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  1. Hey whats up brotha. I am in central Ma but around Plymouth area frequently. may actually be heading down that way tonight.
  2. I’ll take these for asking
  3. Just saw this now sorry for delay. Pm coming
  4. I could meet ya in the middle at $135 and have it shipped for ya first thing tomorrow morning. Let me know.
  5. Price drop $140 shipped
  6. Price drop $140 Shipped
  7. Still available no response from @capecod
  8. sold. thanks sol
  9. Unfortunately not and i'll be mostly fishing North for a while now. Let me know what you're thinking and if someone doesn't grab it up before next time i head down that way i will let you know or i can ship and you'll have it probably next day haha let me know thanks
  10. I'll take the ccws for asking
  11. I could meet you in the middle at $125 and will be in the Scituate area this afternoon into night if you wanna meet. Been avoiding the **** show at the zoo (canal) at all costs haha
  12. Uhh screw it all yours brotha. I’ll shoot ya a Pm now
  13. Final Price drop $40 + $5 shipping