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  1. Sanctuary cities, ACLU, Political Correctness. These things embolden them.
  2. I think the caravaners are coming because,although we are a nation of laws, we are not a nation of enforcement. They know this and it gives them access to the free stuff. Solution is simple...figure out how to enforce the law..,which is what I believe the President is trying to do. Not rocket science.
  3. A sammy?
  4. i've been chuncking for a good many years and always want to get answers to this question. My opinion is that there is no correct answer. Best thing to do is listen to the advice of these fellas who have a great deal of experience in different situations and look at how it relates to where you fish. For myself, I respond to a bite or pickup based on the surf conditions. Only absolute I would advise, specifically to heavy white water, is be ready to set the hook immediately. Those hits come from fish aggressively taking your bait. Hit em hard!! But I always hold the rod.
  5. My take is that aquaculturists have much more support from the general public because they are perceived as enhancing the environment while wild harvesters are merely "raping" it for their own profit ... many comments condemning commercial harvest fail to take note that there is a large demand for sustainably harvested WILD seafood. In reality, profitability drives aquaculture, and the point you make about the reductions of the spawning populations are facts that many who support that industry are unaware of. The public needs to be educated in all the facts in a totally honest format and here is one very important but often overlooked reason. The big eventual conflict between wild harvesters and aquaculturists will be SHORESIDE ACCESS. AC's are the new kids on the block in most areas and recreational demand is already pushing on the commercial sector. Turn public opinion even further against traditional commercial fisherman, and eventually it will be easier for ACs to control docks and packing facilities etc. if comm. fishing does not remain viable due to regulation, cycles or other factors.
  6. lets hope casting=catching
  7. Not here on Long Island. Pilot projects have already been done without any disclosure to or input from the public.Permits have already been issued. There is a serious conflict of interests in NY with aquaculturists. Heck, they're even allowed to sell bug scallops AS A FOOD ITEM, not just for stock replenishment or enhancement, thereby creating markets for illegally harvested wild stock. Seems that they get almost anything they want rubber stamped. BTW, have you been able to get my brother out fishing?
  8. I think we have to be very careful about introducing non-native species. Here in Peconic Bay on Long Island we have one of the most productive bay scallop fisheries on the east coast. Aquaculturists are hell bent on growing sugar kelp on their leases.How do you prevent it from spreading throughout the bay,especially the western portions, where it is non-native. If it were to take hold it would make scallop harvesting difficult, if not impossible, considering the fact that in NY we are prohibited from the use of mechanical means of hauling dredges.
  9. Don't pull this insinuated racist crap.I'm sick and tired of reading in the newspaper that someone who "has been in this country for fifteen years responded through an interpreter ..."Many of these people don't want to assimilate, become part of our country and culture.They just want to take advantage of our prosperity,which, by the way, they are doing a good job of depleting.
  10. Sorry to disagree Gama but my hamlet, school district and healthcare facilities have been decimated by local law enforcement agencies turning a blind eye to illegals and the slumlords who rent to them. The point that I always try to make is the people who suffer the most from illegal immigration are the middle class people who struggle to achieve the American dream through hard work and obeying the law. But then our neighborhoods and quality of life gets destroyed by people who have absolutely no respect for any laws and who have demonstrated it by their initial act of entering OUR COUNTRY illegally.
  11. What my old fishing partner would say about good fisherman who either lost their desire or got hooked on the bottle.... "He's a wuz been"
  12. I've had good results with Tuf-Line Extra in 65 lb. test for both plugging and bait fishing. Used it on reals such as 150 Surfmaster static magged Newells and Ambassadeurs. 65 may sound like overkill but the way it handles and lays on the spool,plus the fact that it is easier to pick should you backlash makes for easy fishing. The finish is a bit textured which may wear on the thumb when retrieving but gives good grip on the spool when casting weight. Plus its not as expensive as some other braids. Hope this helps.
  13. i am willing to admit that this is probably an overly simplistic and optimistic viewpoint , but one that I honestly believe
  14. I'm about people following the laws or regulation the elected officials create to help structure a fair, peaceful,common sense, and rational society for all who are willing to be realistic to the way society needs to work. No shortcuts, no excuses, play by the rules or participate in a responsible way to express your disagreement.My belief is responsible people with a rational discourse can achieve great things with mature conversation. Thats what I'm about. Main point is about people following the law.It is a critical action to see if we in truth have created something that can work for society.
  15. Too bad some people take the liberty of making assumptions about others That rarely works out well.