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  1. Just picked up some traps and I’m gonna fish lobster for the first time ever this year. We have everything rigged up ready to go. Any preferences for bait type? Or will any fish suffice? Thanks guys
  2. Should be. They aren’t closing the bridge itself. I’ll be out there at sunrise tomorrow can report back if you’d like
  3. Works for me. PM coming
  4. Thought this would have more hits. Make an offer last bump!
  5. Bump $60
  6. Selling it all as a lot. Baits are mostly 9” or above. A couple packs of 6” baits as well as hogy lobsters and sand eels. $70 local pick up (Cape-Boston). Can be shipped if there is interest.
  7. Myself, my brother, and a buddy went 5/6 in tags this spring. We scouted and hunted hard all on public land in SE mass. I was the only one not to punch my last tag. My dad who is pretty disabled with debilitating arthritis also managed to punch one tag which was fun to watch. I had my fair share of opportunities to fill both but came up short. A note to self for next season, don’t skimp on ammo it’ll come back to bite you. Anyway, here are some of the pics
  8. It’s not just down the cape. I’ve been fishing and duck hunting one specific section on the Marshfield/duxbury line for years now. Even had the cops called on me while duck hunting cuz I had a gun and people were “scared.” They Showed up, confirmed I was legal, and left. Never once mentioned anything about where I parked. Went to fish that section this spring, parked in my usual spots, which are dirt pull offs, and started fishing. Turned around about a half hour later to see a cop had pulled up and started ticketing me and people who had also parked there. Dude said it was a no parking area and had always been, but the signs had “blown off.” He said that multiple neighbors had called to report the parked cars. Luckily since I was there and the signs “had blown off” I was out of the loop but others weren’t so lucky. it has to be correlated to covid. Never ever had an issue before this year
  9. Public land SE mass. Different public land than from the birds our group got earlier. This was the 5th Tom I’ve had under 50 yards in the last two weeks. Finally was able to close the deal
  10. That’s pretty awesome! Thanks for the intel