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  1. I bought a 100. On the first cast the line went from full spool to zero. IMO it does not hold enough line for surf fishing. I know you don’t have to cast far depending on what you are fishing for but 30lb braid went by fast. I now have the 150 and like It.
  2. Gotcha just glad that’s it’s mormal. Not used to all the intricacies of spinners yet.
  3. Ah ok thanks.
  4. It seemed to wobble a little throughout
  5. So I gave up plugging with conventional reels recently and have been experimenting with some long cast reels like the new Okuma Surf 8k. I am brand new to spinning reels but came across this issue (if it really is one), and was looking for some input. Firstly the reel casts great, really bullets a long ways. That I like a lot. What I find odd is when I put a load on the rod and reel the spool wobbles a little. So the question is, is it normal for spinning spools to wobble under load? if I grab the spool I can wobble it with my hand too. It’s not like it’s going to fall off or anything but I’m just not sure if this is normal...
  6. 45 deg huh that’s a cool idea thanks!
  7. I have big hands and the diameter of the rod I have give me blisters. It feels too small
  8. Great stuff! This is for a surf casting rod but I really like what you did
  9. I was thinking of making the butt about 17” or so and using an abalone inlay into the cork above the butt area
  10. Hi yeah I picked up some 1 1/2” thanks for the reply
  11. I apologize for the delayed response. Email notifications are not working for some reason.
  12. Noob here so forgive me if this is a dumb question. I’m preparing for my first rod build. I’m using a Black Hole East Coast Special. 12’ the butt is about .83” I believe. I’d like to add a cork handle using cork rings. Most rings seem to be 1 1/4” diameter. So the question is, what’s the thinnest wall thickness I can drill cork to? I would imagine that after shaping I’d be down to 1/8” and that does not make much sense to me. Can’t see how that would work but again I’m a Noob
  13. Got to love capitalism. The small guy gets crushed again! If you can afford to pay you can barge into any thread and sell your product. If you are small and can’t afford it you will lose to the big guy. What a shocker! Bingo Bango
  14. I have a friend on this site who sells a popular product. He has been reprimanded by the site owner for promoting his product. I’m not going to say who or what he sells but everyone knows the brand. There seems to be a double standard here and that as at the root of what is annoying me.
  15. LoL it seems that way:)