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  1. I don't know what happened I used to put pic's on here all the time. I don't see any Icons anywhere on my screen when I post a reply. Oh well i try to figuire it out and put some pics up at some point. Thanks anyway ! Swiss
  2. I finally got out on a Fluke fishing trip with my long time Friend / Deer Butcher / Fishing guide Capt. Erwin of Scales and Tails Sport Fishing. Well it turns out, all the BS I had to listen to over cold ones through out the years turns out to be TRUE !!! This dude is on some BIG FLUKE! we set out on his beautiful 31 foot contender in less then perfect conditions, wind north west at around 15 gusting to 25 MPH, with the Capt. Erwin, his son Erwin jr. Dave C (the St Criox reginal sales manager) and myself for a day for hard core big fluke fishing. As I said before the conditons were not good for the type of fishing we were trying to do, but with 4 and 6 ounce Spro bucktails and 6 inch gulp grubs, one on the jig and one on the dropper were were able to pick fish all day and ended up with limits in about 6 hours of fishing. I was low hook and was taking a lot of heat most of the day until I came through on the next to last drift with a nice fat 8 pound Fluke, man did it feel good to turn the tide a little bit on the heat misers that I was surrounded by!!! We made one more drift after that fish and Erwin Jr banged a better fish in the 9 pound class! At least there is one fisherman in that family ! All in All it was a blast and i would recommend anyone that wants a different Fluke expierence to look into booking a trip with Scales and tails, this dude is on it as far as big Fluke go....I hear he catches a few stripers also! LOL! Oh well only a few days left to the Fluke season this year, so lets hope the Bass show up here in some numbers soon, I checked a spot in the bay last night that never usually lets me down this time of year, even if the fish are small. I had no problem filling my drum with peanut bunker with my cast net, I live lined them till 1:30am on an outgoing tide which is usually MONEY, and never had a bite, the water was very brown in the back, and the bait was just moving through the area unherassed. The Moon was very bright so I'll check it again mid next week once the moon begins to ease up. Good Luck, Swiss P.S. How do I add my pictures to this, I don't see anywhere to add attachments.
  3. LOL, Thanks, Hope to start putting some new happenings up here again soon, I was with ARAT last night, nothing crazy to report this time though! amazing where time goes and how life can get " REAL" for periods of time. Feels good to be in a place that I can get back to enjoying what makes my blood flow. From watching ARAT coming of age, to thinking LEVARI was a serial killer cause it felt like everytime I turned around he was standing behind us just watching !!! To many good times to even remmeber !!!! Swiss
  4. JUST WHEN YOU THINK YOU GOT THEM FIGURED OUT !!! After Wednesday night I figuresd for sure on that East blow I would run out of clams in a hurry..........WRONG....... I went out around 8PM last night, caught two shorts around 9 or so had a few other soft bites, then nothing. I did tangle a bunker in my line, cut it up right away and put it out there, but nothing touched it for about an hour. I packed up and went to bed. 5 or 6 years ago i would have caught 60 bass last night with those conditions, just not the same fishery as it once was. Thats a shame that the very Enthusiastic youner crowd that seems to be around these day's may never have witnessed how good that fishing once was. Hopefully it will come back. I fished in the 70's and early 80's when stocks crashed and know what struggling to catch a fish is all about, but I also got to see an unbelievable peak in the striper fishery, I hate to say looks like it is headed the wrong way again !!!
  5. Keep in mind the fish want to come shallow to feed on the worms and clams in the shallow mud flats this time of year, until the bait gets thicker. they are swiming out of the deeper colder water coming to the shallow warmmer water, so don't shoot yourself in the foot and wade to deep, if you go to far you are defeating the purpose. Believe me, i'm telling the truth, we were talking about it last night, the times many years ago we would wade to far and not get bit, turn around facing the shore and cast and start catching fish again. Be stealthy and fish skinny, try not to make to much noise those shallow fish will blow out if things are to crazy on the flats. Good Luck, Swiss
  6. Glad your ok Bro. Guy's , Please listen to one little piece of advise I have from years of expierience. I have been wading this area for 25 plus years , and have learned for many misstakes. I have found there has never been a reason to wade deeper then thigh deep, I normally wade to my upper thighs , cast then back up to my knees. when you are knee deep you can move much quicker then if you are up to your waist. Keep in mind the Ship and boat trraffic which will be starting soon, the wakes off these boats can not be seen until they are on you, and if you are waist deep you are in trouble !!! Knee deep you can at least jump to keep water from going over your boots, if you don't see it in time to move back more. I was out in those stroms last night from 8pm to 1 am and one front went through around midnight that blew my mind, the wind was south east lite about 5 to 10 MPH, all of a sudden switched North East gusted to about 25, for about a half hour then in a distance to the North West a Big Black Line of ugly clouds was coming toward us at an amazing speed. The wind just shut off of a minute and turned north west and instantly went to around 50 MPH. It was insane out there, when the wind calmed down enough for me to look toward the bay, about 10 minutes worth of that wind and the water had dropped three feet, which means somewhere between me and sandy hook there was one hell of a tide surge, which could have killed someone that was in the wrong spot at the wrong time. I know its nuts to be out in that and it may some day get me but it's what I love to do, and amazing to watch mother nature first hand. Yes we had fish most of the night, that is my favoriote time to fish, in that weather, not real carzy about all the lightining but thats another stroy. in these type of weather patterns, never wade past where you can make a quick move to safety !!! Good luck, be as safe as you can ! Swiss
  7. Worm Hatch !!!! Get your fly rods out !!! Fish rolling all around me last night, just a few soft pick ups on clams, fish near me only wanted those tiny worm things.
  8. Thats how I end up fishing alone on crowded nights, thats my favorite NINGAGO SUITE !!!! Only problem is I think I gained a few pounds since that photo !!!! TOO FUNNY !!!
  9. [/sOON....VERY SOON !!![/ Didn't make it out last night, got stuck at work for 16 hours went home and slept, But I'll be there tonight for sure !
  10. Hey Sparky, See any Jumbo Sea Bass lately ? That was good times, none of us were looking or smelling to good on the way home form that one !!!!
  11. Thanks Fella's , your to kind !!! LOL . I'm stuck at work late but I am siked to hit the bay around 8pm after work. I'll let you know what happens! I got the shakes right now, and it feels good !!! Swiss
  12. HOLLY CRAP .... I FINALY CAUGHT ONE THIS SPRING !!!! One short and two other hits that didn't eat it. This has been a long time coming, I have log books back 20 years, and this is the lastest it has ever taken me to catch a fish in the spring. To be honest life and family are taking up a lot more of my time then it used to, and there is no substitute for time spent on the water, I guess I'm not doing to bad being this was only my fourth trip out, and I brought the kids, and only fished for three hours at sun set last night. Good fishing with you guy's yesterday, at least we had some laughs and good reminiscing . I should be back tonight now that the ice is broken, I'm ready to get a little more seriuos, I still don't think we will see the fishing back there this year as in years past, there just is not the resident population back there that we normally have. I truly feel like Sandy moved those fish up the rivers and they never came back, I've been hearing of lots of fish in areas that are not normally very productive this early, even in other starts. they will come back when it gets to hot for them up there, and I believe next spring will be business as usual, but I think this year will not get good until we get some migratory fish in our area. Which hopefully is not far off. Happy New Spring !!! Good Luck, Swiss
  13. Yo AL, You in my back yard right now ??? I'm booked to fly out of Newark at 7 am next Wednesday, landing in Fort Myers at 10:30am, should be on those big snook by 11:30am and whatever else will bite me !!! I'll be down from the 16th till the 23rd. You back down there any time between then so we can go abuse the local talent !?! If your at the show up here I'll swing by this weekend and see ya. Swiss
  14. JEALOUS......MUCH, BELMO ??? LOL It's funny how you won't let that go, but thanks for the props !!! I'll put one more post in here trying to help you to understand what I was trying to do, maybe you will understand maybe you won't but the average guy reading this will get it. the first post you wrote the set up is a "joke and designed to catch fisherman" which I took as they could not catch fish, which I felt you were way off on, and using words like "Pathetic" may make guy's, that don't know any better, think that this rod is no good to use for your average surf fishing, which is not the truth. Can guy's like you take this blank and make it better ? YES, there is no doubt in my mind that a good rod builder can make a better rod custom to fit a certain person and YES it will cast better , as any quality custom rod should always do. I was never trying to put you down or say anything about any of your rod building skills. I was offering a different opinion as to casting these rods. I did threw them as proto types with each set of guides on them and truly expected the LC to throw further but they didn't , just seemed to throw much smoother for me. I'll just leave it at that. So I will say I'm sorry for starting any problems on this thread, that was not my true intention, I may have taken things the wrong way the first time I read it, and thought you were bashing the St Croix Line, and in this economy no one needs to have their product line bashed unless it is truly warranted. Billy 40, cleared this up for me, thanks for that BTW ! I can see you guy's are very passionate about what you do, and I think thats a great thing. Good luck to all of you and whatever you do in the future. P.S. That Weakfish was caught on a Avid 10 foot surf rod with the old standard type guides on it, way before the new LC stuff even came to this coast, as far as I know ! Swiss
  15. HAHAHA, All I can do is laugh, now I know why I went away for so long. I see these striper's that have been committing suicide along the beaches for the last few years has made a whole new class of striper expert. good luck go get'um boy's. I guess I'm just special, that these rods and their wrong guides cast very well and have caught my clients and me thousands and thousands of fish including an All Tackle World Record from the beach over the years. But I guess that doesn't matter to you new striper hero's. I'm just a liar that is in way over his head... HA HA HA.. At least you made me laugh. If your just a fisherman looking for a good rod to surf fish with, and not a "STRIPER HERO" The St Croix rods will do everything you need to do to catch any fish that could possibly come in front of you. If you want to go throw a few hundred yards across a Field then you may want to look into one of these other perfect sticks. The reason St Croix came out with the K guides on the Avid series is because they had a good following of guy's that were still fishing the Premier surf rods and were not willing to make the change to the new set up. so there is a market there for them to sell. If the guide set up didn't work on the legend and the Mojo , then they would never had made it to market, or would have been changed by now. I was only trying to let the average guy that may read this, know that St Croix is a quality product and will catch any fish that swim up and down the surf from Mass. to Florida and beyond. So let the bashing begin, good luck with your field trials, maybe put a few corn nuggets on a hook while your Field testing and see, maybe you can catch a pheasant or something. I'm going fishing, to much time on this box for me already. Swiss