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  1. Plenty of fish around sunrise and sunset the past week or so. Cant miss the birds crashing peanuts - unfortunately as mentioned, not much size to the fish. The bay and ocean side have both had schools moving south - you'll find them and they are still fun on light gear
  2. Not sure that is allowed but I digress
  3. Im confused...I put the offer in for the reels - awaiting NE Surfs response. My offer at $300 for all 3 stands @NE Surf
  4. I would do all 3 reels for $300 shipped to 02139. Thanks!
  5. As Steve in Mass said, this is a very confusing post all around. On a dropping tide, the "wrong" side of the bridge would carry your lure/bait right into the pilings. It is also difficult to throw lures off the bridge any distance due to the angle of your retrieve (unless you bounce jigs) - sandy beaches from shore provide a better chance IMO. In the last 2-3 years, enforcement has increased and many harbormasters and cops are strictly monitoring fishing on the "wrong" side. They even have new signs saying "no fishing on this side of the bridge." I've fished there since I could walk and often times fish on the "wrong" side. If an officer mentions something - I simply apologize and switch sides. No harm, no foul especially since I know I am in the wrong. Sometimes some guys are difficult, but in the 15 years I've fished it - it has only happened a few times. Good to see that the bridge will be a little less crowded now!
  6. I'm in the Cambridge area if you are ever down my neck of the woods - could meet somewhere in between. Definitely could use these J
  7. Perfectly summed up. This is what I have been told and have been following for years.
  8. I will bow out of this. A quick call to the EPOs (non-emergency line) will answer the questions which is what I do
  9. BBB is correct. It is a daily thing. If you declare yourself as a commercial fisherman on a Monday and sell your two fish, you can not harvest a rec fish. You can harvest a rec fish during the season but if you have a commercial license and are keeping the rec fish, the striper must have its fin clipped. That is a big one
  10. Ah yes, meant to put the color. Just the Navy is good for me. Only need one hat at the moment. PM me for the address for the check and all that fun stuff - Appreciate it!
  11. Ill take the Yeti hat for $12 shipped to mass. Check work?
  12. Very slow yesterday. Bite actually picked up a bit around 3-4PM but after a 3am wake up call, we had had about enough. Fish popped up on the surface but would not touch a doc, ronz, or hogy pro tail. Got one take on a swimmer but very finicky. Go figure
  13. Thanks for coordinating the sale, MrB. Great looking reel!
  14. I've never tried haddock fishing before but might give it a shot Saturday AM. Winds and seas look great and it should be an easy ride from the south shore
  15. Interesting that you found one in a market around here. I believe that a few states have their commercial seasons in earlier months (NY is early June) which would allow the market to legally obtain it. If not, it either came from your suspicion or was farm raised. Those are my 3 guesses