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  1. So that means 9% of the under sized fish you release and on your “scouting” trips are also feeding the crabs.
  2. Normally I’d be hurt by that but with you I’ll take one of your special spots anyway I can get it. What time should I meet you at the ramp?
  3. Sorry zman, was meant for MAArcher . Not sure what happened there.
  4. Really? “I went out early this past Sunday. I had to work early Monday so I could only really commercial fish from Midnight to around 1am. My goal was to catch and release fish to find where they are (I just wanted to know where they were,”
  5. What a crock! Scouting…..recreational fishing……potato ….potarto. By the way do the fish stay there and wait for you to come back for them?
  6. It seems like every boat out there is a com. Why wouldn’t they get a com lic. First couple fish will pay for it …..then whatever rules suit your need com/rec from then on can apply. Oh I forgot you must report it every week. Pretty sure in many cases those numbers are BS. The system is being abused 7 days a week by many of these part time striper fisherman and that’s the ugly truth of the matter.
  7. Very cool indeed! Thanks for sharing
  8. Why don’t somebody do a special about what is really going on not only at the canal but all over. Many once beautiful areas for fishing and family time have been overrun and trashed by scumbags with no respect for the environment , rules or our laws and very little enforcement.
  9. No , I do blame the player that does not follow the rules and can only hope they bring their children up to know right from wrong even though they do not.
  10. There is no enforcement…ZERO! That’s the problem. It has been anything goes for quite some time. Many of these knuckleheads are fishing every day/night .and keeping everything they hook! Wouldn’t be surprised if they are keeping the weeds….and to the cheese guy……That’s the attitude that got us to this point!
  11. Baby Ruth candy bar….(doodle in pool) from the movie caddyshack. Bet there’s plenty in the river and they ain’t baby Ruths
  12. Wrong bait maybe, Local sewer system has dumped over 5.6 million gallons of untreated sewage directly into the Saugus River just this month alone, with releases on 11 of the 14 days so far. Significantly more than the 4.9 million gallons released in the entire YEAR of 2020. Just something to keep in mind if you plan on doing any fishing. eat em up boys!
  13. Readysetdown
  14. Yesplease
  15. Really? Example: Kerry used to cut boxes open with a knife. When describing an activity you no longer do. Example: I used to correct people but stopped.