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  1. @DaveBKNY PM Sent.
  2. The lot is yours. PM coming
  3. Sorry I’m not splitting. Thanks for the offer
  4. Horaveth
  5. Sorry, not splitting but I appreciate the offer
  6. $125 shipped, immediate PayPal Only Lights Out Bunker Rocket Pencil, Norcalkat Squid Pencil & Striper Maineiac yellow Danny are all new, others are lightly used
  7. $40 Shipped
  8. Want these sold, last drop. $48 shipped
  9. Price Drop $55 shipped
  10. $67 Shipped Immediate PayPal Only All Very Lightly Used Horaveth Pikie approx. 2.75oz Striper Maine-iac Danny 2oz Lights Out Rocket Pencil 3.25oz
  11. Payment received, thank you.
  12. Thanks PM coming
  13. $110 Shipped, Immediate PayPal Only All are new besides Pencil Kj Pencil 4oz BM Darter 3oz Mikes Beast Darter 4.75oz Mikes Dredge Darter 3oz CCW Darter 2.9oz