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  1. The seniors are awesome. My Molly lived until she was 17 1/2. They just get sweeter with age. Great pic Mack!
  2. Gotta love rescues. Good for you adopting Dempsey...
  3. Those paws are like catchers mits!
  4. She’s super cool. You have your work cut out for you keeping that coat groomed.
  5. Cutie pie!
  6. Would he jump in?
  7. Oh man she is a cutie!!! You must be overjoyed!
  8. LoL smiling pooch! Love it
  9. You guys should check out Rogers Toughman waders. I am blown away by the quality and features for little money. I bought the husky size 12 boot in wader. They are actually hunting waders so I have buck shot slots that I haven't found a use for lol but aside from that for me they are amazing for the money. They have reinforced knees and whatnot, the boots are insulated and they have removable insulation for the entire wader that is washable. They are very easy to get in and out of, and they DID NOT LEAK right out of the box like every friggen pair of waders that I have purchased, and I have purchased quite a few. The boots are sized just right, the insulated boot and lining are really warm, there are three pockets, one insulated, one on the inside for phones and keys and one on the outside that zips. For 175 clams they are a steal in my book. I have only used them about 12 times but I am thrilled to come out of the water dry!!! I made sure to stay in the water waist high for at least a couple of hours each time to make sure they don't leak and they don't.
  10. Totally agree!
  11. I see people crabbing all the time and keeping the blue claw but stomping on the spider crabs. It irritates that crap out of me. I feel like if you are keeping the fish to eat then go for it but I don't like killing just to kill. I remember a time when I was fishing with my dad, back in the late 70's I think. We rented a boat our of Point Lookout Long Island. We were fishing for flounder (there were actually flounder back then) but were catching Bergals and Sea Robbins. I remember dad saying that Sea Robbins were trash fish and were just stealing our bait. So in my infinite wisdom the next one I caught I killed by smashing it's skull and tossed it back into the water. Dad got pissed. Really pissed. He said to me that, that fish had one life and I just took if for no good reason. Yeah it ate our bait and was annoying but it was a life. We only take fish to consume. I felt like crap and never did that again.
  12. I agree with everything you said. Very nice rods for distance and for distance with little effort. I can OTG cast a 3 oz metal a really long way. The funny thing with the slingshot model is that even just a little flip cast launches the lure. It's pretty remarkable really.. Like you said, it's not a cheap rod but holy smokes is it a good rod. I checked all the same boxes as you on this one... I have the 1506 and have had it for about 4 years. It's my go to lure rod from the beach. Meaning that when I don't feel like wading and want to cast on dry land, this is my stick!
  13. I don't, but I had one built from a guy in NJ who is a member here. If you need the info let me know. None of the shops on LI that I frequent carry them.
  14. Looks really great! Good luck with it. Very exciting I am sure.