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  1. Yup. I’ll dm you on my lunch break to game plan a meet up. Thanks
  2. Seconds. Could meet today in Rhody or cape
  3. I’ll take this
  4. Sorry about that bro I jumped on this morning on way into work didn’t see any notifications figured you hadn’t seen it yet. Not sure how I missed your response. I’ll touch base with you tomorrow and take some current photos for ya
  5. Have one built by Narrow River only used on a few trips. Great rod and hate to get rid of it but don’t really have the need for it as i primarily fish same rod / build 3/4-4 & 2-6. Attached some photos below that I sent to a buddy back when I first picked it up just to give ya an idea, but Can shoot ya some current photos (not much of a difference) in am if interested. Also I live in MA and in RI occasionally.
  6. I’ll take the after hours sm troller
  7. I’ll take the FJj slope
  8. @Ditch Dog I’ll do $42 for the other 2 if that would make it work for all
  9. Respectfully offer $60 shipped to Ma
  10. Shoot ya some photos later today after work
  11. Looking for new only or some light use / great shape ok?
  12. Offer retracted was looking for 6 but already gone. thanks glws
  13. I’ll take lot 5
  14. I’ll take the sporting wood. Dm me payment info
  15. Respectfully offer $25 shipped for after hours Metal lip