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  1. There have been constant sightings for the past few years from Sesuit to Sandy neck. I have personally seen one breach on a bass down by Barnstable Harbor. Full airborne on the bass - left nothing but a head. Makes you think twice about lipping a bass
  2. Any chance this is due to the declining mussel populations? Just a thought. I would also agree that green crabs and other invasives have decimated the mussels. Although im sure the eiders don't help their cause, it cant just be the decline due soley to the birds.
  3. I worked for an old time mussel guy for a few years and still keep in contact with him. He is adamant that the eiders were the cause of the mussel decline in the south shore and cape cod areas. Always used to rant about some Nor'easter back in the 70's that ruined the mussel beds off of Nantucket which drove the eiders north. Said they would blanket the sun when the would fly in during low tide - similar to what snookster describes
  4. Yeah you should be all set. My limit is usually 2 weeks - you will know when you shouldn't eat them as the smell is hard to miss
  5. I saw this deal earlier in the day and grabbed one. Texted my brother (who just bought a spinfisher IV) and he pulled the trigger as well. Great deal all around
  6. Wow. Unbelievable. Thank you very much! Looks like ill use the SOL link and close up this thread
  7. One last bump here - lets see if anyone has anything to offer prior to the holidays
  8. I'm not saying its not a horrible price but I have been seeing them go for under $150 on SOL which is my price point. Amazon always has one (from 4500-6500) around $170 - so at $170 on SOL that would be full retail.
  9. Thanks for the offer - ill hold tight though. I am not in a huge rush to buy as it wont be used until May haha.
  10. I was hoping to be in the $125-150 range from what I've seen several recently go for on SOL. A lot have been spooled as well but that is a plus/minus for me
  11. Thanks for the offers so far. I've seen them going for a bit less on here so I will keep holding out. After looking more into it, definitely want the 5500 size as well
  12. Hi all, Looking to buy a Penn Slammer III, preferably in the 5500 size, in new or like new condition. Lets see what is out there! J
  13. I think ill hold tight. Thanks for the consideration and GLWS
  14. I would respectfully offer $105 shipped. Always have a little concern with display case reels - let me know J