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  1. Wow you put a ton of thought into this. I will give your ideas a whirl. It makes a lot of sense. Thanks very much for such a detailed reply.
  2. I use a Seigler SM with is Star Drag Mag. It’s not really a backlash that’s the problem. The line digs in on itself
  3. Thanks for the reply. I just spoiled my SM with Black g Game, I’ll see how it goes
  4. Here is my dilemma... I love braid.... The bite detection is second to none. The diameter allows lots of line to be spooled... You guys all know this. What makes me nuts is after I catch a large fish, the next cast is doomsday for certain. And the thing is, I know exactly why! It's difficult to make certain that the spool is wound really tight while fighting a fish, so naturally the braid digs in and the next cast is disaster. I get it, I totally get it... But I love braid. And so it goes. This is my setup. 1. Anyfish Anywhere 6 and bait 13' 2. Seigler SM 3. Braid, take your pick. I've tried everything. Casting style, if that matters, OTG, Brighton or overhead thump. Breaking up is hard to do....? I love braid but braid does not love me. I cast her gently, I cast her hard, I nurture her with conditioners and lubricants and just when I think she is content, BAM.... I only introduce another once in a while, hook line and sinker? Yeah but it's not like it's all the time.. We are just friends, I swear, just friends.... A woman scorned. Vengeance is real... Next cast.... SNAP. Every time... Ok, sillyness aside. What should I do? Switch to Mono, switch setups, find another hobby, WHAT?????
  5. Tsunami Airwave $134.99. This exact model is XH but others are lighter
  6. Never heard that before . Good tip thanks
  7. I have a 1505 so it’s a bit longer but I can’t say enough about these rods. Takes very little effort to cast at max distance. Very light just great rods
  8. Thanks a lot for the description. That helps a lot. Really appreciate it!
  9. I think I’d opt for the Seigler SM. It’s already magged and it has a lifetime warranty. I’ve had many 6500’s and as good as they are the Seigler is far better
  10. I have some. Very good for sandy bottoms. I use them quite often...
  11. I watch his videos quite often. Learned a lot from them. The vids I watched were impressive but I think he could cast 600’ with a tree trunk lol. Glad to hear that you are happy with yours.
  12. I suppose I did this ARZ backwards lol but I just purchased an Anyfish Anywhere 6 and bait MK2 13’ for conventional reels. I’m pairing with my Seigler SM. I’ve search this site but did not come up with too much info on it. All the reviews I found online seemed to indicate that it’s a really good rod for smooth to mixed ground and in the right hands can cast 200 yards +. So I was hoping to get some reviews from some surf casters here that have used it. Give me the good, the bad and the ugly!
  13. I agree with a lot of folks that say that a longer rod will make more of a difference but if age is creeping up and you are struggling with pain and weakness a longer rod will be harder to handle, particularly on windy days. I use Shimano Ultegra14000 and 5500 Big Pit Reels when I use spinning reels and man they made a major difference in my casting. I went from a VS 150 and a Daiwa Ballistic 6000 to the Ultegra's and distance increase was very noticeable. The line just flies off the spool. I have used the 5500 on 9' to 12' rods with great success. The CI4 versions shave quite a bit of weight off. My 5500 is the CI4 and it's light as a feather. Hope that helps some. BTW I am not far behind you in age. The CI4 is the way to go...
  14. I know this is an old thread but I broke 2 Tsunami Airwave rods and brought them back to the bait and tackle shop. No issues. They gave me brand new rods no questions asked