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  1. I'm not saying its not a horrible price but I have been seeing them go for under $150 on SOL which is my price point. Amazon always has one (from 4500-6500) around $170 - so at $170 on SOL that would be full retail.
  2. Thanks for the offer - ill hold tight though. I am not in a huge rush to buy as it wont be used until May haha.
  3. I was hoping to be in the $125-150 range from what I've seen several recently go for on SOL. A lot have been spooled as well but that is a plus/minus for me
  4. Thanks for the offers so far. I've seen them going for a bit less on here so I will keep holding out. After looking more into it, definitely want the 5500 size as well
  5. Hi all, Looking to buy a Penn Slammer III, preferably in the 5500 size, in new or like new condition. Lets see what is out there! J
  6. I think ill hold tight. Thanks for the consideration and GLWS
  7. I would respectfully offer $105 shipped. Always have a little concern with display case reels - let me know J
  8. are the 110 and 70 sides of the rez both difficult to walk around given the recent rains? Lots of water to cover for a first timer. Excited to walk around and give it my best shot
  9. Thinking of stopping by the Chu for the first time ever on Saturday. This thread has been very helpful - probably will get some shiners as well as throw kastmasters. A lake trout is on the bucket list
  10. Ah that is steep. Well if you are willing I would respectfully offer $45 shipped. I know that is pretty low with shipping so just let me know
  11. if you have interest in shipping it to 02139, I would be interested - J
  12. That is correct - out of Duxbury
  13. Always interesting to see different locations and their bass size range. In my local waters in mass - we could not escape this size class. Of the fish I caught this year, I bet 90-95% were in that 28-32" slot size.
  14. Plenty of fish around sunrise and sunset the past week or so. Cant miss the birds crashing peanuts - unfortunately as mentioned, not much size to the fish. The bay and ocean side have both had schools moving south - you'll find them and they are still fun on light gear