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  1. Would the charter and party boats making multiple trips a day have to release all the fish they catch as well? Just asking... Can't imagine many people ante-ing up to go home empty-handed.
  2. anyone recognize this camper?
  3. I have a situation where my shoulders are so bad that I have been sleeping in a recliner for fifteen years.My wife and I will spend a short time together in bed at night but I shift to a recliner to get some sleep. Too much clamming, too many casts.
  4. Cute. But why give the dirtbags another out.
  5. There is a fellow in North Carolina name Joe Moore who has helped me on a couple of similar projects. Not Sure if he is a member on this site. Nice guy, very knowledgeable. He may be able to advise.
  6. Had better results today. Seems part of the problem with the crinkle was caused by painting gloss clear over plugs I had used Rustoleum metallic silver. Perhaps they require longer drying or cure time. But I did try spaying the gloss shortly after painting colors and all went well as SC809 advised. Thanks for all the help. Sam
  7. You're a good man, Steve
  8. Thanks fellas for the replies. Makes sense and give those a try.Let you know tomorrow how I make out...
  9. I don't know about that. All the components appear to be oil based, clean up with mineral spirits.
  10. I recently restored an old Craftsman lathe to get back to making a few plugs for myself and friends. Been about 30 years since, but happy to get back. Anyway, turned a few and searched the best ways to finish them using rattles after sealing with spar urethane thinned with turps. I let them dry about two weeks in my boiler room, primed them with Zinnser Cover Stain oil base, painted them after 5 days with Rustoleum enamel.They looked fantastic! Waited three days and hit them with Rustoleum clear gloss,and the paint crinkled. ... Luckily I only sprayed three before I realized what had happened.Can anyone tell me what I might have done wrong? These are going to be fishers, so I'm not looking to get involved with an epoxy finish. Do I need to wait longer before the clear coat? Wouldn't mind if a few of them came out pretty....
  11. Its been many years since I've done any turning, but my father had a simple system which worked pretty well for the small runs we would make. First off, we replaced the standard tool rest with a post that had a piece of angle iron welded on top,one leg facing down so that there was a flat, level surface up. Length of the angle iron was about eight inches. Then we would make a template of the outline of the plug on a piece of eighth inch aluminum using a contour gauge.The template would the be mounted on the altered tool rest with counter sunk flathead bolts. Finally we would firmly tape a cutting bit to the underside of the chisel. Carefully set your template to he centerline of the lathe, check your distances, and turn. A little fussy to set up, but produced good result plus you had very good control of the chisel with a firm grip with both hands. Simply run the chisel stop along the outline of the template.
  12. I have an idea{though not original]. Let the legally registered voters of this country vote AGAIN whether or not they want a wall. I'd be will be willing to bet that a fair number of recently arrived legal immigrants would be in favor as well. Taxpayers have seen to much of their hard earned money go to support give aways, such as education and medical treatment, and enforcement efforts, centered around those here illegally. Appears we can no longer count on our elected representatives to express the will of the people. Take some of the onus off the President. I am sure 5.7 billion, or whatever the cost of physical barrier, is a drop in the bucket compared the cost of the never ending flood of illegals coming across the border. Sure, there's many points of entry,but lets at least try to stop the mockery of our country by caravan after caravan flooding our southern border.
  13. I agree with DZ and Jimmy z. The president put the government employees and US citizens above himself and took the blow to reopen the gov. I don't think he's worried about what people might say, he just showed that if it were up to Pelosi & co. theyed basically tell the country to .go f*** itself, which is basically what they are doing by denying the need for a strong physical barrier on the southern border.Sick and tired of all the Trump haters looking to lynch the President 24/7. He's unfortunately been a one man show getting anything done in this country's government for the last two years. The only thing congress has done is fight with itself and resist. Tax payers should clean out the house next election and start with a new slate.
  14. We weren't very savvy as far as plug building goes, we would just get the unpainted blanks, most without holes for hooks or weight, and put them together and see how they swam. One of us would stand up on the cliff with binoculars while the other went down to the water with a full plug bag and give each plug a swim. They'd get tweaked if needed, hook sizes changed, lips bent, line ties adjusted.If the plug couldn't be helped, it lost its spot in the bag.Someties we'd actually just chuck 'em in the water for someone else to find and smile.
  15. Least I could do after all the advice and knowledge I've gained from your posts. As far as inconsistencies in Danny's plugs, ask my friend.