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    A long absence from the sport has brought me back with the fascination of custom lure building.
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    Fishing, boating, cooking, craft beer and cocktails, model building of all scales, painting, etc...
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    Construction Management

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    Northern Rhode Island

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  1. I'll get pics up tomorrow, sorry I've been slammed with work. I've got some stuff
  2. What size/color Needle you looking for?
  3. My father, uncle and myself were all members of Thundermist Striper Club, as well as The Circle Laurier Striper club also in Woonsocket. I'll post of some pictures an awards later tonight. 95% of the fishing was the outer cape, mostly Race Point, but as far south as Nausea with few outing to the canal or RI beaches. Also as mentioned, Murats was the local shop at the time as well, with Pete's being the other local one in the city.
  4. Is the lure on the painted made by Dave also from Charlie's left over blanks? I'm interested in the lure if so. Thanks, Pat
  5. I'll go $35 shipped, it's unfortunate it a repaint. Thanks
  6. Looking to trade this brand new Voorhies for other Voorhies, trollers, Jr. Trollers, pikies in lighter colors, etc. Show me what you've got. Thanks! -Pat
  7. Asylum Small Danny's
  8. Just curious on a price for the bottom 5 from the left? (all but the yellow jr.) Thanks, -Pat
  9. No problem, I knew it was a long shot. Thanks
  10. Funds a little tight, I'll throw it out there for the hell of it, would you do $75 shipped for whats left? Thanks Pat!
  11. I'll do them both for 50 respectfully. Let me know, thanks!
  12. The Asylum have 2 belly swivels or 1?
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