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  1. Hobie scupper cart with sand wheels. Used one season. In very good condition, with just a few minor dings. $100 local deal only (Westport, MA)
  2. All set.
  3. That’s a brave volunteer. I’m actually surprised that he was able to stay in as long as he did. Dry suit does not equal warm suit. Thanks for posting.
  4. This is what I liked about mine - the layout kept me from bringing too much stuff, and the more I went out the less gear I found that I needed. For a lot of trips, everything I needed except rods and a net was in front of me or under the seat, and I left my crate in the car.
  5. Another potential consideration is how you intend to relieve yourself while in the kayak (if you do this while on the water). My preferred method is to put a leg over each gunwale and shimmy up toward the drive socket, which is my target area. This could be harder to do if you have a couple of rails and accessories on the gunwales. I had enough room in my 16 to move the accessories toward the bow, but I don’t know if there’s enough room for that in the 13.
  6. I did a similar demo last year (although with a Revo 16) and there really is no wrong choice. The Outback is more stable, with more storage, while the Revo is quicker, and more like a traditional kayak. Another option for the depth finder is the sailing mast, which sits ahead of the pedals. (See Riddler's recent posts here for details). That keeps it out of the way when fishing, and you can use the gear track for a front rod holder if you ever feel the need.
  7. PFD

    I like my NRS fishing vest very much (can't recall the model name). It has a mesh back, so the rear pad is above the seat back on the kayak. It's very comfortable, and has a few pockets up front that are very handy for gear. Sometimes I even wear it onshore, since I think of it as my fishing vest, in addition to being a PFD.
  8. If you haven't checked Craigslist recently, it seems like a bunch of kayaks were listed this weekend - probably prompted by the warmer weather. The classified section on NEKF also is a good resource.
  9. I held off on getting the turbos at first because I read that they did not have as much of an impact on the 16 as they do on other boats. When I did get them, however, I found the difference to be significant. They allowed me to engage my upper legs more, with a noticeable increase in speed. They’re not essential in the 16 by any means, but I liked the upgrade. I didn’t use them long enough to gauge their effect on the longevity of the drive.
  10. Nice. Mine is up for sale now, but I loved it when I had it. It zips along nicely and handles rough water well. It was especially fun when chasing albies.
  11. I'm switching from kayak to a small skiff and am looking for a 16' wooden skiff (planks, not plywood). I'm not looking for anything fancy, just a straight-ahead fishing platform that's in good condition (with or without outboard). Thanks.
  12. I launched from a boat ramp in Southern MA the other day, and there happened to be a State trooper there. I asked him if the ramps were still open and he said yes, and that he couldn’t imagine a better way to maintain social distancing than to be out on the water in a kayak. We’ll see what happens once the weather warms up and more people start using the ramps. The lot was almost empty on the day I was there.
  13. I've started to see Asian crabs under the rocks near me in southern MA, and I'm hoping that's a good sign.
  14. This will be my first spring going for tog, and the season opens on April 1 in both MA and RI. Do you folks find that fish are close enough to shore in early April to make a yak trip worthwhile, or are the fish likely still in much deeper water? I noticed in my area that I now can find Asian crabs in the rocks, which I take as a good sign. I don't mind taking an exploratory trip or two, but am wondering if there's even much of a chance of hooking up. Thanks.