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  1. tbush - i'll be fishing from Brigantine down to Cape May. I currently live in Chicago but am from the east coast (Virginia). My wife's family lives in Ventnor, NJ and I am starting to build out rods I can keep there so I can stop traveling with the bazooka tubes all the time.
  2. I'm going to build a general purpose jetty rod for both jigging and plugging around South Jersey. The blanks I'm looking at (below) are a Baston Rainshadow Revelation and one from Rodgeeks. Specs on paper are the same but I've never built on blanks from either company and wanted to get opinions from everyone. The reel will be either a Slammer 5500 or 6500. Rainshadow Revelation RX7 REVSU90M | 9’ | 2 piece (30/70) | 10-20lb. | Lure Weight: 1-4oz. | Moderate-Fast Action | Medium Power Rodgeeks SRF90MMF2 | 9’ | 2 piece (30/70) | 10-20 lb. | Lure Weight: 1-4 oz. | Moderate-Fast Action | Medium Power Thanks!!
  3. WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Halsey - It turned out well. Def happy with the build and it casts a mile.
  5. Thanks tfucini!
  6. This is the first time I've ever used shrink tubing and I have a few questions. Prior to this build I've always used cork and winding checks. Below I'm adding a few pics of the build as it stands right now. Question #1 At the end of the foregrip should I 1 - have a transition wrap beginning on the shrink tube that continues onto the blank or 2 - should I begin and end the wrap solely on the blank and butted up next to end of the shrink tube and just let some of the thread finish overlap onto the tubing? Question #2 This concerns the winding check / collars on the grip. Should I have wraps coming away from them on the tubing? The tubing extends into/under the grips/collars both fore and aft by about 1/4". There is some spray adhesive under the tubing. Question #3 Last question - If wrapping on the tubing can you use colored thread or does the tubing effect the color and I should just use black thread. Any other thoughts or recommendations would be most welcome. Thanks y'all!
  7. kgtexas - I definitely will. I'm working on another build at the moment and will hopefully get to that rod next week.
  8. kgtexas...that is the blank. The grip will be similar to the salmon/steelhead handles. There will be a 12” rear grip followed by a Fuji dps18 reel seat, and then a 2.5” foregrip.
  9. Hey a rod n a reel. Do you use KB runners all the way to the tip instead of 1 or 2 KBs and the rest KTs? Thanks
  10. Bronson . . . here's the diagram I made while designing my new speck rod similar to your build. The blank I used was a St Croix 3SC96MHF2 - 9'6" - Fast Action - MH power - Lure wt - 3/8 - 1oz.
  11. Do it!! I just finished up a St Croix salmon rod - 3SC96MHF2 - for the exact same thing. Planning on chucking gulps for specks next month down in Hatteras. Getting ready to build a rod using the 3SC96HF2 for throwing tins to albies off the beach.
  12. So I'm building a new rod specifically for albies throwing mostly 1oz tins. The blank is a St Croix Salmon/Steelhead SC3 9.5' (Fast action • H power • Lure wt - 1/2 - 2oz). The reel will be a Penn Clash 4000 with 20lb braid Thinking of 2 possible setups 1) 20H, 10H, 6M and followed by 2 x KB6s and then KT6s to the tip. 2) 25H, 12H, 7M and followed by 2 x KB6s and then KT6s to the tip. Any thoughts / recommendations would be most welcome. Thanks everyone!!
  13. That's exactly my concern. Another blank I'm looking at is the North Forks Composites (HS 761-2(IM). It's 9' • extra-fast action • med power • lure wt - 1/4-3/4 oz. The old Lamiglas XMG 50 / EXS 92 M would probably work if I could get my hands on one.
  14. So I've got this idea in my head to build a 9'6 distance rod using the kr-concept for launching mirrolures and gulps for specks as well as tins and albie snax for albie from the shore / jetties. I'm looking at 2 salmon/steelhead blanks and wanted to get everyone's thoughts on the blanks I'm considering as well as if this is even a good idea/concept. The blanks are St. Croix SCIII (3SC96MF2) and Rainshadow RX8 (XST1143F-TC). Both are 9'6" • fast action • med power • lure wt - SCIII - 1/4-3/4 oz. RX8 - 3/8-3/4. I'm just worried these salmon blanks might be too soft. Thanks, Dutch
  15. Thanks ZAFisher. I'll test out both setups.