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  1. I’ll take both teasers. Picked up in Newton
  2. Just an update. Skipped the offshore stuff with weather concerns but decided to hit the cape beaches for browns. First time ever doing it. Ended up 1/3 and had an absolute blast.
  3. Thanks for the input everyone. With the storm coming I may hold off until next weekend. But I appreciate the input. Power chumming is a great suggestion albeit as long as it’s not my insides being used
  4. Gonna try my hand at offshore sharks this weekend for the first time (weather dependent of course). A friend of mine will be moving out to Montana at the end of the year and really wants to catch a shark before he leaves. I have a general idea of where to go and what to do, but I’m just looking for a few tips and tricks before I head out. Any preference in rigging style, bait selection, chumming technique etc? Anything helps and thanks in advance!
  5. Picked up for us. About 3-4 keepers per trap
  6. Where are you located? Would you split these up?
  7. Any general location? Not looking for specifics
  8. Slowwwww
  9. Wow thank you. Never heard of either of those before but appreciate the knowledge
  10. Picked up a plug lot recently. One needle and one jointed metal lip. Not sure what these two are. They are both 9” long. Thanks in advance
  11. How about $70
  12. How much for what’s left
  13. If you split the sand eel jigs I’ll take em
  14. If you decide to ship the rods I’ll take the teramar. We can work out shilling price if it comes to that
  15. My brother and I have each wrapped a tag up so far. His opening day, mine today. Both big bodied birds. Back to work tomorrow