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  1. There is no shortage of them. Good reels, the super’s are super heavy. I like the 551, I think it is. It’s a pretty large reel but much lighter than the super of similar size. There is a guy on YouTube that waterproofs them. They look super cool when he is done. They are well made and reliable but most won’t fetch much on the Bay.
  2. Bunker, I know how Ya'll love it but for me, not so much.
  3. $180 shipped to Long Island. The gen 2 is awesome. Gen 1 is very nice but not in the same league.
  4. I think the most of the popular brands are too expensive. So, I use Hercules 8 strand. Been using it for a few years now and I like it a lot. It’s strong and casts smooth and it’s very reasonably priced. I know the company that makes it. They are in China and they make the same stuff for lots of manufacturers. SSV2 is so expensive. I like Fireline for my vintage reels but it’s so expensive too. I’ll just stick with Hercules
  5. I had an 8k a while back. Under load the spool is very wobbly. I would switch it up and use a conventional reel for sharks.
  6. Welcome aboard!
  7. Winn makes a wrap with a rope or something built In that is similar. Super easy to install and it looks great
  8. Flounder filets are $18.99 by me on Long Island. I am going to keep fish this year. I’ve been 99% catch and release for years. The way I fish it probably won’t matter though lol.
  9. I spot burned!!!! Crap..
  10. That’s what. Thought lol. Not exactly Striper Season right now anyways
  11. Isn’t it crazy how much it resembles a Striped Bass? I was taken aback and thought this was a joke.
  12. You are free to block my content. Please do actually
  13. Africa
  14. Just caught this at field six Jones Beach. Stripers are getting feisty! I think they’ll make a comeback. What do you guys think?