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  1. little update- still no fish but weather looks promising and have heard about some fish being caught very close to buzzards bay. any day now...
  2. Any news on fresh fish yet? i’ve gotten out a few times so far but nothing yet. with a warm week ahead and sw winds in the forecast i expect to be catching very soon!
  3. CjTveit

    Popper ID?

    Does anyone know the name of this lure? Gifted by a friend and worked well until I lost it. Thanks.
  4. I picked up a 9' tica earlier this season with the fall in mind. Often blitzes at my local beach, all under 30" though.
  5. Bike is not essential, longboards work too.... if you know how to ride one.
  6. 6oz bank sinker on your longest rod.
  7. Any gear recommendations? Would love to catch a shark but my gears probably to light.
  8. What kind of boot/sole is best for the canal rocks? I somewhat understand studs vs felt but what are there main uses? Getting tired of falling every trip.
  9. I fish the canal for the days when fish are blitzing, and 30+ pound fish will hammer a pencil. After countless skunk trips with one small keeper as a reward, I finally had one of those days recently. That's what keeps you coming back.
  10. Need to buy a mount for my GoPro-like camera. For those of you who film and fish, which mount do you find to produce better footage?
  11. I'm installing a fishfinder and think the arm mount would be best for me. Any recommendations on what brand/model to get? Thanks.
  12. Hooked a big one today, after about 3 mins pushing my tica 1/2-3oz to the limit the hook pulled. Motivation I guess....
  13. Wrap the line around a pen 8-9 times, then pull the pen.
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