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  1. Can you elaborate on canal style? purpose and configuration.
  2. Perhaps a more balanced way of saying that is that there are diminishing returns to the rod in the equation of distance and it's not as much of a factor as it might appear vs user ability. Air resistance, line resistance, tackle weight losses, wind, timing problems and other resistance factors may increase geometrically. Sure, distance can be overrated, especially when you start looking for the structure that makes it overrated. I've been working on bucktailing in channels and having more a problem of how to successfully back off to vary cast length more than anything else. If anyone has tips on throwing a bomber or a redfin, that's what I'd like to know.
  3. Doh! just bought the SSV recently. Can anyone comment on how much it takes to cause SSV gear problems? Mine seemed to be gritty last night on 2oz bucktails in current. Hopefully it's a mirage. I may have a bad habit of hauling in 8lb fish with the reel.
  4. I have the 1-5 oz rated 10'. It seems good but I'm a noob. I can throw 1-3 oz well. 1oz bucktail, I'm totally surprised at how far I can send it. I have a 12' fiberglass 3-6 and don't think I get much more out of it. The carbon rods seem more finicky about timing. I also have a similar ugly stick and the battalion is definitely stiffer.
  5. how do you avoid getting tired?
  6. And check out the sharks coming. This is only about half of the sharks that show up on Sharktivity app. http://www.capecodtimes.com/news/20160627/names-of-cape-cod-sharks
  7. Using braid. I was practicing with a smiling bill style at the beach and I could feel the difference between swimming and tapping. The beach was near a river mouth with strong current, and tapping the deep ridges in the current was also pretty obvious. In the 20' deep column in current it seems to be a different story. The drop until you feel slack or let it bounce comments seem to be about where I am on it. Thanks for the inputs.
  8. I've been trying to swim bucktails in some of the deeper channels but am clueless on whether I'm doing it right. Cast upstream, take up slack, let it bounce but not drag. What is that supposed to feel like? I had some bucktails in the current that seem to "thrum", does that mean it's off the bottom and swimming up? To get the right effect, you just change up weights? Usually I'm using 6" curly tails or short otter tails as dressing. http://striperpursuit.com/chapter-17/
  9. new version of black diamond spot works well. The workings are water resistant but you'll need to air out the battery compartment if you get it real wet. Has bright red and white, both dim. I just wear it on my head behind the brim and get enough light where I need it by tilting my head.
  10. So the palomar knot would be expected to be lower strength than the FG?
  11. I'm looking at waders but have a dry suit for kayaking. I've surfed in 20F, 20 knts, 6' waves and stayed warm. Getting in is less convenient than waders, but if you had to choose only one, I might go for the drysuit, since for kayaking it can be a safety issue not having one. Mine is made of eVent from NRS and it breathes really well. I've gone kayaking before work for 90 minutes and got out with zero condensation inside. That performance will degrade when surfing and you start to wet out with cold water however. Latex Neck gaskets do kind of suck however, but the newer neoprene ones I wouldn't trust for a drysuit and surfing, but I have some warm weather dry tops with them (they leak a bit).
  12. I've seen a couple times lately some nice structure, and one or more seals had set up shop just where you'd hope the bass would be. Do seals eat the bass and/or scare them away? How close would fish have to be to identify the presence of the seal (e.g. at what radius from seals are you unlikely to find fish?). I was catching blues nearby, but those fish might be moving through fast enough not to identify the seals or have just recently entered the area.
  13. I grabbed an atomizer to back up my SS little neck, but it doesn't cast half as far. The weight seems low, it's supposed to be 3oz and it seems to tumble, maybe the dressed rear hook is to blame. The barrel swivel also looks a bit lame as previously mentioned. Too bad. It's going to sit in the unloved pile and I'm going to get a backup SS.
  14. Rhody : http://www.crmc.ri.gov/publicaccess.html Mass: http://www.mass.gov/eea/agencies/czm/program-areas/public-access-and-coast-guide/coast-guide/
  15. Check NRS.com