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  1. Been fishing the Seabrook side of hampton harbor as it’s easiest access and quick to get to while I sneak away from the family. Very sad to see how few people are catching here. Talked to about 10 people now 8 bait guys, 2 fly guys and I’ve heard of one fish caught. I caught a 10” dink in there first day I went. Managed to catch a 23” fish off some rocks north of hampton but nothing like the deep ledges I fish in Maine; it was still very shallow. This is nuts. Two years ago, same week, every time I went regardless of tide I was catching at least 5 schoolies, some times getting over 20. All on a fly. Sucks to see the fishery hurting this bad.
  2. Headed down from ME for my weekly family Seabrook trip. Just curious how the fishing has been in a general sense. Last year was nothing but dinks. I’m primarily a fly fishing guy but I have some plugs and will throw bait with the family if need be. Any reports?
  3. Same thing going on here a bit north....but no fish!!! Not any that I saw and man I fished it hard, all over.
  4. They should post a game warden right on the bench there. With a big sign that says “Game Warden Present” I bet you the crowd shrinks by 70% from that alone.
  5. Casco bay is loaded with rocks and seemingly random shallow clam beds, but I’ve cruised around it a decent amount and really if you stock to the charts and watch your sonar you’ll be fine. Definitely don’t go blasting around aimlessly though
  6. Google Crab Pot Fly pattern, it was tied by James in Maine for those green crabs we see everywhere. I’ve used it successfully here all the way to cape cod. I’d imagine you’d have success too. Unbelievably effective fly
  7. Absolutely 100%. Often times its its entirely the retrieve. One day last week they wanted to super slow...almost not even moving the fly. Two days later I needed to strip my clouser like a mad man for a few seconds then pause. The next day steady moderate retrieve was producing bites. When I was younger I used to think stripers were just dumb bass that would eat anything...far from it. They can be selective more often than not. And as capefish said, not necessarily selective on fly color or pattern...but retrieve.
  8. Interesting videos. I started teaching myself the DH when trout fishing larger rivers and wanting to get more like out. It was hugely helpful when I made the transition into salt. Especially chucking big meaty flies with deadly sinking heads! Helpful videos. Like others have mentioned, after watching the video I may be putting too much haul at the very beginning of my cast. That got me thinking though; if I leave the head of my fly line (saltwater) in the water for 1 second, it is 8” deep. 1/2 sec even is still 4” underneath the surface. I think that’s why I got into this habit, helps to rip that line off the water before it sinks. Cool topic, I’m going to go analyze my double haul!!
  9. Wells Beach in Maine is wide open with 10ft tides. As well as all of the Bays including a Saco and Casco. Pretty much Maine’s entire coast has a 10’ tidal swing, even the marsh 2 miles inland from the ocean is a solid 8-9. No intention to “disprove” or be “right.” Just my observations here which make it so confusing and interesting about the lack of water movement on south side.
  10. Yeah haha, here in Maine we will occasionally have 11ft high tides and -1ft low tides....almost a 13’ difference! Needless to say, we plan our trips based around tide stage and water movement. I’m not sure I can wrap my head around your theory, in how the sand flats would effect it. We have plenty of flats in casco bay as well as rock ledges less than 3 miles away with a constant 10foot tide. hmm. It’s baffling!
  11. I’m heading down to cape this week to do some fishing to scratch the itch before they’re in my area. I was checking the tides and am confused. I’ve fished Barnstable harbor many times and tides range much like here in a Maine. 0-10’ typically. This is very much how northern side of cape is. Aware of the fact that my best bet is to hit south side, I was checking tides and was/still am baffled at how the tides only vary a few feet...if that! What gives? What causes this? I imagine the Canal....but how... thanks all, I don’t expect to be catching 30”ers left and right but surely will catch more than I would here in Maine!
  12. Yes most likely that there was so much bait that your lure wasn’t being single out. A minor change in technique can change things for you though. I mainly throw flies but the technique is the same with flies or lure...when there is a big school like that you want your lure or fly to stand out amongst the crowd... One way is to use different colors. Sometimes an all black fly (as long as it’s profile matches the bait) will stand out. For example, I’ve caught bass when there were massive schools of sandeels on a small black fly. Another is to suspend a fly and give it a solid twitch/jerk and then let it sit. When all the other bunker are swimming frantically away from these bass and they see one just sitting there...”injured” sometimes that’s all they need to pounce on it. Also,not sure if you were casting into them, but sometimes casting 10’ to the side of the school will warrant a bite. As if one strayed away from the tight school...easy pickings for bass. ......Or you may have just been unlucky!
  13. For us fly guys it’s easy....keep casting and fishing as you normally would. When a 8” fly with a 4/0 hook zings past their ear they may well decide to get up and move. Or not... at that point I hold no responsibility for hookig ear lobes if they chose to set up that close to me.
  14. Why it’s legal to fish for spawning bass is insane to me. Up in Maine if you’re caught fishing for salmon after the season closes and they’re staging to won’t be leaving there happy, and probably leaving without a fishing rod and some tackle.
  15. Yep, what Mal said. I learned the hard way not to strip straight off the reel into the basket....took me 25 minutes to get that knot undone. Was old line to boot so coiled like a motha. Some people will strip line off, make a short cast, when it hits, strip a little by into the basket...then make that slightly longer cast next time around etc until they're at the distance they want to be. Either way is fine. I just like to get it all into the basket ready to fire away.