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  1. That's my go to knot for attaching a short leader to a top shot of mono. You use this knot to fly through guides? Do you dress the tag ends with super glue or something to keep it smoother?
  2. Going old school these days and looking to Pair a Squidder 146 with an old school Lami or Fenwick (good luck finding the Fenwick lol) conventional rod. One piece is preferred... 10' or longer.. If it's a one piece you will need to be on Long Island or in the Queens area. This is for a 6 - 8 and bait setup throwing chunks from the ocean or sandy shore...
  3. So, I put together a Frankenreel from the handle side of a 140, a left side and frame of a 146 (magged) and a new Aluminum spool that I picked up on eBay. I'll upload a pic later... Firstly I am shocked at how fast this reel is... Holy smokes, it's fast. It's balanced beautifully too. I spooled it with 20 pound mono but here is the question... Mono to Mono knot? Which one? Normally I use braid and would tie an FG for my top shot to braid main line but now what? I really don't like big giant knots running through my guides... It freaks me out... lol.. What is the smallest, bestest Mono to Mono knot for this purpose..?
  4. Heartbreaking news. So very sorry for the loss of your best friend and soulmate. Very difficult times indeed.
  5. It’s a better drink than it is a knot. Just sayin’. LoL
  6. $150 for both shipping included to 11756???
  7. Hi, what I was trying to say was if your intention is to use light braid, let's say 15 or 20 pound you don't want the braid to take the shock of an 8 oz lead and a chunk. You want your leader or top shot to take the shock during your cast. So, in order to do that you should run a leader or top shot of mono (I use mono) down the rod and wrap it about 5 turns around the spool. Riggers say that after 3 turns the line won't come loose under force. So, wrap it 5 or so and use an FG knot so that the knot does not go slamming through your guides. I use this type of thing on my conventional reels and don't bother with leader. I just run 60 pound mono and wrap it around the spool and I do use an FG knot.. You can tie your rig directly to the mono. And if you are using a fish finder the mono is perfect. Sometimes the slider wears on braid.
  8. I think the problem is that you can buy them brand new on Lamiglas site for 175. They are in the closeout section. And shipping is free.
  9. Actually I'm pretty sure he moved to Florida. He lived on Long Island, worked for Brookhaven Labs as a programmer and recently retired. Now he fishes Snook instead of Stripers... I have watched all his videos and honestly I think his books are way better. The videos support the books but mostly his vids just show him catching fish but not a lot of education in them... JMHO.. I just finished Striper Pursuit. Very very good and it can be used as a guide by referring to the chapter of interest. Like, if you wanted to know how to fish bucktails in an inlet with heavy current there is chapter dedicated to fishing the bucktail. Very good book.
  10. That resembles more of a CT cage than the American Reels of that period. Why 2 Eccentric Levers?
  11. I ask all my dumb questions right here. And BTW, the only dumb question is the one your didn't ask.... IMHO ask all you like.
  12. LOL you got that right! Nuts I tell ya NUTS...
  13. 175 and I will ship it
  14. What's OBX?
  15. Really nice Daiwa Saltist 6500. I used it just a few times, 3 maybe? It's in pristine condition and comes with the box. $185 shipped. Shipping to Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania... Other area I will need to check the shipping costs. I am shipping from NY.