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  1. OK PM sent
  2. Ok it's yours if you want it at $55 shipped
  3. Where would it be shipping to?
  4. Found one. Thanks all.
  5. All three rods sold. Still have the lines: Orvis 12wt. WF line - yellow. $15 shipped. Sci Anglers 5wt. sink tip line - clear tip/green running line. Very light for a 5wt. $15 shipped. Also available is a Powell Endurance XL Switch Rod, 11'3" 8wt. Great condition, includes rod sock and tube. $65 shipped. I was trying to include it in a reel sale but the reel sold and the rod remains so I am adding it here.
  6. Reel is tentatively sold.
  7. Sure I can do that. PM me your info.
  8. Sage is sold to Squammer.
  9. Here are the pics. First and second pics are just to show the rod. Third pic is the scratching just above the logo on the butt section of the rod. Fourth pic is ferrule wear typical to most sections. Fifth/sixth pics are the corrosion on stripping guide feet underneath the epoxy. No chunks missing from cork, reel seat has always stayed tight. Rod fishes very well, its a fairly fast rod but I got an even faster rod and now I don't use this one.
  10. That would work. Do you have any pics you can send?
  11. Right, as others have said I wasn't suggesting buying a brand new engine. Buy something used. I bought the 1984 Mercury 50HP that I currently have for $300 off craigslist and it's been flawless for over two years now.
  12. Downsizing and cleaning out gear I don't really use: Maxcatch fiberglass rod, 8'6" 5 wt. four-piece, includes rod sock and tube. Blue translucent color, cool fiberglass rod but I like my other glass rod better so this sits unused. There is a new company marketing these under the 'Adipose Fly Rods' moniker but they are quite literally these Maxcatch chinese rods. I added a fighting butt to this one. Casts well with a 7 wt. line. $50 shipped. Sage Motive 990-4. Fair shape. Has cosmetic scratches, some oxidized guide feet. It's had some use and seen lots of fish. Comes with Sage rod tube. $115 shipped. Echo Solo 9' 5wt. four-piece. Good condition. Has threaded insert for fighting butt. Threads on reel seat are a little funky. Includes Echo rod tube. $50 shipped. Orvis 12wt. WF line - yellow. $15 shipped. Sci Anglers 5wt. sink tip line - clear tip/green running line. Very light for a 5wt. $15 shipped. Pics to follow. I'm on/around Cape Cod so can meet in the vicinity if easier.
  13. Resurrecting an old thread here, either of you guys still have the spare spools available? @Pauleye @oldsenilegoat
  14. I've been trying to 'downsize' and get rid of gear I don't use, to try to simplify my fishing and life in general. Unfortunately as much as I love this reel, I just don't use it and someone else would be much better served by it. Up for sale is my Islander No. 3 reel. Black, serial number 505. Reel is a 10/10 functionally and a 9/10 cosmetically. It has a few very small scratches around the frame, and some on the drag knob. It is a truly great reel - incredibly well built, incredibly durable, incredibly simple, holds a TON of backing. Islander still makes all the parts for this reel and they are a pleasure to deal with. I added a Beachfire wood handle to the reel, and I also have a Spey foot for it somewhere (I will track it down prior to shipment) so it fits virtually all reel seats, even very large seats. The reel includes 300 yds. of Stealth braid backing (if you want it, if not I can remove it) and does NOT include the line. I will also include with the reel accessories as follows: blue neoprene pouch, spey foot with screws, extra screw for outgoing line clicker, Islander decal, and maintenance kit (SuperLube oil and dry graphite lubricant, recommended by Islander). The reel is a cork drawbar-type drag in the similar to classic Tibors and Abels. It's a full-frame reel and makes a great saltwater surf, boat, or two-handed reel. Asking $250 shipped within the continental US. If you buy the reel and are interested, I will throw in a Powell Endurance XL 8wt. Switch Rod, 11'3". Just pay the additional shipping. I don't use the rod and no one seems to want to buy it either. Also willing to trade outright for a Hatch 7+ Gen 2 spool, mid or large arbor.
  15. In my experience most hollow fleyes are tied to create a larger top-to-bottom profile than a 'round' profile like this one. Great looking fly, but I would say that it should not be taken as a rule for how all hollow Pop style fleyes are. Plus a beast fly is typically so much sparser.