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  1. Specs on surfster?
  2. price drop $40 shipped
  3. sold thanks SOL
  4. Sold pending payment. pm coming.
  5. All I good shape and very productive. Just want them out to good use only asking $45 shipped pp or Venmo
  6. Only price drop $40 shipped pp or Venmo
  7. Appreciate the offer brotha and i will edit post to specify now PayPal or Venmo. thanks & tight lines
  8. Sold thanks sol
  9. I have duplicates and just want to see them put to good use. You cover fees or send via Venmo and you got a deal
  10. sold pending payment. I will shoot ya a dm now.
  11. $45 shipped for the lot
  12. Ccw lot all like new only issue is small chip in the DP1 as seen in pic. $110 shipped for lot
  13. $50 shipped if anyone can put to use.
  14. Used but plenty of life left! $60 shipped