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  1. You gotta find the right school. There’s been one or two bass per school. We were getting bit within the first minute of being on a pogie school. After that nothing, they’d shut down. If they aren’t there within 5 or 10 min move to the next school. It’s all about covering water. Look for the pogies swimming in a tighter circle. They aren’t necessarily getting smacked into the air but the bass are corralling them
  2. Had a big blue cut my pogie in half yesterday. I’ll keep your smoked bluefish in mind if more of them show up!
  3. Definitely nothing
  4. There was a small hump back of Duxbury/Marshfield on Saturday too in 15 ft of water
  5. I was more talking about taking it home to eat themselves. Again, I assume they wouldn’t go out but if it’s that low and they like tuna, then why not?
  6. You would know better than me, but if a comm tuna fisherman catches and kills a giant, aren’t they legally obligated to sell it? At least that’s the impression I was under. Now that being said, they could let it go or not even make the trip.
  7. My pogie got sliced in half out there today.... could mean more are coming
  8. I’ll be sure to give her a drive by tomorrow
  9. Yesterday was also a first for me in terms of plovers. I edged the boat up close to a pogie school that was up against the beach. I was maybe 30-40 yards from shore and a plover watcher/environmental lady came screaming at me that I was too close to the plovers in my BOAT. Has anyone else had this happen?
  10. I wish. I was thinking my eyes were playing tricks on me. By the time I figured out what was going on they spooked
  11. I had heard rumors of tuna crashing pogies in CCB. Today confirmed it as I watched 3 giants (80”) heard pogies up against the beach in 6 feet of water not more than 10 yards from me. Pretty spectacular
  12. Nice! Looking to find some of those this weekend. Haven’t been out there in weeks
  13. Not sure where you live, but Green harbor lobster pound in Marshfield has some of the freshest I know of. The owner, Paul buys fresh from lobstermen at a relatively low quantity. He rarely keeps them in the tank more then 2 days because he keeps his supplies low. Great guy and a great view. fried clams are out of this world