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  1. with all the solar panels being put on homes and those homeowners selling excess electricity back to the utility companies, why do we need windmills and their inherent problems?
  2. THANKS! Haven't seen it in a while! Sam
  3. I've used Alumilite and Feather Lite. To get something in between in both weight and bouyancy, when you first open the cans of both parts A and B of the Feather Lite, remove equal amount of the top layer of filler from both part A and B. The more removed, the less buoyant the cured mixture becomes. You can create buoyancy between Alumilite and original Featherlike. This allows you to create plugs of different actions and characteristics from the same molds. I test swim and weigh each plug and write with a Sharpie marker on the plugs their weight [if they swim good enough to fish].
  4. I think the point to consider here is that if you can master the ability to proficiently utilize the distance potential of something like a 13' rod you are going to have more locations to fish successfully which you weren't able to reach with something more popularly used such as a 9-11 ft rod. And as the beaches become more crowded,this is definitely a plus.
  5. Years ago[in the 70's and 80's] most of the guys using wetsuits in Montauk used rods around 13-14 ft. Wading out and fishing in water over their waist a long rod was needed to keep the piug out of the water and make a long cast. And make no mistake, some of those guys could make impressively long casts while halfway up to their necks in water, and on the downside of the waves. Those familiar with the North Side know that at times distance made all the difference. Todays rods certainly can give you better distance than what we had45-50 years ago, but we still needed the clearance above the water when wading deep.
  6. Wish I knew , my driver side door is falling off....
  7. Very nice work Putty. I, started about five years ago with the resins and have had good success. Made molds for SP Bullets, Swarters, needlefish and Mirrolures. I've used lead flashing for weight, bending it over the through wire ad letting it basically all hang below the center line to keep the ballast low.Pre form the nose and tail loops to fit the mold.Do-It makes wire inserts for their Flutter Jig molds in different sizes which can work out well for through wires. Wishing you great results, Sam
  8. What you might try is go to the Abu schematics site and look up the pinion part numbers of both reels using the number on the underside of the reel foot. Often part numbers remain the same on different models when the parts are the same. Might help. Sam
  9. So sorry to hear this.I always appreciated and respected your input to this diverse community. I am a man of faith and just want to share a personal experience about the demon you are facing..My mother faced colon cancer in 1998 and was given 3-5 years. Survived and beat breast cancer in 2002....and two other cancers to shorten the story. Had her care as well at SLK. Absolutely treated her as if she was the only person in the hospital who needed help. She was one of the most uplifting and enjoyable people I ever spent time with. Took care of my kids and spent years of falls shucking scallops in my shop. She passed in 2018. You hopefully have years ahead of you. Positive attitude,especially from people around you,will help you through this. My prayers for comfort and success throughout your treatments. Stay positive. Sam
  10. You're right,J 8 ply 12.00 - 16.5. 10 ply were just not soft enough. Luckily in the eleven years I had that rig I never blew out a bead.And we probably did twenty weekends a year. Sadly, that truck spent it's last days painted green and selling hotdogs on the side of the road in Montauk.
  11. Trans phobia is being concerned when we deem it is ok for a parent to allow a nine year old to decide what sex he or she wants to identify as instead of instead of raising them and nurturing them as they are created.Sometimes I think it has allot to do with who the parent wants the child to be.
  12. Sad. As usual, decent common sense has no place in a discussion such as this.
  13. Why are the troop there?...".A guilty conscious needs no accuser" Another question, if I may. Do our Democrats have a "guilty conscious"?
  14. My rig in the avatar was a two wheeler. Had to pick and choose the beaches, but mainly fished Montauk [Shagwong]. Towed a 16' fiberglass boat and launched down there....and had plenty of very helpful friends. 8p.s.i. in the front-10 in the rear
  15. Thank you for replying Rob. Was looking for a blank andI think what you are offering is more than a fair deal but I'm going to hold off at this time. I will keep it in mind. Thanks again, Sam