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  1. Not my job to pay for lazy people with taxes I pay.Some people" incentivise" better when they are hungry.
  2. And what about the businesses that no longer exist? People from those lost jobs are going to need incentive to find other employment.
  3. A typical contorted braden reply.You brought up the bathroom and the toilet. You know the story hour comment applies to what people are trying to push in our public libraries. Transgender people leading story hour? Those people are only trying to push their agenda or legitimize their behavior. I tend to doubt they are focused on the best interests of the children.
  4. Wrong. Tired of having other's perversions interjected into normal society...
  5. I agree. It's like watching television and being bombarded with commercials. I know how to find something that I need buy when I need to buy it. I don't come to the site to be harassed by these ads.
  6. Squirrels. But a nice variety of birds also. I'm not too good on the ID's
  7. Screen door slamming on the bathroom in the parking lot at the Point.[Montauk] And before there was an upper and lower lot! And on a somewhat embarrassing note, wearing panty hose and a ban-lon pullover and using baby powder to make it easier to put on an unlined wetsuit.....
  8. If what you are implying is that we should believe the number of casualties reported in other countries such as, oh lets say China, so you could push the narrative that we have the most fatalities of any other country in the world, and somehow that's a result of how President Trump attempted to deal with something as uncontrollable as the spread of this virus, you are only proving that any sense of rationale you may have is totally obscured by your hatred of our President. As far as getting into a pissing contest with you over this or any other topic, I've read enough of your posts over the last four years to know I have better things to do with my time. BTW, are you native American?
  9. Maybe we just have more bean counters here than the rest of the world. Or maybe because some people find that the USA being a great "melting pot" is always such a positive. We know how terrible it is to stop or limit everyone from entering the country at will....
  10. How much do you think the anti- Trumpers paid the author of that article to write and print it?
  11. The Graf may show the population as stable,but in most areas it certainly is not robust. On Long Island eeling was an important percentage of a bayman's annual income, and for a number of years through the 80's served as my primary income especially through the scallop die off in 1986 and the striped bass moratorium. Predation, sale of bait eel, over harvest and blackmarket elver harvest have seriously depleted the fishery here.
  12. Had both knees fully replaced 3 1/2 years ago. Was to the point I needed a walker to get around just before the surgeries which were a week apart. Went to PT for three months and then another month before I could go back to work[comm. fishing]. Still had some pain but not too bad. But then a year and a half ago I developed a staph infection which attacked my right knee joint. Nearly turned to sepsis and the surgeon had to open the leg,scrape the infection from the bone, irrigate the wound and replace some of the joint. Ten days in the hospital, seven weeks on intravenous antibiotics and six months oral AB. I can get around ok now but have pain. Limited work but I can't kneel. But I am better off than I was before the replacements.
  13. Happy Easter to All! May our prayers keep one another safe and healthy.
  14. There certainly is a lesson to be learned from the adversity of this situation. Maybe not so much for us older folks but others may realize that we never know what is waiting right around the corner.Even squirrels know enough to bury some acorns in the fall.
  15. Depends on the definition of prolonged. Had there not have been some restraints up to this point i believe the numbers of those infected would be much higher. As far as curtailment of rights,certain segments of the population already demonstrated that their 'RIGHTS' take precedent over how they could have an impact over everyone around them. And lastly as far as who benefits, it could be you or me. We may not become fatality statistics.but I agree, it can't go on forever.