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  1. Thanks. Got some cleaner water and some sloping exposed sand. I didn't realize how much mud I had in the bucket before. They should be fine overnight.
  2. Any tips on keeping fiddlers overnight? I’m under the impression that there shouldn’t be any issue keeping them in a bucket with some mud and creek water but I’ve yet to try. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. The biggest thing holding me back is that this set up isn't a dedicated canal rod and will probably just see open beach 80% of the time (At least until I make a likely move closer to the area next year). If it was a pure canal stick I probably wouldn't be even asking the question and just get an 8k. I just wasn't sure if a 6k was going to explode after a few fish in heavy current.
  4. That's still surprising to hear. Any chance you might have gotten a dud? I haven't put too much time on mine, but I sold another one to a tuna guy not that long and it sounds like he beats the hell out of them and they just keep going.
  5. I didn’t really think that the main gear in the 6k would be great that fragile. Or maybe you’re covertly telling me to buy a Stella lol
  6. I have the 3/4-4 and a 6k as my beach plugging workhorse but I only ever put 30lb braid on it. Assuming you use heavier line in the canal, do you ever deal with mine capacity issues?
  7. That’s fair. I’ve just always been of the opposite. Trying to get away with the lightest gear as possible. If this was a dedicated jig set up I would absolutely go with an 8k sized reel but this is going to be more of a general duty rod. Maybe I’ll just suck it up..
  8. I'm putting together a combo to throw some heavier plugs (TFO 10'6 2-6) and trying to get a reel to match. The 8000k gosa feels like a brick on such a light rod while the 6000 seems to balance very nicely. Any reason why I can't get away 6000k? 22 lbs of drags and 250 yds 40 lb line of seems to sufficient but I could be completely wrong.
  9. As much as I like St Croix surf rods, their 8ft rods are kind of weird in my opinion. I own an 8ft mojo inshore and it’s butt end is huge for such a short surf rod. It’s really a 7ft rod with a huge butt end. It’s rating is also too high for such a short rod. For me it’s great at throwing metals and plugs up to 2.5oz off a jetty. It’s stout which makes it easy to haul bluefish over the rocks. It’s just not for back bay plugging which lighter lures. The ODM dna might be worth looking at.
  10. I’m in the same boat as you but I’m about to pull the trigger on an 8ft Avid inshore.
  11. Sorry for the late reply but it’s funny that you mention that. I was just having a conversation about heading to cape cod. I wouldn’t rule out being there in about a month.
  12. I have to Shimano GLFs for sale. Both 7ft. One is a medium (8-14) and the other MH (10-20). Both are like new and only a few trips old. I have nothing bad to say about these rods, I just decided to pick up legend inshores. $140 for both. I'm located in South Jersey but always driving around for work so Its definitely plausible that I might be able to meet you somewhere further away.
  13. I've found a glaring hole in my arsenal (or an excuse to buy more gear..). I'm looking to get something throw smaller/mid sized plugs in the back and around bridges. I need something to fit in-between b 7ft 6 M Avid inshore and 9ft 6 Tsunami airwave elite. Probably around 8ft 1/2-2oz preferably 1 piece. I already own a 8ft mojo surf but its really just used for tossing tins to to bluefish at inlets since it doesn't throw the lighter stuff too well. I am thinking about pulling the trigger on an avid inshore 8ft MH but my only concern is those rods are pretty fast and this rod will be mostly be used with treble hooks. Let me know you guys think. Thanks in advance.
  14. I have a 7ft 6 Medium for $75. I'm in cherry Hill.
  15. I actually went in to buy the avid but walked out with the loomis since they were out of stock.