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  1. Has anyone given these new legend tournament inshore rods a workout? I owned 2 of the older ones and found them to be great rods but preferred the IMX pro blues. The new legends seem to be directly targeted at the imx pro blues. St. Croix has a few rods in their lineup that interest me and aren't really available in the loomis/shimano lineup. Would love to hear some input. Thanks in advance.
  2. Without fishing or casting them I can say that the AWE is only a tiny bit lighter. 8.9 oz vs 9.3. Both pair well with a 10-12 reel. I wouldn’t want to go much heavier than that.
  3. I picked up the 8ft 6 late last week. I got the 8ft 6 trophy II at the same time. I might do a comparison of both of them. Their max rating is an ounce apart but they feel a lot closer than that. That being said, the trophy II is a steal at $80.
  4. I just noticed a new Tsunami Airwave elite "Light" rod. I only picked it up briefly and it seemed to have some decent components and is priced right. Anyone use this rod or have any info on it? Just a lighter version of the same blank as the older airwave elite or a redesign? The 8.5ft version intrigues me. Thanks in advance.
  5. The first picture has the 17F hook on the left and a 3/0 4x VMC on the right Second picture has the 15F hook on the left and a 1/0 4x VMC on the right. They genuinely seem to be sturdy hooks. VMC clones if not actual vmc hooks. I would love for someone in the industry to give a wink and a nod
  6. I guess they finally got enough complaints. I swear it looks 17F has 3/0 4x VMCs but usually manufactures like to advertise that sort of thing.
  7. I just stocked up on sp minnows and cracked open the packages to switch up the hardware. I pulled out the 3/0 VMCs to put on the 17 size so minnow and realized the hooks on the plug seem to be carbon copies of a 3/0 vmc. Did they start putting good hardware on these things? If so, did the do it for the 15 and 13 size as well? I did do a quick search and couldn’t seem find any topics on it. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks for the info. It seems like there aren't too many surf rods super focused on the casting the light stuff. I'll have to find a local shop that has one.
  9. Back Bay/ sod banks. Mostly plastics/sps/ and light topwater.
  10. Thank's. I'll keep an eye out. Were they just blanks or did lamiglas make finished GLB rods?
  11. I didn't expect it to pair with a VR 50 but that's a bonus. Did the seage seem a little faster than the genesis you own? I had the 8ft genesis as well but sold it since I didn't see myself needing the 8 and 9. Now that I'm buying the 10 I regret that decision.
  12. I currently own the 2021 ODM genesis 9 ft. Its a great rod and I bought it to be my main stick but I'm leaning towards getting the 10ft instead. I still want a 9ft for lighter back bay. Something for throwing no more than 1.5oz. I will likely be throwing 1/2-1oz the majority of the time. I like the idea of a 1 piece but I have never owned casted a GSB. I don't want a true moderate rod like the longer GSBs but I heard the 9ft rods are a bit faster. The new st. croix seage 9ft seems interesting as well. I've always been a fan of their surf rods and customer service. At the end of the day I may just hold onto the ODM 9ft but was wondering if anyone has spent time with the sticks listed above. Thanks in advance.
  13. I’m looking to pick up a heavier 7ft spinning rod to throw moderate sized plugs and jig hogys from my kayak. I was looking at the Teramar XX North East MH extra fast and fast models, IMX pro blue 844sf, and medium 7ft 2 terez. I already own 3 imx pro blues and they are fantastic but I’m open to saving a few pennies and trying something new. The new Teramars seem fantastic but I haven’t heard much about them. Has anyone given the Teramar xx and the new terez rods a workout yet? Thanks in advance.
  14. I was using a stradic 5k. Perfect balance for both.
  15. I don’t think the twin power xd is ipx8 rated like the larger SWs. I could be wrong.