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  1. Least I could do after all the advice and knowledge I've gained from your posts. As far as inconsistencies in Danny's plugs, ask my friend.
  2. Have to admit I never sent pictures before,my kids call me Fred Flintstone.Here's a few old plugs I dug out. The bodies all came from the same batch I got from Danny but they were different sizes and shapes. These were the straight bodies I referred to. Unweighted, they worked well but the belly hooks tangled but didn't work as well with the middle hook moved back. T These had the nice rear taper.The one on the right was a good producer.Middle one and others I finished as such not as good.Belly hooks were closer together on the middle one, and if I put the size hook the plug needed they would tangle.Next picture shows the belly weights. This plug was built from a body similar to the blank in the other pics. Belly hooks were spread and unweighted. Had a mid lip line tie and was experimental for shallower reefs and lighter current. Only caught a fish or two because I guess I never built any confidence in it. If I can dig out some others I'll send pics. I think I may look for another lathe. haven't had one in years because life got busy with kids and work years back and sold off some tools to pay some bills. A few years ago started doing some building with RTV molds, Alumilite Amazing plastic and Feather Lite. Good results and very interesting. Photos
  3. Very nice looking darters. Very similar look to Danny's newer body style
  4. Very nice looking darters. Very similar look to Danny's newer body style
  5. Very nice looking darters. Very similar look to Danny's newer body style
  6. Very nice looking darters. Very similar look to Danny's newer body style
  7. front 1 1/32 length of front taper 3 5/16 widest dia. 1 1/4 Hope that helps
  8. Sorry I can't shoot a pic at this time, but all the details should be there in the specs
  9. i was able to retrieve one of the unfinished darter bodies.Here's the specs: overall length 6 9/16 depth at front lip 9/16 dia. at end of front taper 1 1/4 dia. at rear 5/8 length of rear taper 1 1/4 mid section app. 1 1/4d x 2"long suggested hook placement from lip 2 7/8 and 5 1/8 from rear. Body was made of maple and n weighting was used. i would have to say that the batch of bodies I had weren't identic but still worked very well. For what its mentor Walter and I would meet in the parking lot at the Point on Friday night, go into the restroom with the squeaky door and suit up. Plan our night and he would take a plug out of his truck,maybe one he worked on or made during the week, and nine timeout of ten,leave it on all weekend unless he lost it. Now I never met or knew anyone who could catch more fish under the same conditions everyone was fishing than Walter. He taught me that it wasn't what you had on the end of your line that caught fish, but WHERE YOUR CAST LANDED AND HOW YOU WORKED YOUR PLUG THAT CAUGHT FISH. I just want to thank all the members who go out of their way to help, show , advise and instruct all of us here enjoying this site.
  10. Very safe to say this scenario exists not only in my local school district but in many other districts across the country, especially in liberal leaning states. School taxes here are just shy of 80% of my property taxes.
  11. I really don't know much of the history behind Danny Pichney and his relationships with other builders such as Don Musso. I'll try to get some pictures together soon.Recovering from knee surgery and have to get up into the attic to locate some of the older plugs and such.
  12. My pleasure posting that story. That was in 1972 and as I recall Danny was trying a couple of different body shapes at the time. On one of the darter bodies in that batch he drilled holes recommending the placement of the two belly hooks and a small weight and he wanted to know how they swam for us. We were fishing Montauk almost exclusively at the time as wetsuiters and fished areas of reasonable current. I finished off some without lead which also caught well in spots of less tide, but that small lead shot, about 3\8 by 3\8, seemed to help the cast. I don't seem to recall Danny selling many finished darters at the time, mostly swimming plugs. My father did allot of nighttime trolling at the time with the Danny trolling swimmers, and he still has maybe a dozen and a half still in the plastic bags they were sold in.
  13. I've been a member for only a couple of years and rarely post,but I do have a story or two about Danny Pichney that other members might find interesting.Back in the 50's and 60's there was a tackle shop in Ridgewood,Queens known as Ted's Tackle. Every Thursday night Ted and his wife Edna, who lived in an apartment in the back of the store, would let the "regulars" hang out for an informal coffee clotch after the shop closed at 8PM. My father would often attend and even though I wasn't much older than 10 or 12 he would occasionally let me come along. No one seemed to mind, especially because children back then were raised to be "seen and not heard". Ted and Edna treated me like a grandson or nephew, and once in a while on a day off from school I'd make the two bus trip to go visit them and have lunch at the shop. Quite a few "sharpies" were at these Thursday gatherings and I learned allot just standing in the corner and listening to what was going on. Local highliners such as Frank Lovallo, Stosh Zamojin, Nick Weiss, Charlie Kiel,Gene Whittaker, a young Jack Passie, on a rare occasion Al Rhienfelder,and Danny Pichney, among others, would be there depending on the season or the run of fish at the time. Living in Whitestone at the time I spent allot of time fishing the waters between the two bridges and Little Neck Bay. I was even granted permission to ride my bike into Fort Totten and fish the backside there.Very productive. After a while I started to engage in talk with the men at the Thursday sessions. Before you know it I had my drivers license and had some stories of my own to tell. As a teenager with a car my attendance on Thursday nights suffered some but on one of those nights I had a good conversation with Danny Pichney. I had no idea of his talent and reputation as a plug builder. Before I knew it, and through conversations with Jack Passie, i was invited to Mr. Pichney's home in Astoria, where i was taken down to his plug building shop in the basement. Danny gave me a few plugs to try, and my first Danny swimmer was a gift from him.Among them was a miniature version of his famous Danny, all of 4 1\2 inches, which I have to this day. Of the plugs i have from Danny, the ones I fished the most and produced the best were made from maple darter bodies I bought from him. I remember one time splitting a batch of four dozen bodies with my friend and fishing partner Walter which consisted of two different styles of "Montauk" darters, one with a very appealing tapered aft section, and one that carried a fairly straight profile back with a quick taper in the rear. Most bodies weren't drilled for hooks or through wire, and we finished them off with epoxied sinker eyes, of which I never had one fail.I had the best luck with the body that carried straight toward the back. The plugs were finished off with two belly hooks, one far forward so as it would just miss fowling the lip,the second back where it actually fouled once in a while with the front, and a small lead slug right behind the middle hook, and a buck tailed swish on the back. Danny charged a dollar a piece for those bodies.He gave them to me in a paper shopping bag, with enough free goodies thrown in so that he probably lost money on the deal.I still have one or two of those bodies somewhere...... Sam
  14. One thing that must be done to protect these dominant year classes is to figure out how to curb the poaching. In the area where I live carcasses of filleted undersize bass can be seen at most any ramps, docks, shoreline accessed bay fronts, etc. These are targeted fish, taken home to "feed the extended family".These small fish are easy to catch and no sophisticated tackle or techniques are needed. When the poachers are written up those who show up to pay the fines are virtually zero. The hands of the CO's are tied. Unless meaningful penalties, such as tackle confiscation and background checks, whether for previous criminal history and as far as legal status and documentation checks, as drastic and almost ridiculous as that suggestion may seem, significant deterrents must be put in place to stop what is a very significant factor of year class mortality calculation. All the formulas, take reductions, closures, moratoriums, stock assessments, limits, etc., etc., mean nothing if you can't stop the fish from being killed. And all the causes of mortality must be accounted for, not just those which are PC.
  15. Ever read "Men's Lives"?