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  1. I got into some bonito today from a kayak in Buzzards Bay. Good fun, and I hope they stay a while.
  2. Those are great rods. I have two and use them all the time.
  3. Welcome, and thanks for posting!
  4. Up for sale is this lot of 30+ plugs. Brands include Gibbs, Yo-Zuri, Daiwa, Rapala, Cordell, Creek Chub, Ron Z, Atom, and a couple that are not branded. Condition varies from unused to dinged up. Currently, I am offering these only as a single lot. $95 shipped, with regular PayPal. Thanks.
  5. Lots of tiny baitfish and bass hitting them on top at a local to me river outlet. From what I’ve seen, the bass are all sub-legal, ranging from 10” - 24”. In better news, I’ve gotten a few decent fluke lately.
  6. Only a couple of small stripers early last night on the new moon high tide, but I did get two nice fluke by bouncing a white bucktail and Otter Tail strip along the bottom.
  7. I've been fishing the mouth of an inlet at the top of the tide into the outgoing: lots of sand eels and diving birds at the flood tide with micro bass and a few fish in the 20" - 24" range. Nice weather, but I sure would like to hook into something larger. It might be time to switch over to fluke and tog.
  8. For many situations, that rig will be fine. Even though I love heaving long casts, a lot of fish are caught close to shore.
  9. Two of the smallest stripers I've ever seen at a south facing inlet - one trip early evening on the incoming, and one on a rainy mid day on the outgoing.
  10. I was out in similar conditions early last night and got only one dink, despite conditions that seemed ideal. I didn’t have a mag darter in my bag, but had no luck with an SP minnow or other offerings.
  11. Yep. I must be getting old, because I’d rather be alone casting to empty water than catching fish in a crowd.
  12. Thanks for the heads up on Monahan's. In a few weeks I'll be moving from the northwest Boston 'burbs to the south coast of MA and I'd love to find one or two good local shops. I'm looking forward to the better fishing, but I will miss my trips to Surfland, which is one of my all-time favorite shops (along with Coop's on the Vineyard).
  13. I got two fairly chunky schoolies yesterday in a tidal river on the outgoing. White paddle tails.
  14. It's great to hear that people are catching already, even if they're dinks. I am moving to the area from the Boston 'burbs and am looking forward to fishing on a more regular basis.