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  1. A really great topic! I'm a fairly new guy here but hope to make some personal contacts and have had some great PM's with a couple of members. I guess I'll try to reach out to some LI guys about some topics that interest me and we might have in common.
  2. Heard a second hand report of a sighting of a fairly large shark within thirty yards of the beach at Pier Ave. in Jamesport recently. As a lobsterman in the Long Island Sound for twenty five years we would see huge breaches at times during the summer which some of the older fisherman would claim might be makos chasing bluefish. I personally have come across on two occasions the front half of a striped bass still alive dimpling the surface, but in the fall in the presents of seals. Who really knows what swims beneath the surface?
  3. It's time to ask the real question..."Who makes America Great?".And worry about them first.
  4. The notion that I am trying to convey, which I never or rarely hear anyone address is the fact that the people and communities most severely impacted by law enforcement agencies not aggressively enforcing rental, housing immigration status, etc. most negatively impacts those American citizens who worked as hard or harder than the privileged classes who've the ability to control who resides in their neighborhoods. And don't even try to dispute that. We all know that is true. Ask the speaker of the house.
  5. I've been watching all the ire and disrespect toward President Trump in regard to his weekend tweets toward certain members of Congress. Let me clarify that I am not a fan of our President's use of Twitter, but I guess it must be an effective way for him to get his thoughts out to the public.What I am very upset about is the fact that when all the partisan, inaccurate, racist labeled comments receive all the media attention, the hard working, tax paying, piece work producing American citizens are totally ignored and given absolutely no credit for their contribution to what "Makes America Great". Older people like myself understand the fact that our country grew and prospered on the concept of "piece work",getting paid for what you produced. That still applies today for all who are successful in our modern economy. Yet this "Brat Pack" totally ignores the fact that Many American citizens sacrificed, broke their asses and made countless sacrifices to obtain a relatively small piece of the sweet American pie. It breaks my heart and upsets me every day that there are people who're elected to represent American citizens who refuse to acknowledge the work,sweat,worry, and sacrifice so many citizens endured to be where they are today and feel the American citizen should not only offer, but be willing to pay for the same privileges to people here illegally .With all due respect to Bill O'Reilly,what say you?
  6. I might be interested. Where on LI are you located ? I'm not working today so i may be able to pick them up.
  7. sounds like the first realistic response of a surfcaster. I bought my GSB 132 1m in 1981. Haven't broken it, still use it, and although it has become a bit mushy, still in the rotation with numerous respectable fish scratched on it's butt. haven't broken 50, but have come close a half a dozen times.No VS, just a Luxor.
  8. Sounds like someone in Starbucks had a guilty conscious
  9. My opinion is that those who come into this country illegally are somehow not up to speed with our laws or how our society works according to liberals, so they get a free pass.In reality, illegal immigrants have a sophisticated network behind them exploring every single loophole out there which American citizens are forced to fund without our consent. I'm sick and tired of the perception that hose crossing the border illegally deserve to come here and take advantage of the generosity of America. As I am of citizens who do the same through welfare, foodstamps, disability, etc. The burden is always thrust upon our good citizens.
  10. Because their advocacy groups haven't found a way for them to avoid sales tax yet.....
  11. And where is the government going to come up with enough money to foot the bill once private insurers are out of the equation?
  12. having family members in the health care fields,the overall quality of healthcare would suffer significantly if Doctors and their practices had to survive on what allowances any government sponsored healthcare system would pay them. There is already that problem with Medicare and Medicade allowances. Let's at least try to have an honest discussion here.
  13. Some of it is covered by what they have already paid into the system their entire working life, which you may find hard to believe,and some, or all of the rest, is paid by additional insurance that comes out of their own pocket. As if you did not know that already. Don't insult the integrity of the majority of our senior citizens.
  14. Yes there is compassion in emergency medical situations. But I have personally witnessed on more than one occasion families walking into an emergency room receiving treatment because someone "wasn't feeling well" and could be treated in an "Emergency Room" [at no charge?]
  15. Maybe "fark over the American taxpayer and give it to the lazy and illegals"