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  1. Nice. I’ve got a bunch of those in my bag.
  2. Way to stick with it when things went wrong. Days like that just happen every once in a while, and the key is not letting it throw you completely off.
  3. Yeah, the surf was pretty large in SoCo this morning, but the surfers were having a good time.
  4. Do you gents cook the bonito, or have it as sashimi?
  5. I take it as a positive that albies don't taste that good. Hopefully, that will mean less pressure on the population.
  6. I didn’t see any of those shad, but did notice something similar on Friday - when there were lots of birds, but no surface action, there were small bluefish feeding. Most times when there were albies, they broke the surface.
  7. That’s a rare three-quarter beak....
  8. No idea on Winter Island, but North Shore folks should keep in mind that the Topsfield Fair is happening on Route 1.
  9. Yeah, the main location is in Falmouth, but they do have one or two spots for demos.
  10. Definitely. We had a great time.
  11. We went out with Terry from Riptide today, and fish were busting for most of the time we were out. The weather was nasty, but the catching was good.
  12. I was out from about 4:30 - 7:30 from shore, and got one of those 24” fish (on a topwater plug, which always is fun). I also caught a few 16”-18” schoolies.
  13. Yeah, my wife and I spent a beach day within site of a breachway jetty on Sunday, and it was packed out there all afternoon.
  14. By far my favorite lure this year - in various weights.
  15. I had a similar incident this spring on a SoCo jetty. Like you, I thought I was prepared, but I still ended up in trouble in a flash - one leg wedged between rocks, while a wave pushed me sideways. Luckily, I escaped with only scrapes and bruises.