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  1. No way they could test each one. I would take my chances with the design then have it taken apart and then reassembled again
  2. No way is "any" reel going to be blasted with a strong stream of water at any angle and not get any water intrusion
  3. Am i mistaken or is that not a simple process?
  4. Maybe it's just me but it seems like some people assume an IPx6 or maybe even a 5 if dunked would need to be serviced. I have seen more then 1 video of very respected fisherman reeling a slammer 3 underwater. 1 by accident and the other on purpose and even had it submerged for 30 .minutes I believe. Taken apart and not a drop of water in either. I have a slammer 3 and a vanstaal I wouldn't worry about the slammer 3 Getting dunked one bit. I would love to see all reels rated
  5. Have you looked at the 1-4 oz daiwa coastal made for the sp minnow lure? I have that and a mojo 10' 6 and prefer it most of the time. Plus its like 70 bucks cheaper and very similar IMO
  6. What does putting them in the bucket do? He said he's using them for bait so what would be the point
  7. I had a huge treble hook go through my thumb when taking a plug out of a striper when it jumped around. My cousin cut it with pliers while I was trying to hold the fish from doing more damage. He cut it so short there was no grabbing the hook anymore. Had to go to the hospital to gave my whole thumb cut apart.
  8. I've done that with blueish to take out the hook. Just because you put your foot on them doesn't mean your putting alot of pressure. I've never hurt a fish doing that
  9. Have you used one of these? Wondering why your not impressed
  10. Trying to delete this post as I have a second one
  11. Anybody have one for a good price?
  12. Anybody have on for a good price?
  13. I guess I'm in the minority, I wouldn't have tried to revive it. Because there is no reason to revive something your going to keep anyway.
  14. Where are you located? I am in Nesconset, Smithtown area. My cell is 631 987 3585. Let me know when you would like to meet. Thanks.



    1. parkerbows


      I am in Wading River

      My cell is 6314333104

      I will give you a call in a few




  15. I will do the $550 picked up in suffolk