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  1. I have both and I like both. The VS would be my first choice for super rough use like skishing, climbing boulders and smashing it up a bit but the Saltx is a fine reel for the money. I’ve reeled it underwater with no issues. It has a very strong drag and casts fine. It’s comfortable too. I like it. It’s not a VS but it is half the price!
  2. Mine has been perfect. Not a single issue. And I’ve opened it up and it ya dry. And I reel underwater…. Fit and finish is all good
  3. 30 pound top shot is the way to go. 3 or 4 turns around the spool and you are good
  4. Hercules because it’s cheap and it works just fine. IMO too many people spend way too much on braid. I remember getting super slick spoiled up a number of years ago and it cost me I’ve $60. To me that’s just ridiculous. Hercules 8 strand is a nice braid, have never had any unusual issues and it’s pretty cheap. Also I have too many reels to spool with the expensive stuff
  5. Rogers waders fit me well and I am 5’11” 260. Plenty of room
  6. TackleZoom in Levittown has pretty awesome EVA and Cork. They even have Zebra Stripe EVA block
  7. I’d say that for the abuse you put yours through it’s done well. I haven’t had issues with mine either but I don’t do what you do.
  8. I just repaired an inflatable mattress with Aquaseal and it holds my big ass so this is tough stuff. I use it on my waders too
  9. Wondering what is the advantage of low reel seats for fishing applications? Distance casting in tournaments maybe or if you need extreme distance for fishing I guess…. I suppose if you are going to do it buy a tripod. I use them here in the North East and like them a lot. Just can’t see how reeling in a fish from the bottom of the rod would be much fun. Could always put 2 seats on the rod or use an adjustable seat
  10. I must have a different blank. You guys are stating that the sweet spot is 3.5oz. Mine throws 8 well so it can’t be the same
  11. Mine has been perfect. And I reel underwater.
  12. Pretty sure you can upgrade to 6 pin. Dads ol tackle used to sell them
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