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  1. That’s frigged up. You should not have gone back out.
  2. That’s frigged up. You should not have gone back out.
  3. I can’t get over how many people have 1,000’s of posts. Pretty amazing.
  4. Seems like a 10,000 size would be better suited for chunking. I use a 5500 Ultegra for 3 oz metals and poppers. Nice price on the Stella BTW i have a Century 1505, 12’6” which is fantastic 1 to 4 rated plugging rod
  5. The last and only Kast King I bought I sent back. What garbage. Now if you want something that you can cast with and Fluke from a boat take a look at Tronixpro Envoy $50 and well worth the money. It casts a mile and has plenty of guts for Fluke fishing
  6. I don’t think it’s possible simultaneously anyway from a physiological standpoint. Can u breath in and sneeze at the same time? Can u laugh and frown at the same time? Can u blow beer out your nose and poop your pants at the same time? i Think NOT!!! This guy is an imposter!!! Ban his beer snarfing pants pooping A$$ I say. But it then again, maybe I am the OP aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa Nebba no
  7. I can cast a 6 oz lead with my AFAW six and bait, using the Seigler SM 630' ... That's not bad... So, yeah it's a great reel. I did have to add some magnets to it though. I don't like to use my thumb and for me it needed a little tuning. But all I did was add some magnets. Everything else is stock issue.
  8. 1. Not sure if this happens on other types of phones but on my Iphone, I can't read a post or type a post without the screen jumping all over the place. As ads pop up the screen moves around alot. Many times I have gotten so frustrated that I closed out and read the news lol. 2. The negative guys, and it seems to be the same guys, waiting like vultures to jump on someone. 3. "What's the Best" posts That's about it I guess. Can't really complain too much since it is a free site.
  9. LoL yeah that does not sound like scallops. Too bad I love scallops. Can’t imagine that it taste like a steak though
  10. I’ve heard they they taste like scallop and are served that way.
  11. I fed them to quite a few people this past weekend. Everyone and I mean everyone absolutely loved them. I may have gone overboard a bit by soaking them in milk for 24 hours but I had to get rid of the smell. We do have picky fish eaters in my family. The meat was very mild to say the least and fairly firm. These suckers are not throw a ways any longer. Most people preferred them over my southern fried Bluefish which I think is pretty great.
  12. Aren’t they out of business lol
  13. I cut down the back got two big filets and filleted them like any other fish. I did not peel the skin like that be seen others do. It was simple actually.
  14. Not sure. It seems smooth to me.
  15. LoL there are people that I fish with that won’t touch them. It’s weird they actually get angry that someone would actually keep one. We’ve all been brainwashed