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  1. So my pb is at around 32-33lbs. Ive caught fish that looks bigger but never weighed them. Just took a quick pick and released them. This fish here looks the biggest out of all them. Caught her a couple years back. How much do you guys think she weighs?
  2. Casting 100yds is not required. I catch fish a lot closer when plugging or jigging. I use both casting and spinning in the canal depending on how heavy or what im using. My current casting setup is the tranx 300, fished it in the canal for 2 seasons. So the tranx 400 should be plenty.
  3. It was just my brother and I fishing last night. It was nice having some jigging room. Hooked into 2 fish that I couldnt stop and ended snapping my line.
  4. I see videos on youtube of how alot of the fish are mistreated recently during the striper madness last couple weeks. You see them land the fish, drag the fish all the way to the service road, weight it, measure it, take a picture, chat alittle bit with their friends and then finally release the fish.