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  1. I was using a stradic 5k. Perfect balance for both.
  2. I don’t think the twin power xd is ipx8 rated like the larger SWs. I could be wrong.
  3. Thanks. Let me know how it feels. Definitely interested in not spending $800 on a van staal. We can only hope for a 4000 size Saragosa one day
  4. I love the gossas as much as the next guy but it might not balance all that well with the 9ft. I handled one in the shop and they are light as a feather. That being said, I can’t think of anything that’s well sealed that would make a better pairing besides a 150 vsx. I’m looking at the same combo myself and rather not spend the money on a vs.
  5. Thanks for the input! That makes the decision a little easier. Keep the 8ft genesis and get the 7ft 6 back bay.
  6. Thanks for the input! That makes the decision a little easier. Keep the 8ft genesis and get the 7ft 6 back bay.
  7. Thanks for the input! That makes the decision a little easier. Keep the 8ft genesis and get the 7ft 6 back bay.
  8. Has anyone compared the 7ft 6 DNA back bay to the 8ft DNA? If they are very similar rods then that would make my decision easier. I could keep the genesis 8ft and get a 7ft 6 back bay for the lighter stuff.
  9. No no no. Don't give me ideas.
  10. Why not both? But seriously, I'm likely picking up the 9ft for light duty beach plugging soon.
  11. Thank you. I was originally just trying to figure out which one to keep and got carried away.
  12. I got to spend a short period of time casting both the ODM DNA 8ft and the 2021 Genesis 8ft rods today so I figured I would do a quick write up for anyone who's interested. Unfortunately I didn't fish either rod or throw an array of plugs so this isn't a full and complete review. I casted both rods with lead (1/2oz, 1oz, and 2oz) Initial impressions: The 2021 genesis is noticeably lighter and thinner as soon as you pick up the rod. Literally the lightest surf rod I ever recall picking up. That being said, the DNA is not far behind. Its light enough to be impressed by its weight but it doesn't quite match the genesis. I didn't notice the weight much if any while casting since both are light rods but it might make a difference over time. The components on both rods seem very solid (I believe they have the same components but I'm not certain). The only thing I didn't like about both rods is that they have this slightly chunky plastic reel seat. The reel for both rods seems very solid, but its hard plastic and can be uncomfortable if you have a tendency to grab around the base of the reel. Since It is a surf rod and most people will be using the upper grip, I don't see this being much of an issue. The grips on the genesis are thinner than the DNA. The DNA grip also provides some contours on the upper grip which I would think most casters would enjoy. Both grips are good but I would assume most people would have a preference Casting and Rod Action The DNA is listed and Mod-Fast while the Genesis is listed as Moderate. I had no experience with the prior genesis rods so I can't speak on a comparison to the older ones. Both rods had very similar actions despite being labeled as different. I don't necessarily think they are listed incorrectly, I just think they are more similar than they are different 1/2oz: This is where the I felt the DNA did a little better. It really felt like I could "fling" and 1/2 oz lead weight effortlessly. It felt automatic. This is where you could get a feel for the DNA's slightly faster action. The genesis was right there as well. If the DNA was a 10/10 then the genesis would be a 8.5 or 9/10. 1oz: I couldn't tell the difference here. I had almost no preference. Maybe a slight nod to the genesis, but the actions really evened out with 1oz on the end of the line. Take a look at the pictures I attached. The first picture is the genesis while the 2nd is the DNA. Almost identical action show in these pictures. 2oz: This is where the genesis did better. I felt like I had a little bit more control with the genesis and it provided slightly more feedback during the backcast. I did notice that the rod felt slightly more moderate at this point. The DNA did great too, I just preferred the genesis here. I wish I had gotten slowmo video for this weight since you would have likely seen a slightly more noticeable difference in actions. Final Thoughts: Both rods are seriously good. I wish this was as easy as declaring a winner and saying the genesis was just an improved DNA but thats not the case. It would make my life a lot easier since I'm only keeping one of these rods. The DNA seems to have the edge on the light stuff so this would probably be my preference for soft plastics on jig heads under 1oz and lighter bucktails. The Genesis takes the cake on throwing heavier stuff and also edges the DNA in weight. I'm hesitant to speculate on how well each would throw sp minnows or other small/ mid sized plugs but I would guess the genesis would win here. That being said, I would likely stick to the DNA for throwing small metals and epoxy jigs. I hope this helps anyone trying to make the same decision. Either way they both handle the range of 1/2-2oz incredibly well.
  13. I'm looking to buy a new "throw the whole bag" rod in the coming months. Lately I've been spoiled by fly shops letting me cast every rod on the rack. It's hard to imagine making a 400+ purchase on a rod now without actually getting to cast. Does anyone know of any shop or manufacture that does demo days in New Jersey? ODM, Lamiglas, Century, St. Croix are all on my Radar.
  14. I know this is late but I'll chime in. I owned the 6wt with the fighting butt for about a month. I really didn't like it. I fished it with SA titan and even then it seemed to need 40ft of line out to get any significant feel. Its just too stiff and i generally like faster rods. That being said, it slings line. Would make for a great rod just to huck streamers across a river bank. Its more of a casting tool than a fishing one. I just got a Blue ribbon to replace it so we will see how that goes.
  15. I have both rods on me now. I'll be making some casts later and give a quick write up.