly for debris if I hadn't caught a fish in 5 casts. Now when I do hook up, my mind first thinks that I've caught bottom or some other obstacle. So far this year, I'm mid 60s for numbers. I had a single tide 2 years ago where I caught 40+ fish. I didn't keep numbers back then, but I was easily 6x what I'm seeing this year. And I've covered far more territory this year trying to find them. Compare that to Mal's (Maniac) numbers and it's hard to deny that 2019 is an abysmal year. That means either we're having an off year statistically, or we are in decline worse than anyone is imagining. Or perhaps it's a little of both. Also, I watched a commercial boat the other day (amazing how many lines were in the water) - and I didn't see anyone hook up the 30 minutes I saw them.
  7. April wasn't a treat either. I must be getting old - I'm complaining about the weather! I was planning on yesterday evening, but the wind was strong and out of the east - a bad combo for we fly fishers... I can deal with rain, but that cold wind coupled with the rain caused me to bag it last night. I've got plans this evening, although it seems better than last night. Still, Mal's right - this is early March weather. We can't seem to string together any sunny days. Wind and clouds seem to be the prevailing pattern. Hopefully it does break soon. Alewives are running strong here in NH. The stripers are usually not far behind.
  8. Be aware that NH also has a logbook. I wrote to them earlier this week, because the logbook was still for 2018. She promised to have it updated - and I'm guessing it is - although I've not yet verified. I plan to use electronic as well. The more data they have, hopefully the better the management of the species will be...
  9. There was an update on their Facebook page - they lost 2 key (and great) employees. It's too bad - as those 2 that left were fantastic - great knowledge, customer service, etc. It seems like ownership/management and employees aren't on same page. Hope they get is squared around.
  10. They need to stop playing whack-a-mole and as others have stated, consider the entire ecosystem when putting forth solutions to a 'cannot be denied' decline in all of our fisheries. Unfortunately there are too many voices in their ear and it confuses/scares them enough to put 'solutions' like this out there. Mal is right - by the time they aren't confused, it will be too late...:(
  11. Nice job!
  12. Keep up the posts - they are fun to read. We all have 'issues' at times and knowing that others have them does make one feel a bit better about their issues. Humor is good medicine....
  13. Compared to last year, my numbers are way down. Keep at it - there are fish out there...just seems to be less than last year.
  14. Dang that sounds good. I need to limber up the ole arm!!
  15. Try giving Eldredge Brothers a call (they are in Cape Nedick). James Brown does guiding - and they might know his availability. If he's not available, they would have good suggestions - even if they are a bit south of Portland.